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  1. Hello,

    Shortly after we started caching, I was surprised to see in my statistics that I had a different number of found caches and distinct caches. It was great! I discovered that I had logged a couple of caches more than once. I was able to find and fix the error. Is this feature gone for good? Is there something that replaced it?

  2. Ok so the missus wanted to go visit all the yard sales in Lewiston, Idaho on this nice sunny day and low and behold what do I see sitting on the table? A bag with a TB and a figurine attached to it, a little green jeep and a geocaching patch. I asked where they got it and they stated they didn't know. I explained what it was and they said I could just have it (Thanks you guys)! So I looked it up and Clover from 5 years ago in an archived cache from 5 years ago. I have never brought a bug back from the yard and was wondering, do I try to contact the owner and see what he wants done with it or send it back into the wild? 913873_10151315494415771_1154563446_o.jpg


    I would contact the owner to see what he/she would like you to do.

    Great work rescuing this TB from the garage sale!!

    I live in hope that one day our missing TBs and GeoCoins turn up.

  3. Recently, I noticed a change when I want to sign in to Geocaching. For example, if a new cache is published and I get the email notification, when I want to look at the cache info I always get a sign in page. It ALWAYS asks if I want the site or the app. It ALWAYS asks if I want it to remember by selection. (I choose yes.)

    When I get to the site I ALWAYS have to sign in. It asks if I want to stay signed in, I ALWAYS select yes.

    Am I doing something wrong or is there a glitch somewhere?

  4. Excuse me, I need help!

    I have a TB and i want it to activet but i became only the message : This TB doesnt existed in the sytem. What can I do ?

    sorry my english isent good

    Do this search:

    geocaching activate a tb


    I couldn't give the link as it showed BushySasquatch as owner of a new TB.

    The search should take you to a step-by-step page to activate your TB.


    Good luck!

  5. We've been premium members pretty much sincere started....once we knew it was an option we signed up.

    We don't have the "fancy" stats pages we sometimes see for other cachers. Is there something we have to doto enable the fancier statistics pages that appear to come with being a premium member?

  6. I've created several bookmark lists and I'd like to see that list on a map. Is that possible? I have looked at all the options I can see and don't see this as an option but I could well be missing something. I thought I had done this previously. <_<

  7. Thanks to Bear and Ragged, and The Blorenges for your responses. I wondered about the possibility that these were just new caches but it seemed unlikely because it is taking so long for the caches to be reviewed and published. Our two caches were up and running within a couple of days.

    It also seemed unlikely that someone with only three caches to his credit would suddenly place five new caches!

    I guess we just need more patience!

    Thanks again for the help.

  8. I don't know how this can happen. We have a TB that was held by someone for several months. No responses were received to several emails asking the geocacher to place the bug in a cache. Now, the bug has been placed. When we looked to see information about the cache the bug is in, the page shows:


    An Error Has Occurred

    cache : N/A

    Sorry, you cannot view this cache listing until it has been published.

    [You are not logged in. You must be logged in to view this content.]


    This cacher had five trackables in his inventory all picked up at the same event in April. He has recently placed them all in separate caches that all show the same unpublished "An Error has Occurred" message when you check them out.


    Any ideas about how this happens? How can someone do anything with a cache that is not actually published?

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