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  1. Looks cool! We would be interested in another trade
  2. I tried to buy just 1 LE and everything went through including transfer of funds on my paypal account, and I have recieved no error at all. But I went back and checked recent purchases on the account on their site and it is not listed. So maybe I didn't get one? Who knows?
  3. You would probably be safer with posting a note at a nearby cache and explain why you are doing it. "Notes" still track miles and don't effect your find count.
  4. I thought it might be more also, so I ran it up through mapquest and sure enough it is about 400 miles and just under 7 hours one way. If you are gonna make the trip, stop by one of our Meet and Greets they should be starting back up soon.
  5. I know that at a few of the events here in maryland, when we have out of town guests the group usually tries to go hit the APE either the day before or the day after the event. But nothing as cool as an invasion.
  6. Cool Coin! *Edited to remove something stupid*
  7. Yeah I am waiting to find a Geofoam in a cache nearby
  8. Does anyone have any ideas what I could do with my name to create an icon or avatar?
  9. Really cool looking coin, makes me thirsty!
  10. I was just thinking about this earlier today for my upcoming drive to FL. Thanks for all the good info.
  11. USN 2000-Present Air Traffic Controller currently stationed at NAS Pax River, Maryland but I have orders in hand to report to the USS Nassau in May.
  12. Clever idea, not sure how to help out though. Good Luck
  13. Cool Theme we would be interested
  14. We have a few unactivated 2005 Maryland Geocoins for a trade if anyone is interested.
  15. Great Idea and each nurse should have to log them, we can see how many miles they travel around in the hospital
  16. Ordered 1, paid with Paypal. Any way to find out before if we were one of the first 99?
  17. That's what I was thinking Heck and they would be waterproof too
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