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  1. That is really sad! A reasonable good example of a challange, and people from all over log it without meeting the requirements. And when you try to report the cheeting, the only option is to flag it as "Prohibited" "Offencive" or "SPAM". Maybe you should flag all the fakes "Prohibited". In this situation, what does Prohibited mean? Forbidden from doing. In the case of false claims of challenges being met I would think that that should be appropriate to use though there should be a more descriptive flag. Note I said should, I don't think that GS ultimately cares or they would have given the issuers the ability to remove false claims. I did use the Flag selecting "Spam" on the 2 bogus completes on that challenge yesterday. They're still there, so not sure what flagging them does.
  2. You mean as opposed to one dreamed up by a card company?
  3. This one was just taken last week on our trip to BC. A really nice picture of me and kids, at least I think so.
  4. Wow! A Max Headroom reference. You don't see those everyday. And I have not noticed anything weird with my GPS.
  5. The only paper I pay attention to in a cache is the Logbook. All else is ignored.
  6. If we find a micro, the kids cannot trade anything. That means we HAVE to go for at least one more geocache so they can trade, and finding more is always a good thing!
  7. I'm pretty sure I have 2 active caches right now. If I take the 2 caches I own and subtract none archived, I come up with 2. But my math could be off.
  8. Try http://coord.info/GC1MH0T or http://coord.info/GC2Q45H.
  9. I was busy hiding my second cache. Now to wait for the reviewer. It's also a beautiful day here, not too hot, no wind. Perfect. Too bad I am stuck at work now.
  10. I did a nice little series of 3 and hit #200 on the 3rd one while we were camping this weekend.
  11. Run them off the road. That FTF will be mine!!!
  12. I used to just log a DNF after multiple attempts, usually 2 or 3. But now, if I am at GZ, or what I think is GZ, actively searching, and do not make the find, I log a DNF right away.
  13. Yep, I know now. After hours of googling, and ironically phoning a friend... Hehe. That is funny.
  14. I got my 5th FTF on the 6th day of the 7th month.
  15. Everyone pronounces mine as Mental Alertness which is ok with me since it rolls off the tongue a lot easier than Ellert-ness. The Ellert is normally pronounced just how it looks.. Ell-ert.
  16. Ahem....Canada is a country, eh. And you don't need a Premium Membership to find out about events. You only need to subscribe to the weekly Groundspeak newsletter. Or...when you're logged in, check out the "newest caches in Ontario" in your profile that will let you know all the newest listings of caches and events. Opps, I forgot about those methods. I prefer a visual. 50 miles away down I-95 is one thing, 50 miles through the New Jersey forest backroads is another beast entirely. I thought Canada was part of the U.S. though... Why do they have teams on the American leagues for Soccer, Baseball, Basketball and Ice Hokey? First off bad joke.I see Canada almost every day from this side of the Niagara River. Second like the GREAT Don Cherry said "soccer is a sport with out honor" third Im not sure what Ice Hokey is It's when you Do the Hokey Pokey on ice!
  17. And if you cannot tell who the odd nutjob is, it's probably you.
  18. For my first milestone, #100, I targetted a puzzle cache, "ILLAMPU AARDVARK",that had only 3 finds to date and had not been found in over a year. We had found a couple caches in town that day, then headed out to the counrty where this one was, then back in to town for some more, making sure it was indeed #100. I was the 4th find and it hasn't been found since. I haven't decided what my #200 will be yet, but will most likely be somthing similiar.
  19. This is on my only cache thus far and still only has 7 finds total. Took 3 days to get a FTF. I was happy it was found and surprised as this was not who I was expecting to get the FTF.
  20. Except for the 1 Earthcache I have found so far, all have been found with at least one child with me, and usually 2.
  21. 8 at a local lake with hiking trails. The whole family went including our daughter who was 1 at the time. We brought a picnic lunch and had a great time walking the trails.
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