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  1. Cool thanks .. I also have a blackberry , and just seen cacheberry .. might give that a trial too. Thanks .
  2. Hi guys , just wondering what you all do when there are clues in each multi , as you may not do them all at once. Where to keep the data ? I have a Garmin 60C and I added a note to the cache for what the clue was . If I update my cache list from GSK I assume it will overwrite this , or should I down from my GPS first and keep it in GSK . I know someone will probably say keep it in a notepad with a pen ... I am forever losing that sort of stuff , I never lose my Garmin or my PC !!
  3. Not sure about the etrex , but usually you can get a cable for them and hook them up to your PC , then get your self GSAK and you can download the wayypoints you want direct into the GPS , saves hours of keying them in !
  4. All good suggestions here ! IMO if you want to make it more difficult for the undesirables , make them premium only , and Multi / mystery , so you never publish the actual co-ords. and make the clue a bit more criptic than - stumped ? or in the roots under a large pine ! and move the cache slightly . Tihs is made easier by not having the actual co-ords published as you can just change the formula to which the co-ords are made from . The clue bit , i think should be true for all caches , its sposed to be a clue , not a direction to where it is ! Rant over. Hope your caches are OK Mr Nibbler !
  5. My parents have paid for and have onspeed on their PC at home , they are on 56K dialup , it seems to make little or no difference, all it seems to do is cache the pages that you frequently visit in the background so when you go to them they look like they load quicker , this will only really work for static parts of a page , GC.com being what it is is very dynamic so most of what you see is generated from database lookups therefore has to be loaded on the fly. You do have options to downgrade the images that load , but im sure there are plugins to do this on Mozilla firefox anyway . IMHO I would not waste the money . Happy Caching and surfing Crazycucumber.
  6. Paste the co-ords as they are into http://maps.google.co.uk/ Road maps and sattelite too . guess you can use maps.google.com for rest of the world too .
  7. This has to be the best option , save all the bitching and picking holes in arguments , its a very simple , yet effective solution to have an added category or means of identification of ALR caches. Maybe get a mod to start a vote , then as you say ...topic closed.
  8. OK , now what have I done ..... Borrowed a mates copy of City select v6 for uk mapping , to see if i could load that on to get the routing working for roads in the uk. It didn't work , and now I have lost all the waypoint and mapping infor that was already on there . I bought a US version , but it came loaded with UK waypoints and POI's its all gone ! help !
  9. Ok done a bit of searching , and it seems i have the american basemap , with Europe maps installed . What software should i purchase to get the routing working in the uk ? does routing work with the topo maps ? Thanks again
  10. Cheers , that works well too , then i can see the name of a cache to go to . Your english is fine, just change the word "well" for "good" " not very well" is used when you are sick !
  11. Just bought myself a GPSmap 60C , and love the features , it shows the roads in my area , Bedfordshire UK , and has address's and waypoints that are relevant . But when I ask it to "Follow Road" I get the error - No roads near starting point . Even though I am on a road and the map shows me on a road. What am I missing ? Thanks.
  12. Cheers , knew there would be a work around , i also managed to do it by using google earth to get the LAT LON of rhodes and using that as a search query. I really think there should be a better locality search, dont know how hard it is to do, but it would be useful when travelling to places. Thanks for your input
  13. Hi , I like in the uK , and will soon be holidaying in the lovely island of Rhodes ( spelling ? ) I was just wondering the easiest way to looks these up on GC.com ? I dont have a post code , i cant type in rhodes town or lindos , and not get anything. there must be an easy way ? isn't there ? Thanks
  14. Hi, just finished reading this thread, and would like to congratulate most of the posters on their coherent ability to construct valid arguments and counter arguments, I would just like to jump in and put forward an idea that popped into my head as I was reading the thread. If the solution was to create a new category for the additional Logging requirement (ALR) caches, then a function could possibly put in place to enable the cacher to log their visit, but not get the hallowed smiley until they have met the ALR. That way each cacher can still use the features of GC to keep track of their progress, and cache owners can still police their caches. See what we think of that? I think it is also a good idea to keep in mind that this is still a very new hobby/sport and it is still evolving and will continue to do so as people come up with even more ingenious ways of hiding and creating caches. Hopefully the forum users can help guide this evolution in the right direction and maintain the spirit of geocaching. Thanks for reading!
  15. The Exact Error Message is :- Failed to Load loc file () - Could not find resource assembly. This is on a PPC ipaq 2210 Thanks for help .
  16. Hello all , I usually use GPS tuner , but I am trialling some other bits of software , Im loving Beeline GPS at the moment but wished i could import maps into it . Up Steps GPSdash2 . Managed to import a map , but having great problems importing Waypoints. I tried exporting from GSAK to a GPX and a LOC , but it errors when importing . any ideas people ? Ta muchly . MARK
  17. I will bring you stories of caching !!! No place like pfffft
  18. Ah , i think that PQ doesnt like it when i altered the query to change it , i started a new one and used the near cache option .. hey presto .. thanks !
  19. Hi , I am travelling to New Zealand on Monday ,and desperately need a GPX file , i have created a PQ , but it always returns no results. I tried just using New Zealand as a country and got loads , but 600 miles from my point of orgin , so specified the co-ords as :- South 36 53.546 East 174 50.995 I know there is a cache at that point or near , but want the GPX file for the closest 100 or so , any Ideas ? Cheers CrazyCucumber
  20. Thanks for that guys , I uploaded some didgital maps created from multimap and stiched together, time consuming and now have a 17Mb GTM map file for GPS tuner. found this alot of help and got my bearing so much easier , also tried out the Beeline softeware on trial , was really good too. I think i will stick with this until , as you say , my budget and experience requires more technology ! Cheers
  21. No Replies ! Guess I asked too Many questions .. well I Still need them answered and here is another :- Has anyone got any reviews of Beeline GPS http://www.visualgps.net/BeeLineGPS/default.htm Cheers , keep them replies coming in !!! Crazycucumber The Webmaster
  22. Hello , This has probably been asked a thousand times , and in the end its all down to personal preference but ..... I have an Ipaq loaded with Tomtom nav and GPSTuner from Megalith , I tend to use Tomtom to get me to the parking co-ord's for the cache , then switch to GPS tuner to 'point' me to the cache location. After Caching this weekend , and getting very frustrated switching between the two aplications , and having to look at a paper map !!! I thought there must be an easier way. My Quandry is : Do I buy OS maps in digital form and load them into GPSTuner. Where can I get these from ? or Do I buy a Garmin ( my budget is around £125 possibly a Legend , does the mapping help on these ?) or do I buy something like Memory-Map and load it onto my Ipaq. The last thing is , I assume ( big assumption ) that my Ipaq with Bluetooth GPS receiver is as accurate as a Garmin handheld device. or will I get better results with a garmin. ?? Lost of questions there , I am sorry Thanks for any input Kind regards MARK Would Appreciate any experiences or flaws in any of those setups.
  23. Be Patient ! then ...... Ok ! Is it there yet ?.......... What about now ! ? Cheers anyway !
  24. Hi guys just put my first cache up on the list , I cant seem to get the Maps up on the page that everyone else seems to have ? Any ideas ? Edited by Lactodorum to remove inadvertant cache advertising
  25. Worked a treat , thanks for that. Do you find GPS Tuner to be useful / accurate ? I find the digital compass skips around ad gives funny readings sometimes. Is it best to have averaging turned on or off ? Thanks for your help Crazycucumber
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