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  1. Thanks for the replies - I wasn't sure if it was optimism on the 60CS part, or if I was having problems with the CSx, hence why I asked. Battery saver is off, and I have recalibrated the compass several times - I generally keep the compass turned off (pressing and holding the "page" button) - unless hiking. I use a Ram Mount for car autorouting, and so the gps has had open sky - and I have placed the 60CS and 60 CSx side by side and I am still getting the discrepancy. Running Garmin maps too... I have to say, being able to put all of North America on the CSx is cool as hell - I think the fact that the maps are so enormous as to not fit on the 64meg card is ridiculous though; eg, I live in Texas - and under V8 of City Navigator, the Metroplex was something like six maps all by itself - you could pick and choose that routes and maps you wanted - I had a trip form Dallas to San Antonio last week - wanted to use the CSx - got the CN NT 2008 maps, and Texas now is only 2 maps, North and South! Well I needed to go form North Texas to South Texas, and to get the total maps on the CSx I needed 128meg of space! - I was PO'd hugely! That was a rip, and even though the 2 gig micro card only cost me $6.99, I had to wait until I got back to get the maps on the CSx. That is a crock, just my 2c. Any other suggestions on the accuracy? Do antennae help? I have one of the square magnetic Garmin antennae, that I have never used - didn't know if this was something I needed? Bruce
  2. Quick question - I have had a 60CS for a while, and just recently purchased a 60CSx; I am usually able to get 6+- feet accuracy on the 60CS (at least according to the accuracy meter on the opening page). The best I ahve been able to register on the 60CSx is 15-30 feet, nothing closer. When zoomed way in I have a circle around my bike or car on the maps indicating the circle of error. I have the latest SW and firmware updates, running CIty Nav 2008NT - I have left the GPS out for 30 minutes to gain the almanac, and it still has not better accuracy - any suggestions? BTW, compass is off, WAAS is enabled... This is supposed to be the "high sensitivity receiver", right? I read the other thread on HCx inaccuracy, but I didn't find this question - any help? Thanks! Bruce
  3. Baloo... I have been running around with an external antenna, a cigarette lighter adapter, and all the cords tied in between...I am really wanting to get rid of the corded eyesore, make the mounting clean and free up a cigarette lighter socket (for other toys, not cigarettes)..I want to be able to make sure my batteries last for the feild work, I actaully think recalibrating the compass everytime I put in new batts a pain... I just want to make sure that porting 12 volts into the 60CS won't cook it...I have gotten a spade connector before for a radar detector, and hardwired it in, then wrapped the wiring around the front window, and it was clean and very functional, just wanted to do same with this spud... Thanks for the reply! K
  4. OK, now I have a question for all you tech heads... I am trying to locate the proper cable for hardwiring the power on a 60cs into my trucks fuse panel.. I have located a bare wires only power (data?) cable at GPSNow, and it says that you can hardwire this cable into a correct DC circuit...I just want to make absolutely sure that I can wire this into my 12 volt panel without blowing something up...it indicates that it has a fuse in line, but there are no pictures, so... Also, what panel fuse should I connect this thing to? I don't want to take the chance of frying anything here... By the way, I bought some RAM mounts for this bad boy (handle bar and suction mount for windshield) and they are <heavy> duty mounts...for those of ya'll into that sort of thing...I also like the way they hold onto the 60CS better; the Garmin cradle doesnt ever give me enough room to plug in the serial power cable for vehicle, whereas the RAM mount is much lower and gives ample space for connecting or disconnecting the power cable...bought a straight 180 degree Gilsson antenna for quick removal and I am wiring that into the truck too..FYI Query: Why can't Garmin come up with a cradle solution that is like a laptop docking station, that is, all of the cables are plugged into the mount/station, and you just drop/press the GPS into the cradle and it all hooks itself up? Then have a method for undocking the GPS easily and without any damage to the unit (as I have sustained with the tight Garim cradle on the bottom of the unit when remving from the beanbag mount? Thanks in advance... K
  5. Nope, that doesn't work, I tried that initially and all that does is change the pretty menu colors and things, not the maps themselves. In City Select, there is a toggle on the maps papge that is greyed out about using map shading if your GPS supports map shading; I dont have the option fo using that unfortunately... Is everyone else having this problem? I just wnat my blasted maps to be white when not in TOPO, whcih is what everyone else's looks like...my maps are brown/tan background and it hurts the readability of the maps...I will send an e-mail to GARMIN and see what I get back... Now here is another question...the 60 CS comes (in the GPS) of the "basemap", and I could set my arrow and pan over the world with very low level detail...however...I just recently uploaded to my GPSr my local maps...and I ahve apparently lost all of the base maps for anywhere else but the specific region I downloaded...what is up with that? How can I reapply the basemaps to the GPSr AND upload the more detailed maps too? ANy help would be appreciated. Thanks ... K
  6. I am reposting this as I didn't get any response! Please let me know what you think.. K
  7. Hey, short question...I have City Select v6 loaded on my 60cs...and I was wondering, is there any way that I can change the background color on my maps? I mean, the background of all my maps (North Texas), are tan in color...I would really like them to be bright and preferably WHITE (like some of the foreign maps that have been screen shot in this thread)... Any ideas,, or am I just screwed? Thanks, K
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