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  1. It is possible, but most likely some people won't pay for their coins and the will be relisted on the site at there proper times.
  2. That's a good point and since the user who has it did log the find for the coin you do have a very good chance that it will make it back out there. Good Luck!!
  3. Thats a really good way to put it. I know that I was just holding on to a coin for way to long and finally got it back out there yesterday! Sometimes things just happen and people need a polite nudge
  4. My guess is like AG said these will be showing up off and on at different times. I know for register users you have 24 hours to buy, and for users that weren't registered with the site I think it is 10 minutes so keep on the look out.
  5. Are you going to try and coat one of use with that stuff?
  6. Won't take much time designing that, if no one will be able to see it
  7. I haven't been able to access www.geoswag.com all day, could they have taken it down to switch stuff over?
  8. Yeah but your so good at it now
  9. There's an idea how about a boycott geocoin(well that's not as cool as the Screw) or "The Boston Geocoin Party" (It could be an event too ) The were no edits made to this post
  10. Now did you have to pick through anything gooey and nasty in the trash to log that?
  11. I hear there are folks that like them micro sized too
  12. That's a cool list, Thanks for sharing!
  13. Wow, Boy am I late. If there are any left we would like 2.
  14. Wow the coin's look great! Were interested in 2.
  15. In search of a Screw Geocoin 2005 The link for My Trades list along with other coins I am looking for is down in the sig line. (But you already knew that )
  16. You better find some wood to start knocking on Edit for quote(so my statement makes sense)
  17. Like everyone else is said this is a great story. We are glad to be spending our time with such a GREAT group of people!!!!!
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