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  1. Whoa, even with the smilies I'm not sure that was called for Yeah. That was over the top. This is a place for Mad Marty to say how much of a rude jerk I am. Sorry I was rude. I changed my message so it would be full of smiles. Jeremy, now anytime someone asks you to make a change, or is very rude to you, I just want you to smile it off as well. Let it bounce of your chest, relax! We know you are joking around but some people may not. Please say "Yes Ma'am and Yes Sir" when dealing with all of your consumers no matter how unreasonable they are. You must be pleasant and even toned.... you will now be known as "Boring Jeremy".
  2. Shut your little pie hole! Whoa, even with the smilies I'm not sure that was called for
  3. We had horrible reception on our hike on Saturday at the Muttontown Preserve and everyones GPS seemed to be all over the place. I lost reception quite a few times and that is unusual for my Yellow E-trex. It could have been the trees but I have never had reception that was so bad. Most times I was hitting maybe 2 sats. Dave
  4. How many caches did you have under your belt before placing your first cache? I created my first cache the day I signed up for Geocaching. Then I hid it around the time I found my first cache. It's a great location. A better way to go would be to always look back at the caches you (meaning the reader) have placed. Have you placed a micro where a regular size cache should go? is your cache lame? can you improve upon it? gosh, does it need some maintainence? (I've seen plenty that have not been maintained) The best of all, just have fun! Dave
  5. Quite an accomplishment, Congrats! Dave
  6. I cached/hiked this morning, the temps didn't appear to be high (I felt cool) but the humidity was a killer. I was soaked! Can't wait until I start jogging again! Dave
  7. I remember, once upon a time my girlfriend would jog with me, walk with me..etc. What changed that? Wedding Cake! It is very important for all single guys to keep your girlfriends away from wedding cake! The minute she ate the wedding cake, it caused back pain when she stepped foot on a trail! Dave
  8. Your trying to tell me something....aren't you?!
  9. Well, since y'all brought this back up to the top. I was recently on a trip and every cache I went to was extremely small or a micro... and this was out in the woods where hardly anyone goes! I can understand if it was a multi... My input would be... the size of the container should probably go along with the environment but it's only a game. Dave
  10. Has this idea died a quiet death? I was following it before it mysteriously dropped off the radar screen. Let me know, I would be interested depending on my schedule. Dave
  11. From a TB Owner stand point, it is indeed frustrating. I have released several bugs and one was taken from a cache and never logged out, I had one that went to Argentina (Yahoooooo!) but then the cache was plundered. I have one that is in a TB Race, the Travel Bug's mission statement that is attached to the TB, it gives specific instructions... the person who picked it up appears not to be a stranger to travel bugs posted when they picked it up "I hope I did the right thing" and in two months, the person who has it has not released it even after a nice email or two. It's frustrating and taking into consideration the issues that occured with the YJTB and hearing the complaints with the WJTB, I'm starting to wonder if Travel Bugs are even worth it. Dave
  12. re-enter it into the cache, I had to do that with a TB I had a few weeks ago. Dave
  13. Thank you, that's exactly what I was looking for. Dave
  14. I have a pocket pc and a while ago someone mentioned GC.com has a site that is text only or one for pocket pc's or palm pilots. Does anyone have the link? Thanks, Dave
  15. previously I would be searching the forums, on the computer.. Now I'm hiking... which leads to Geocaching and kayaing... which eventually will lead to more geocaches. Come to think of it, whem I'm not Geocaching, I'm Geocaching.... *sigh* Dave
  16. Thanks for sharing your stories. Two weeks ago, I used deet but still had about a dozen or more ticks crawling on me during a 10 mile hike. This weekend, I sprayed Permathin (sp) on my clothes and equipment the night before a hike and before the hike I sprayed deet on me. I ended up having one tick on the cuff of my pants and one on my hand (not attached) but they didn't last too long. I'm very happy with the results. It's suppose to be good for up to two months including washings. I hope it's true. Thanks, Dave
  17. Thanks to everyone who assisted with this topic. Although I still have a few things to work out in regards to setting everything up the way I want it, seperately everything is working fine. I went with Mapopolis and while going from the south shore to the north shore (long island) it gave me good directions. Of course I decided to go a different way than it automatically routed me... it ended up re-routing me which is one of the things I was looking for. I went with it due to ease of use. I did pick up a great deal of information from everyone and am considering other products to try out here and there, for now its Mapopolis. Thanks Again! Dave
  18. Tonight I finally get a chance to try out some of these programs. if anyone else has any other suggestions, please let me know. Thanks for all the information provided thus far! Dave
  19. I bet your the type of person who needs to have the last word... :-)
  20. In the simplest terms... The event might have been an event on GC.com but the temporary caches are NOT gc.com caches which means they should not have been entered in any way on the GC website. They were not santioned or posted any way on the GC Website. Dave
  21. Your defination on Event Caches is weak. Does this mean not only can you log a real gc cache on it's own log page but as an event cache too? Does this mean if you find a cache from another site, it's okay to log it as an event cache? If you eat pizza after the event , is it okay to enter it as an Event Cache (I actually saw an event in which people went for Pizza after the event and logged it as an Event Cache) IMO it is an abuse of the system. In the simplest terms... The event might have been an event on GC.com but the temporary caches are NOT gc.com caches which means they should not have been entered in any way on the GC website. They were not santioned or posted any way on the GC Website. I don't want to put words in Jeremy's mouth but it appears from his opinions, he's not happy about them being entered on the site either. But then again, he's running the site and I'm sure he does not want to get embroiled in every disagreement on the site. Dave
  22. Wow, excellent information, I've tested out a few programs but will check into your suggestions when I get a chance (this weekend I hope) Alan2, I haven't seen you around these parts in a while. Hope all is well. Dave PS: keep the information flowing, I'm listening :-)
  23. Thanks. I also wanted to add that I am using GSAK and GPXSonar(? I believe this is what I am using on the PPC) Dave
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