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  1. Thanks very much, that worked like a charm. It was waaaay faster than going through the list on GSAK and trying to see the duplicate.
  2. My current stats say that I've found 563 caches (562 distinct). How do I determine which is the duplicate, so I can delete that log if it is a repeat?
  3. I am planning to lead a caching project for my local 4h club with a group of nine 7-9 year old children. We will be doing the first presentation at our home to discuss what geocaching is and how to use a GPS, and then will go find a few local caches. The next few sessions will be held at local nature preserves where will will find caches. Does anybody have any presentation materials that you have used, or suggestions on how to make this go smoothly. I will take at least one other parent with me each time. I think that the idea of planting a cache is good, and will incorporate that.
  4. Maybe I will try another site. I am in California, and this just happens to be the OSM site I had bookmarked.
  5. Yes, it was a surprise to me too. When I went to the OSM page it offered me the choice of generic routable -- which was the normal option -- or "new style". I have copied the text from the website, as well as the link. It seems, based on my one GC, that the new style has less detail. Definitely not a comprehensive check, but I am wondering what others have found. map selection Choose your map type: - Generic Routable - Generic Routable (testing new style) - Routable Bicycle (Openfietsmap Lite) - Generic Nautical (non-routable) http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/#help
  6. I did not delete the old maps. Since I could not see the track on my 62s, I created a new OSM map (new style) and copied it onto my card. I have since made a 3rd OSM map (original style), copied it onto my 62s, and I can see the trail. I have "most detail" setting, as I did before. Now that I have gone back to the original style map, I do see the trail. Perhaps the new style OSM maps do not have as much detail??? I could not find any info. on the FAQs.
  7. Even at 20 ft. I do not see the trail, whereas on his I see the trail at 100 ft.
  8. What is the difference between the OSM generic routable maps and the new style maps? My son and I both went to find a GC in the woods yesterday, GCMB9M, and the OSM mpa on my son's Etrex 20 showed the trails, while the one on my 62s did not. I thought I must have had an older version of the OSM, so I downloaded a new copy of the new style map last night, uploaded to my card, and turned on my 62s, only to find that I still do not have the trails on my GPS. The only map that he has turned on is the OSM Generic. He has no park custom map for that area. Thanks,
  9. Alamogul has found 921 caches in one day!!! He is the same person who has currently found the most caches (currently 84,164!!!)
  10. These are gpx files that I downloaded, so they show up as a geocache, not a waypoint.
  11. This is probably a dumb questions, but here goes... I want to check the level of detail of some a map that I just loaded for another country. I have downloaded some caches for that location on my 62s, did find, geocaches, found the cache I wanted to locate, enter, I can then enter"go", but since the cache I want is 7500 miles from my home, scrolling that far is not practical. Is there a faster way to view the location of a cache? Thanks in advance.
  12. Is there a way to copy an OSM map from basecamp to the SD card on my Garmin 62s/etrex 20? I had copied the zip file from OSM directly to my SD card, and it seemed to work fine. I also copied the basecamp OSM to basecamp, and when the GPS was not hooked up to the computer, that worked fine too. But when I hooked the GPS with OSM on the SD card to the computer and tried to open basecamp, the application froze multiple times. I then deleted the zip file, and all was fine again. So, I'm thinking there is some sort of conflict between the OSM versions. Is there any way to copy directly from bascamp to my SD card?
  13. I will be loading this to both a Garmin 62s and a Garmin etrex 20
  14. I have just dowloaded a OSM that has files for parts of California, Washington state, Illinois, and parts of Australia. I have put these files on my SD card on my garmin. When I look at my completed caches folder in basecamp, to see where I have found my caches, and use the OSM map, it lists each individual map separately. This is a MESS to read (many many files)! Is there some way of organizing this into an Illinois OSM, Washington OSM, Australia OSM, etc. so that it is easier to find things? Also, if I request individual OSMs, eg. Illinois, California, Australia, won't they overwrite each other? If I just rename them, will it work?
  15. Forgot to include Shonkymaps in my earlier post - http://shonkylogic.net/shonkymaps/ - please add comments on this one if you know about it.
  16. I will be going to Canberra and Sydney Australia in mid-December, and of course want to do some caching there. I am aware of both the Tracks4Australia and the OpenStreetMap, and wonder which one people like for the Canberra and Sydney areas. We may also go to Tasmania. I know that can download each, but as they take a loong time, I wonder if there is a favorite amongst the group. I will be downloading to a Garmin 62s and etrex20, both with SD cards, if that makes any difference.
  17. I will be going to Canberra and Sydney, Australia in mid-December, if you want one sent then.
  18. Thanks so much, the "My Finds" solved my problem. I have spent hours on trying to resolve this. Thanks for all of your help.
  19. I am trying to get a list of all of my finds to date, so I can import to GSAK. According to my GC.com stats, I have 350 finds (all unique), but when I run a PQ for all finds, it gives me a smaller number. I realized that the PQs don't include events attended (but the total finds does), so I included those manually (only have 6), but still can't get to the 350. For example, in Illinois, my GC.com map shows 20 finds, yet the PQ for all found in IL is 18, and I know I attended 1 event there, so I am at 19. Overall, I am short by approx. 11 caches. Also, is there a way to get a complete list of all caches found. When I go into geocaches and sort by "found it", I get 350, but the list is only for the last 30 days.
  20. I am deciding whether to install GSAK. I know that there is a 21 day free trial, and I have downloaded it. It seems to have a bit of a learning curve. I see it is more powerful for sorting, but so what? So my question is, for those people who do use it, why do you use it? Is it useful for anything other than stats. collection? What are the benefits over just using the geocaching.com website? Thanks in advance
  21. I delete individual, or group, caches on my gps using basecamp. I do not have gsak. I load basecamp on the computer,, have it point to the "all data" section of my gps, and then highlight the cache(s) I want to delete, hit delete, and the gpx files are gone.
  22. Thanks so much kanchan. That is exactly the one I was looking for!!
  23. The other day I was looking at a puzzle cache somewhere near my home (Palo Alto, CA) and saw one that looked like fun to solve with my daughter. Unfortunately, I do not remember the cache name or CO. I only recall that it was a problem to solve was: "Save + something (I can't recall what) = Money" I have searched the nearby puzzle caches, but can't seem to recognize the name, and I have opened up so many descriptions that the recently viewed is useless. Any suggestions on how I might search for this one? I think it was a difficulty 2.0. Is there some way to search by keyword?
  24. Thanks for this link. I do have a Garmin, and will look at your maps. How do they differ from the Washington Topo 2011 map that is found at GPSFileDepot? Is your trails file meant to be overlaid on that one?
  25. We will be heading out for a holiday in Lopez Island in a week or so, and would love to find any custom maps already turned into a kmz format, if possible. Does anybody know if there is a place where such a map might be already uploaded? If not, where are custom maps for the Seattle & San Juan islands located? Thanks in advance.
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