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  1. I have used it on a few containers and after a bit of use it requires some touch-up, unless you use some kind of paint sealant to prevent chipping
  2. They are on the "Upcoming Sales" section on the storefront now and set to go on sale on the 25th. Here's a link for the "Stores" info page for our coin: The_Proffens Geocoin Info Page at The Geocoin Store Feel free to send a message if you have any questions, and I am trying to answer everyone as quickly as possible(sorry for any delay) Thanks
  3. I don't have one in my collection, but that is what I understand the "rules" for this coin were intended to be. I think it is a great way to say thank you to those that help keep this alive. And hey it's a job that you get paid in coins
  4. Plus, the tracking icon works too!
  5. Got mine in the mail today!!!! And they turned out Great!!!!!!
  6. (2) robert's personal geocoin (Turned out very nice!!!!!!)
  7. I knew I forgot about something We will be doing trades but right now we are just keeping a list of people who are interested in trades, and not making any trades as of yet. Once we know the coins are on the way to us we will be going "crazy" with trades! We are also in the process of moving within the month and don't have a good forwarding address for us yet. We don't want any coins getting lost in the mail. Our move will not effect my ability to take mailers to the post office or delay it at all Not having coins in hand is a bit of a problem though.
  8. Hello everyone, Some of you may have already heard the buzz one way or another but the time is finally here! Our coins have been in full production since the first week of April and the plan is for them to go on sale at the Geocoin Store on the 25th of April at 9:30 PM EST! They are not up on the storefront yet but will be shortly, and at that time a non-commercial (GC approved)link will be posted in this thread Until then I have created a webpage for information about the coins and I will keep it updated as I find out more information: The_Proffens Geocoin Info Page Below is also an image of both sides of the proof coin: -Carl of The_Proffens
  9. Well after 2 days of camping at the mailbox I finally got something worth the trip out there! Thanks alot buddy! They look great!
  10. Welcome to the addiction that is GEOCOINS The best place to start is at the very top of the Geocoin Discussions Page, check out the "Pinned Threads"
  11. Paypal'd for 2 Silver Thanks!
  12. Great looking coin! Congrats on your find!
  13. Will the photocopy be of your face pressed up against the glass
  14. 1 Serenity Geocoin for us, and time to start recovery!
  15. JungleGarmin I Love Geocoins Both Trades!
  16. Yesterday: London Phone Box Today: Brawny Bear LE
  17. Got ours in the mail today! And a nice low number on the LE too! Thanks
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