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  1. Excellent suggestion. I walked thru a nearby trail and used the same suggestion. It actually took me a while to find a really good spot to hide my cache, it was my first and am happy to report a day later, someone has already visited my cache and someone else emailed me to let me know they are visiting the cache this week! Very exciting stuff :-) Dave
  2. I was thinking of placing 1943 Steel cents and some well worn indian head pennies in my cache, a bag of marbles.... is kid stuff good? Thanks, Dave edited to say: Thanks everyone for the quick replies.
  3. I purchased a GPS yesterday after reading this website. I picked up the Basic Yellow etrex. I was glad to find a bunch of cache's within 3 miles of my house and I was equally surprised to find many in my old hometown which I plan to visit. I have my tuperware container all ready to go but figured I might as well find some caches prior to me setting one up on my own. I just figure I should get some practice with the GPS first and see how close I can get before I subject someone to the wrong coordinates :-) I also ordered some TB's today. I'd like to send it out and just add a note to it that states "feel free to make some modifications to it"... I've seen a bunch of really awesome tb's out there. Would love to get mine back well traveled and well modified. I read all of the FAQ's, Can anyone offer any additional newbie advice? Thanks, Dave
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