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  1. That's cool where will you be attaching the TB tag?
  2. Frozen Bone Cache Zone Run (from Trade!)
  3. I hadn't thought about that, Guess I need to bump my number up cause I might feel uncomfortable showing them to other people if there was only one But if it was all alone then maybe it could be an LE
  4. 2 Compass Rose 2006 (1 Already sent out in a trade)
  5. We got our 2 in today and they turned out great! Thanks again Beverly for putting this together!!
  6. Wish Korey was home (she was deployed over to the UAE last week)! Our general rule is that we don't cache w/o each other (unless she is deployed when she uses her "FlyinV International" GC Id for those caches that I will probably NEVER get to). Maybe next time... Depending how this works out there may be another later in the year and maybe even a little bit further north.
  7. They both look great! I can't believe I forgot to preorder one of these. Email Sent Now Hopefuly I got it in soon enough
  8. Yeah Me Either! That would be our luck too.
  9. Also try sending a message through there GC.com profile, I have had a few times where that worked cause they changed emails or something.
  10. For anyone that will be in or around Maryland this saturday the 18th, we are having a Geocoin Swap Meet (GCTNMG). All are welcome to come of Course
  11. I have these in hand and ready to trade: Made in China LE Gold Geocaching Germany World Championship 2006 Email me an offer and also check out the link for my trading list below to check on inbounds
  12. Thanks also for working with all of us on trades as well!
  13. Looks like there are still some up for sale, are they really sold out?
  14. (3)Geocaching the Appalachian Trail Pins Geocaching the Appalachian - Georgia Geocoin Generic Geocoin BN 2006 Generic Microcoin 2006 World Traveler 2006 Heavy package
  15. Well it wasn't just me, I may have hacked the puzzle myself but failed to explain clearly how to "solve" the code. Thanks to DD for understanding my chaos
  16. Coins and Pins made the coins and we received once again thier awesome product. We have used the geocoinclub website for code retrieval since they introduced that feature and have been quite satisfied with the service. T1 Cool, Thanks for answering! Very nice looking coins and easy activation plus fast shipping! All around thanks
  17. Seems to be a glitch in the system but the public sale has dropped down and is available with no password needed Not sure how long that will last, but it should also be on sale tonight around 9:30-9:45 time period to start
  18. Quick question just out of curiosity: The coins I recieve were in Coins and Pins flips and then wrapped in plastic with instructions to get the activation code from the geocoinclub. Who really made the coin?
  19. Got one of each in the mail today, and they look great!
  20. Hey there is a bright side, you don't have to worry about anyone sharing the code you sent out in email a few days ago. And I am sorry buddy but those words came from your own mouth, at least it didn't come out of your........
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