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  1. Nice looking coins, I don't know about buying the whole set, unless it is a great deal, but we would be interested in a few.
  2. I thought some of these weren't trackable on GC.com? or are all of them?
  3. I was thinking the same thing as I ordered 3 about an hour ago
  4. Did someone say LE? Mark one of mine down for that buddy
  5. I knew something looked different when this came back online. I wasn't expecting this much of a change without notice though. It seems nice Just have to figure out how what everything does now.
  6. Seems like they are being re-used or something.
  7. Great I can see it now! Next time I log on the presale with its own booger icon
  8. Wow that's a really good point. I think the original intention would have been to create a special cache trade item, that soon became a very popular and sought after collectable. I like the fact that we can sit down at events and coin swaps etc. and share something that is somewhat still connected to the sport, plus it makes a pretty cool side hobby in our opinion.
  9. Love the coin, we are interested in one.
  10. Can we have #1........ Well I am really just joking....... Or am I......... REALLY WE DON'T CARE Edit for Humor
  11. Well of course we looked..... and we might need to order some coins as well!
  12. I agree with the above posts, It is a shame that this person took this in that way instead of being able to tell that you were just trying to help out. Oh well .....
  13. I don't care what dance we have to do to win..... As long as we get PAID!
  14. Would the 3 of you mind playing the lottery for us, a few times
  15. I know I already posted it on our local forums, but Congrats Again!!!!!
  16. And they are still available this morning too? Kinda funny when the sold out in the first 5 mins of the sale. They must have been holding some out for a later sale or something really went wrong the other night.
  17. There is one up for sale on the site all by itself, better be quick
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