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  1. I've never considered selling my MB10v3 coin. But, just in case I ever became tempted to make a quick buck, I took the extra precaution of having it surgically grafted to my ribcage. If you ever see me at an event lifting my shirt, somebody's probably logging it.


    I always just thought you were flashing people :wub: or showing them your piercings :unsure:

  2. Sorry I left out the "s" guys I tried a bunch and couldn't remember which one worked. I was too busy trying to navigate this stupid work computer!


    If anyone sent me PM's or emails I can't check it till I get home in about 3 hours, so I am not ignoring you :wub: lol

  3. I ordered 1 but had to REMOVE something from the issued code :wub:


    And in the new code there is no spelling mistakes so don't worry about trying that.


    I will not post the code and please don't once you figure it out :unsure:

  4. Maybe the dies haven't been created yet so they could fix the art. If not, it's another of the collectible typo coins. :laughing:




    Very true, but it seems to be a tight shipping schedule. And I was thinking the same thing :(

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