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  1. Doesn't everybody get their eating utensils from caches? Here's a cache that started as a disaster and included a plastic spoon as trade item.
  2. You realize this is the GC.com forums? Most new topics have already been discussed here.
  3. The DOS copy command can be used to concatenate LOC files and all tools I use can read the resulting file. D:\Downloads>dir g?.loc Volume in drive D is DATA Volume Serial Number is 60C0-2B06 Directory of D:\Downloads 03/16/2005 07:29p 5,523 g1.loc 03/16/2005 06:55p 5,382 g2.loc 03/16/2005 06:56p 5,343 g3.loc 03/16/2005 06:57p 5,390 g4.loc 03/16/2005 06:57p 5,294 g5.loc 03/16/2005 06:58p 5,345 g6.loc 03/16/2005 06:59p 5,398 g7.loc 03/16/2005 06:59p 5,132 g8.loc 03/16/2005 07:00p 5,435 g9.loc 03/16/2005 07:00p 5,479 ga.loc 10 File(s) 53,721 bytes 0 Dir(s) 25,196,768,768 bytes free D:\Downloads>copy g?.loc caches.loc g1.loc g2.loc g3.loc g4.loc g5.loc g6.loc g7.loc g8.loc g9.loc ga.loc 1 file(s) copied. D:\Downloads>
  4. Thanks for the all your wisdom, clearpath. I started using another site that focused on cache quality after growing tired of wading through countless thoughtless hides (I'm talking really low quality hides in my area).
  5. I'm not Norm, the mailman from Cheers, but I think below the photo indicates he's a Sayad, a descendent of Mohammad the Prophet. EraSeek?
  6. im not too sure about the cache and its hidey hole, but i like the camera strap! Hey! That's not a camera strap. That's lanyard of my Garmin Legend. Hints: pnpur vf va gur yrsg unys bs gur cubgb, ba gur tebhaq, naq ebhaq
  7. I like golf balls. I like them a lot. Below is my own golf ball cache container creation. I never deployed it (reason would be considered off topic here).
  8. Besides finding "Kenny-speak" translators with Google, there's even tools for cracking cryptograms to be found.
  9. This microcache has been pictured previously in this thread, but here's view of it in the field. It's located 0.4mi from parking in a 200+ acre nature preserve, but less than 30ft from a sidewalk. To those who have found, it should stand out in this photo.
  10. The solution to some puzzle caches spell the coordinates. For instance, N 59° 54.400 E 010° 43.100 can be represented as "north fifty-nine degrees fifty-four and four-hundred minutes, east ten degrees forty three and one-hundred minutes" or "five nine five four point four zero zero one zero four three point one zero zero". It's not uncommon for the text to be cryptogram, a simple substitution cipher. ROT13 is a substitution cipher that is particularly simple because it is a shift cipher - each letter is shifted +13. Even without knowing binary, exclusive disjunction, or ASCII, one can get lucky on the XOR 96 just guessing that the answer is coordinates represented in the standard format: N 5 9 ° 5 4 . 4 0 0 E 0 1 0 ° 4 3 . 1 0 0 D8 A3 AF B6 A3 A2 B8 A3 A0 AF B6 D3 A7 A6 B6 A2 A5 B8 A5 A2 A5 Even though the bogus coordinates aren't correct, it's close enough that most people can guess the pattern.
  11. Geocaching.gpsgames.org has a detailed history of geocaching with some relevant dates.
  12. YES, I agree whole-heartedly! It's becoming common in my area for a camouflaged chapstick container or bison tube to be hidden in the woods. While creativity in the container is appreciated, why not try camouflaging a larger container if the hide is going to be out in the woods? Or hide the micro in a park? The right container for the right location! Two techniques that one or two cache hiders here think is cool: 1) Multicache: use a label maker to print tiny coordinates and the stick the label on a foot bridge over a creek in a park. There's lots of surface area to search. Underneath the bridge is fair game. Gauranteed lots of fun for the hider as searchers get frustrated. 2) Multicache: use a Sharpie pen to write graffiti coordinates on the playground equipment. Again lots of surface area to search and if the cacher doesn't have small children, they are sure to be seen as park weirdos. Ha ha ha! Those crazy hiders. FYI, I do not condone either of the above techniques, in fact I discourage these. Note, these extra stages are almost always superfluous.
  13. Premium MOCs are rare in my area and the few that do exist aren't very good. Nonetheless, there are some non-Premium-member cachers that take it as a challenge to find Premium MOCs. Basically, they seek the cache with only the waypoint name and coordinates (sometimes approximate). Laerning how to get the coordinates is a puzzle. No description, no hints, no known container size, etc. Caches that are not at the specified coordinates (puzzle caches and offset caches) are problematic when hunted this way.
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    Situation Normal All Fouled Up An Error Has Occured The process cannot access the file "e:\caches\xml\162738\162738.xml" because it is being used by another process.
  15. This one of mine (now archived) was painted flourescent orange and consequently was easy to spot. However, it was not necessarily easy to retrieve.
  16. From the TexasGeocaching.com North Texas forum, it is a defunct cache that was on Navicache.com See http://www.texasgeocaching.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=1707
  17. American Airlines does NOT allow passengers to use GPSr. It's blacklisted in the back of that inflight AA magazine. Flight Attendant had to look it up after asking if me if my Garmin eTrex Legend was a GPSr.
  18. It's no coiNcidEnt that this puzzle invokes craNkinEss amongst maiNstrEam geocachers, alas I traNsgrEss.
  19. BCR

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    Was there a reply to this change elsewhere? I missed any notification.
  20. > I have been told that the security people are selling the items they confiscate on E-bay http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=2233973918
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