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  1. Here's another possibility. The bug could possability be in the correct cache and not showing because that person has not logged the cache yet. I know i have found bugs in caches where they were showing in other caches only to see a week later that a cacher had logged the cache and the bug finally. Greg
  2. First off i must say I dont like the idea of no stats! I like to see how i am progressing with my finds being a newbie. But the idea of no public stats i would definally back something like that. I mean come on guys, it's a game! Here in Utah I go geocaching to be in the outdoors, not to see how many caches i can find. If your geocaching just for the numbers or to see how many caches you can find in one day, you have missed the purpose of the game. The purpose of the game is to have fun, get a little fresh air and excercise, and ENJOY yourself. WHo the heck cares if you find three hundred and something caches in a day. Some of my best times caching have been when i haven't even found the cache anyway. Greg
  3. bad and worst mcdonald's happymeal toys
  4. I bought my 60cs at Amazon. I must say i have had great luck with Amazon. I usually order from Amazon at least once or twice a month for books, i am a avid reader, and not once have they screwed up my order. Better yet is the no sales tax and free shipping with orders over 25 dollars. Please amazon don't screw up my order now!!
  5. I thrid the notion of a soft button to switch from city select to topo. That would be a very nice feacture. I also love the idea of a way of switching from autorouting to offroad. I tend to autoroute everything and then hope for the best that it leads me close enough that i can find the cache. The other thing i would wish for is the unit to be more stable when caching. When im following the little arrow of where to go, my unit always tells me to hold the thing still. Hiking on rocky trails in utah I tend to find that is almost impossable. I always have to stop and let the the unit stabilize. It's really frustrating cause half the time i find i am going the wrong way! The geek in me also wants a cool garmin case that i can specifically attach to my camelbak. holding a gps for a mile hike sucks. I want something that attaches to my camelbak so i can have both hands yet keep a good satelite lock for when i get close. I dont know about anyone else but i always keep my gps on and going so i can see exactly how many miles i went and the change in elevation. I own a 60cs if that matters. Greg
  6. I definally meant TB sry! I was thinking of adding a 10 dollar gift cert offer for the best receipe but then i would go broke tryign them all!
  7. I am in utah and thought of a very clevor cache(how many times a day do you hear that?) the TB is going to be called "boiled alive with a touch of fresh lemon" The TB is a small plastic lobster and it's goal is to make it from here in Utah to maine for a dinner date! Once in maine a picture is required of a lobster dinner! then hopefully back to utah. On the way there and back i am going to encourage my fellow cachers to share there fav lobster dinner recipes. HOw does that sound? besides scrumptous i mean? Greg
  8. My parents are going to Europe this July and I must say that im very jealous that I am not going with them. Looking at there travel plans, they are going to stay in Paris a few days to take in all the sites. I convinced my mom, who I have taken before to easy caches that they should place a travel bug for me and see if I can get it back to utah. Since there is no way i am giving them my 60C will my old legand I have sitting around collecting dust work out for them? I'm worried about the map popping up since it's in europe as well as it being accurate in europe so they can find the cache to begin with. Thanks in advance for the help. Greg
  9. I have to give the nod to the beanbag mount. I got mine in the package automotive deal like mentained above. I though it would fall off and i would have trouble with it but it hasn't fallen off one on my dashboard. I must say very very secure and very happy with it. greg
  10. I just bought a new 60cs 2 weeks ago as well. For me, as soon as the needle starts going wild is when i put away my gps and start looking. Sometimes my 60cs has taken me within 9 feet, sometimes furthur. If i had to estimate i would guess my gps, waas enabled, on a average has been within 15 feet of the cache. Within 20 feet i usually start looking around and thinking where would i hide this cache if it was me. Hope that helps.
  11. Forgive me If i posted this in the wrong forum but since more members check out the general topics i decided to ask here. I just thought of a wonderful idea for 2 travel bugs and just ordered a 4 pack. My question is has anyone bought and activated a tb and then had it dropped off in a different state by someone in a different state? I would be willing to pay for postage and everything, but wondering if people are willing to do that. I wanna do a nascar theme travel bug race for the Busch brothers since there orginally from vegas. First tb to Las vegas motorspeedway and gets a pic of the bug there then back to Utah where i am wins. Utah to Vegas isn't that long so wanted to put them furthur away. I was thinking two seperate caches close to texas motor speedway. What do you think guys? Is that a possablibity? greg
  12. Just back from caching. On the trail passed a few campsites where people are allowed to camp. Anyway, when i was passing a campsite there must a been a HUGE party yesterday i missed. There were enough beer and liquor bottles around to fill a 40 gallon trash bag! What was weird was that i found a pair of levis and a pair of socks on a big ROck. NObody was around to be seen. WHat weird things have you found caching? greg
  13. I use the Garmin 60cs. I bought it for the color screen, autorouting, and for the more memory. Before I had the garmin Legand and loved it. My suggection is first figure out exactly what you want and then find a gps that matches your wants/needs. Honestly, if i hadn't wanted a gps that could be used for traveling I would still be using my Legand because it had everything i needed just for geocaching. My 100 dollar Legand gets me just as close as my 300 dollar 60cs. just my 2 cents worth greg
  14. Carry a camelbak. I carry the 100 oz one and it's perfect for hiking/geocaching. Some people don't like them and claim the water tastes rubbery but i can't taste that or I have gotten use to the taste i guess. I love the camelbak for several reasons. One, the water is insulated and it doesn't get warm. Im here and utah and hiked 30 miles and 8 hours later my water is still cold. Second, you have one backpack to put alll your stuff. Everything i need for a dayhike i can fit it it. 3rd, the thing is very durable. Mountainbikers here in utah use camelpaks all the time and i seen some nasty falls and camelpak is always ok but not always the bikers! I never heard of someone popping the bladder although my buddy in the army did manage to pop his bladder by his knife accidently sticking in it. YA, they are expensive, i will give you that but if you watch on e-bay and amazon you can get them a heck of a lot cheaper then in the store. I just looked now and the M.U.L.E which is the one i use is only 54 bucks on amazon. Just my 2 cents greg
  16. Is there simple instructions on how to load both topo and city select into my 60cs. I think i got the city select in there, it said it did anyway. How can u check and see what map you have in your gps. once you got them both in, how to you topple betwenn them? thanks in advance. grweg
  17. I looked it up in the archieves and couldn't a answer. Sry, i know this has been asked a million times but long long does it take for Premium Membership to go through? I ordered it through cc and not paypal. Did I miss it completely or did it say? You guys talked me into it and now i wanna use it now dang it! :-) greg
  18. I tried to search this out before i asked but to no avail. I know with the Premium Membership it seems the big thing that is being pushed is being able to do paperless. WHat interests me is the part about the maps and finding caches that are together. I noticed on just the basic membership they have a button that says find caches that are close or something to that effect. when i pushed the buttons it seemed just find to find caches that were close and showed ona map how close. What is the differance between say the basic membership and Premium Membership in finding caches close by and on maps. The other thing i dont understand is the map thing. why would i need maps on geocaching when i have both top and city select maps to begin with. Are most of the Premium Members using a Premium Membership mostly for paperless?
  19. Whew! thanks after forking out for a 60cs, topo, and city select i would of not been a happy camper having to pay for the update on city select! Im very excited to try her(60cs) out tommorow and cache! greg
  20. u mean if i just unlocked my v6 today im going to have to pay to get 7?? Thats highway robbery putting it nicely!
  21. Maybe i should i asked this BEFORE i bought my new gps but here it goes. First off, when you use city select will it just automatically route you say to the nearest parking route when finding a cache that is hidden say in the mountains when your using the autorouting feacture? Second and finally, when you use the 60cs does it keep the hint and let u decode it if you have trouble finding the cache? For me, it seems a waste to decode it on paper before because that ruins the fun of trying to find it because then you already know the hint. Carrying a pda hiking seems ,ummmm, not a very good thing to do. Me and my camelbak have taken more than our fair share of falls and scraps! Honestly i have trouble getting my i-pod to do what i want it to do. All i need is another gadget, a pda, to carry and figure out! thanks in advance for answering. greg
  22. i got got my garmin 60 cs from amazon today. I also bought the software city select v.6. My question is does anyone how much memory city select takes for the state of Utah. will i be able to fit all of city select for utah on my garmin? If so how much memory will i have left? I also have topo and would of course like to use both since i bought my gps mostly for geocaching. If i cant fit all of city select on my garmin i think i might wait and return my 60cs and wait till they get more memory(sigh) and continue to use my legand sinbce i haven't even opened the box from amazon yet. It's killing me sitting here looking at the box! please respond quick! :-) thanks in advance for the responces. greg
  23. woohoo i just bought mine last week and got mine today! :-) I knew that was the right thing to do!
  24. ty, long as it's not me, though there was this one cache that i had my eye on...... O well, I guess it was not meant to be. greg
  25. ANyone after the change having trouble downloading waypoints. Im getting a very funcky error message now and i have checked and rechecked everything. I dont think it's me, at least i dont hope it's me.
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