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  1. can i ask a simple question what is wrong with trainspotting is is quite easy to combine caching and trainspotting as well as caching and visiting hostilleries pubs now what is wrong with that so long as you walk and get fit
  2. well i will be at ironbridgr area caching if anyone wants to join me offewr open to all
  3. Actually I don't dislike them, I'm just not interested! as i said i dont dislike them but i am fed up with all the hipe so i chose to do something else instead the main question to ask is where to cache
  4. Right i wish the royal couple well and hope all goes well for them. but personaly i am fedup of hearing about it and am planning to spend the day caching as i need to get my find numbers up so i will be getting as far from any televisions and radio's as possible. Is anyone else doing the same thing
  5. well i know the newts are protected but realy this is a bit moch for an ammo can
  6. easy answer after caching the routine goes as follows drive home park car then walk straight to nearest pub if nice sit in beergarden and invibe a suitable amount of tradishonal ale after limit reached return home works for me
  7. i use a garmin Dacota 10 i still havnt figured out how to get maps on it but i like it the way it is i tried using the GPS on my nokia 5230 phone but got confused so i just use the garmin and follow the arrow :huh: :D :D
  8. The main question is after we find the cache do we get a free pint
  9. very slow here aswell are they all catching up on there sleep
  10. doing at least 50 favorites next year seem's to be a good challange i will try and complete this my back is recovering after twisting rather badley 2 weeks ago so i need to get caching as soon as possible to get it working properly again and i will keep you posted on how i am getting on
  11. try this site it is the home office permits site http://www.globalpermits.co.uk/home-office.php?OVRAW=uk%20immigration&OVKEY=home%20office%20uk&OVMTC=advanced&OVADID=6290800531&OVKWID=47191598531&OVCAMPGID=330384031&OVADGRPID=4618225919
  12. just thaught i would start a topic to see what new years resalution's about geocaching any body has thaught of mine is to go caching as many days as i can now my back is getting better. i want to try and find at least 5 each week in 2011.
  13. good luck and see you at Milliways the resturant at the end of the universe
  14. Thanks for all the advice i will persever as i said im hooked
  15. sorryif this in the wrong place Hi im new to caching i only discovered it 2 months ago so dont have many finds 13 so far but i am hooked i am from Telford in shropshire so as i have found out i have a lot of caches near to me i am still learning and have had a few dnf's still trying to figure out what i am looking for most of the time but am not giving up i will keep trying. if there is anyone close to me that would'nt mind giving me some tips it would be apreaceated thanks all prot1
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