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  1. Our Mail Carrier is awesome!!! When we were moving in here a few weeks ago and the moving company "lost" a few key pieces of hardware for one of the kids cribs. I was attempting to cut a metal rod into smaller metal dowels to replace the parts missing. Without any of my tools being unpacked except a hacksaw I wasn't having any luck. Our Mail Carrier actually stopped during his route to give me at least 10 mins of assistance. Really Really Great Guy!!!!


    Plus he brings us all of our treasured coins too!!!! :o

  2. How about shipping to Canada? I went to the store, and it is ready to take my order without asking where I am and with no shipping.


    Without knowing how many you are interested in I can't give you an exact figure but, if you would like only 1 coin the Total including shipping to Canada will be $8.40. (That won't be the cost per coin if you are interested in more)


    If you are interested just send me an email so I can send you an invoice :D




    Carl of The_Proffens

  3. Hello Everyone,


    Well we are now finally settled here after our recent move with the military, and ready to restart the sale of our Personal Geocoins!!


    For those of you that have not seen it:




    This coin is trackable and has this unique icon:




    If you are interested please check out our webpage at:


    The_Proffens Personal Geocoin Site


    Some quick info:


    Coins will be $8.00 a piece for all coins being shipped inside the United States.


    For large bulk orders or our Overseas friends please get in touch with us, so we can work out the details on a case by case basis.


    Thank you for your interest, and feel free to post or email us if you have any questions.



  4. A Few Days ago:



    Buffalo Wings V1 Bronze

    TeamSandDollar 2005 Silver

    Hobo Dude

    JaybeeLitLens Ant. Silver(Plus a bunch of Sig items!)

    Indy Diver 2 Coin Set plus pins


    And Yesterday:

    Team OleOmi plus Wooden Nickel

    Rhode Island 2006

    Vermont 2006

    Mauison Gold

    Chrisgun Gold

    Lightning Jeff

    Cachers For Christ V2

    Camo Heart


    Toojin & Bart

    ReydelRoble Silver Proof



    Team NAB

    GBOTS V2

    Camp Explorer



    Finally Today:


    Not a thing :laughing:


    EDIT: Updated list

  5. Ok we are now making trades for our personal coin.


    If you are interested please send us an email or PM.


    Our trade list is linked in our sig and is not up-to-date for the coins we are seeking, so if you are interested in a trade, send us an email and we will figure something out. :lol:



    - Carl

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