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  1. how do i load my gsak file so i can paperless cache on this device
  2. I just got a etrex 20 also , I can't find the compass selection on my menu, do I have a defective program
  3. I am based in Lincoln, and i do geocache, i would be happy to help out if the date works for me, feel free to contact me about this event.
  4. geocaching speaking visalia is not that far from santa cruz
  5. I used to use the legend in the etrex series I don't remember etrex having a geocaching function, note you have some find under your name, what specifically are you tring to do, and what gps'r were you using before
  6. good call smurf, I have my guesses, but i think you got the right idea
  7. can you post the cache id, please probaly this one http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...=y&decrypt= I couldn't gather anything from the clue, I have some guesses, but I don't know the layout of the area.
  8. can we have a snapshot of your search paramemters, I am guessing you have opposing attribute, but that is just a guess
  9. from the final location, people knew instantly where all ten balloons were, but it still took nine hours to sort through the data, and get all ten.
  10. http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&amp...amp;t=h&z=4 found this on twitter, suppposedly it is a list of the darpa ballons
  11. wow eighty caches for a sub continent, good reason to have pocket cache by country, Groundspeak
  12. I went ahead and drove out it was a bust, which i fugured it would be.
  13. is there a siting in Lincoln, nebraska that needs to be check out.
  14. I use gsak, to load my caches on both my oregon, and legend it is a free program if you want to give it a try, no nag screens for the first month after that it is $25 to avoid the nag screens but you can still use the program
  15. maybe you will need to go out of the park, can one of your other locations hold the ammo box.
  16. the moon is technically a satellite, and I believe a tool in navigation.
  17. hide a cylinder in the cache container that you would ink and roll on to a piece of paper for the coords to the next stage.
  18. well we are talking the oregon coast, so we aren't talking polar bear camping, just looks like rain, pack garbages to put your sleeping bags and tent in afterwards.
  19. i believe you just checkmark the delete box once it is checked don't worry about, I haven't had any problem with unwanted pq
  20. I just got the oregon 200 from amazon for about $250, it allows paperless caching, I am real happy with my purchase.
  21. that one is easy Thank For The Cache
  22. twenty feet would be considered normal, in fact because the placer could have been off twenty feet it could be as much as forty feet or more.sounds like you have great geosense.
  23. very good tequila, if you look in montana you can see the river following the edge of the glacier into the missisipi basin, your tequila
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