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  1. i turn 12 on the 29/02/2012 ok ok ok so im 48 so i am looking for an interesting cachein the shropshire area that i can find on that day. hopefully to regester my 100 find. i know its not much of a number but it seems like a good target to go for


  2. i must admit it was before i started caching i was out for a plesent cycle ride with my wife and 2 sons and i thaught i would show the how to ride down the side of an enbankment (i wasn't showing off honestly) and had a good speed going untill i got to the bottom and noticed a 4foot wide 6foot deep gully and yes i made the mistake of slamming my front breaks on catapulting me over the handlebars onto my back infront of several members of the public after an unconvincing attempt to regame my dignaty sent most of them into fits of laughter (well atleast i made someone smile)luckly no injurys on my behalf just very embarrissed. :blink::anibad::anibad::anibad::anibad:

  3. whilst caching today i was mugged by a tree it pinched my glasses i was searching for 3/4 of an hour and still no luck finding them (i needed my glasses to look properly for my glasses) :grin::):) please if anyone fiinds them email me

    the gc code is GC1NY15 thank you

    a blurred sited cacher prot1 :rolleyes::rolleyes::blink::blink:

  4. i am still new to geocaching with less than 70 finds i would love to hide a cache but i cannot think of a good reason to hide it to get other cachers interested in finding it so i would rather wait untill i can find something interesting to use as a cache hide rather than say i can hide caches just for the sake of it.

  5. I need help with an argument on the internet. Can someone please complete this line for me:


    Obscure??? But geocaching is more popular than ever, unfortunately!!!


    Ladies and gentlemen we have the winner.


    It's never been the same since all these new unwashed people joined! :P



  6. ok, got some work on the motor vehicle done faster than thought, had a look through some of our photos and decided to post one for the caption competition of one of our favourite places to go visit. Usually with friends and their family a yearly visit is made to this attraction with my own family and a great time had.


    Anyway, the winner will receive a surprise prize (announced with the winner) for this competition or at their request, a donation made to the setting of this photo instead, Edinburgh Zoo.





    MOM MOM them nice geocachers left us a present look some new tupperware for the collection :D

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