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  1. Thanks for your replies. We are checking out some homes in a few different areas and someone mentioned to make sure we get the PHM school districts. I will be leaving tomorrow at 5am in the morning for SB and hope to get there by 5 or 6pm. I'm hoping to go caching on Sunday or otherwise find a few each day while I'm there... I just wish I could find a list of caches off of I80. Dave
  2. Thanks, I aprpeciate it. I may be in town the week of Oct 30th to look at some houses, ?job interviews? and hope I can hit some caches. Dave
  3. Wow! my kind of crowd! I will fit right in, just released from multiple stints at Riker's and... um... Atica. No Caches? Excellent, I will have the advantage of placing all the caches in the area. Just to increase the difficulty on my caches, i can set some bear traps out there, maybe dig some pits and cover with sticks and leaves. I've been doing some research of my own but figured I could get some cachers point of views. Dave
  4. My wife and I have been seriously talking about moving from Long Island, NY to the South Bend, Granger, ? area. I will be talking to a real estate friend of mine this weekend to discuss things such as selling our home and buying one in Indiana. If things go right, we may be taking another trip out there to check out the area and look at some houses. What can you guys tell me about the area? Who lives in the area? How is the caching? Anyone go hiking? kayaking? What is your typical GC event like? Thanks Dave
  5. Anyone?......Anyone?.....Anyone?...... Buehler?
  6. TTT Not sure what happened as I haven't been paying attention after my TB got lost for a few months, it looks like I'm back in though. Anyone? Anyone? Dave
  7. In defense of myself, I think he's just saying that to protect Briansnat! If this was an indeed an alleged mistake, I'd like to thank Keystone for fixing it. Again, I can neither confirm or deny the allegations that have been made and plan to settle out of court. Dave
  8. Edgewood Preserve CITO Event Come join the fun! We are going to start with Breakfast at a local diner and then go down to the Edgewood Preserve in Commack to clean up the park. If you plan to bring anything, please post a note on the Event page. Dave
  9. It's Oct 2. I'm probably out. My wife will be out of town leaving me with my 3-1/2 year old son. Dave
  10. Give that person some paint thinner/paint remover and a rag. Maybe during cleaning, he or she will find the micro! Did someone really do that? that's aweful. Dave
  11. I skipped most of the replies but I went with... construction boots- they hurt my feet after a while- not bad when they got wet. generic hiking boots- not good when wet, no comfort for the bottom of my feet after a long hike. Sneakers- I felt great after a long hike hike but I need something that is waterproof. I'm still looking but right now, my sneakers are it. (and getting incredibly dirty) Dave
  12. The 24th is good for me but whatever you guys decide. I'm looking forward to this one. Dave
  13. Hmm... good question. Instead of complaining about the Salvation Army contest, why didn't you just worry about Rising gas prices, the homeless population, pollution, things of this nature which will make a difference.
  14. Looks like you got all regions except for Long Island. Dave
  15. How about we take a building from the middle and place a huge GPS in there. :-) Dave
  16. Personally, I'm interested in colors but I've never seen frosted. Can you post an example of a frosted vs non-frosted coin? This is probably not the greatest of examples but it is the difference between: Cameo and Non-cameo Silvermark created some coins with the frosted look on it. I will try to scan one tonight and post it. Dave
  17. What are the lines in the center of the falls? (to the left of liberty's wrist holding the torch/gps) I like it but also recommend that you get it frosted or inquire if you can get certain things frosted such as the falls. Thanks Dave
  18. Coming from a coin collector and a NY'er.... The colorization of any coin is lame. I want to see metal. Now if you want to frost the coin, that is cool, Niagra Falls would look awesome frosted, Ditto for the Statue of Liberty. Frosting makes the subject in the coin stand out. You already have the City/Country represented with the Statue Of Liberty but if your looking for a good feel to NY, how about King Kong and the Empire State Building or just the Empire States Building. (although it may be too much NYC) I have nothing against the Finger Lakes, in fact I spend some time up there with a beautiful lady (*sigh*). I just don't see it as such an important place that it needs to be depicted on a coin and the same could be said of many other ideas suggested. I don't like the coin as is but like the collage but I would like it better if it was a bit less cluttered. In order for this to be a true NYS coin, all the geo orgs of NY should be represented. Such as on the obverse NYGO - LIGO- ETC - ETC Thanks Dave
  19. Somewhat related... I had a bug go to Argentina, two weeks later the cache was plundered :-( I have a bug that is in a race. Someone picked it up and posted "I hope I did the right thing" in the log. I emailed the person to thank her for grabbing it, gave her some details on the race and three months later, she still has it despite the fact she has gone geocaching since. I don't feel so bad as it's only a game, plus she has been holding onto two other bugs for about 6 months. emails to the geocacher have been fruitless. Dave
  20. LOL I accept your apology on behalf of RockyRoad You guys are faster than me, I planned something evil like this! Appologies not accepted, I say we ban micro's and Jeremy
  21. Where's your apology for your rudeness to Jeremy and the rest of the responders to this thread? Maybe setting a good example would help? Sorry, but I don't feel that I need to apologize for anything that I've said to Jeremy. Do you know what a troll is? This is definately trolling.
  22. NOOOOOooooo It's boring at my desk. Please don't close it! I beg of you. Okay, we will keep the thread open but vote on getting rid of the troll?
  23. So then why does he feel the need to be rude towards those in a more intimate setting? It's most likely because it makes the little man feel big when he has the opportunity to belittle those who enter his kingdom. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  24. I can appreciate what you're saying but in no way was Haggis Hunter being rude in this thread. It was obviously Jeremy who came out with the combative and antagonistic remarks. There's no way that can be considered anything but rude. And as you well know, there's no need to be rude at any time. Just ask Ann Landers (well, you can't ask her anymore, but if you could, she would most likely tell Jeremy to grow up). Well golly, maybe it's just me, but I don't "hear" the rudeness in that remark. No, seriously, I don't. It's too easy to infer tones in the forums. Face it, you "hear" what you want to hear. Cut people some slack... Finally, someone else who doesn't see any hostility in Haggis's comments. Perhaps Jeremy should cut some people some slack and realize that being rude is just not cool. Perhaps Jeremy just likes being antagonistic and looks for it wherever he can get it? I vote for closing this thread! It has TROLL written all over it. TROLL TROLL TROLL TROLL TROLL TROLL TROLL TROLL TROLLTROLL TROLL TROLL TROLL TROLL TROLL TROLL TROLL TROLL TROLL TROLL TROLL...
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