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  1. We can speculate til the cows come home on who at Garmin knew what and when they knew about it. If the VP of marketing now has a list in hand of known issues compiled from the hard work of members of this board then I say this is good news! Maybe Garmin will take more notice of this board and it's wealth of information. They can certainly learn a lot on how their products are performing by what their customers are saying about them. I belong to another forum call CandlePowerForums (CPF) that's all about flashlights. Some of the manufacturers read this forum and it's not uncommon for someone at the R and D level to post (Coleman for example). I wish we had that kind of interaction with Garmin on this board.
  2. I thought I read somewhere that although the unit will accept an 8GB card, the maximum amount of data it can read on that card is limited to 2GB. Try loading no more than 2GB and see if your unit works properly.
  3. Would you clarify the above paragraph please? What GPS do you have? To my knowledge the new Topo 24K MicroSD series does not include City Navigator--CONFUSED. Further, with my Colorado 400t I learned early on that I could not use City Navigator 2009 and the Topo 24K for the Northwest at the same time and get topo information. City Navigator will mask the Topo 24K where you will lose contour and icon information. I've been advised by Garmin to only select and use one at a time. That said however, it doen't seem like I lose much city street information if I have only selected the MicroSD Northwest Topo 24K map. Even if it turns out true having City Navigator on DVD means I can plan trips with it on the PC first. It will be interesting to hear how well the vertical speed indicator works and helps gliding. I have a 60CSx. To help clarify the microSD card has both 24K topo maps integrated with City Navigator, but only for two states. My CA/NV microSD does not show topo or street info for the other 48 states (unless it's on your basemap). Before I purchased this microSD card I used US Topo 2008 and City Navigator DVDs, and I had to tell my GPS to hide City Navigator in order to see US Topo 2008. Not so with this microSD card, as both programs are combined as one and share the screen simultaneously.
  4. I have the CA/NV 24K Topo microSD. For some reason it isn't really advertised, but these microSD cards also come equipped the City Navigator (maybe version 2009). I really like having both topo and streets combined without having to hide one set of maps behind another as you would with seperate mapping programs. As far as I can tell, the 24K topo has great national parks coverage just like in the Garmin National Parks DVD sets. It doesn't however do as great a job with showing existing trails in the rest of the state. I would say the topo lines are much better than the 100k scale of US Topo 2008. Another great feature is the trails are routable just like the roads. I'm looking forward to using this feature on my next visit to Yosemite. There is no lock code involved so you are free to transfer the microSD card to other units. You cannot copy the microSD card (a copy won't work on another unit) or display the maps in Mapsource. I'm very happy with this microSD card and have shelved my City Navigator and US Topo 2008 software.
  5. Thanks flarbear for this information. I will look now look carefully at any touchscreen device I buy. Also makes me want to favor buying at REI based on their exchange/return policy in addition to being able to examine the unit first.
  6. I finally had a chance to play with one of these in a store and I'm impressed. Don't think I'll switch over from my 60CSx until the bugs are worked out and the price drops. Does anyone know what Ripoffs/U.S. Armor brand pouch works best for the Oregon series? Since there's no external antenna there should be a number of velcro flap pouches that will more or less fit the Oregon.
  7. The trails appear to be present for the national parks just as in the Garmin 24K Topo National Parks West DVD. The trails for other places I'm familiar with (such as state and county parks) are not present in most of what I've looked at so far. Some of the trails I know of are shown as an "unpaved road". If you're looking for really good trail data I'd say this isn't it. Hopefully Garmin will soon have a viewer on their website so you can review this product just as they've done with most of their other mapping software.
  8. I don't have a 400T so I can't be sure, but I think your included topo maps are 1/100th scale. Maybe somebody else could confirm this.
  9. I've been using this new microSD more and so far it's CN appears to be the full version (limited to two states) as the regular CN DVD. I haven't compared the POI's in detail, but I'd guess the amount of POI's are the same for the each state. I was in error earlier about the active route color being the same as the contour lines color. They are close but not exact. The shades of red and purple can be a little confusing when following an active route on a trail with a lot of contour lines. I don't hear the arrival alarm with this version (I do with turns), and I'm not sure if that's a setting on my GPSr or if this version of CN doesn't support it. I'll have to test it some more. BTW, the 2GB microSD for CA/NV is almost completely used up (1.9GB used). The data is locked to the permanent ID of the chip so even if it is copied to another card it won't work. The microSD card can however be used on another GPSr. I'm surprised there isn't more interest in this new product. Combining 24K topos with City Navigator is about as good as it gets in my opinion.
  10. Well I got the microSD chip and gave it a quick test on my GPSMAP 60CSx. It looks like what Garmin did was combine City Navigator with these new 24K topo map sets. I can route just as I can with City Navigator, although this version corrects for some of the navigation errors I get in my City Navigotor version 8, so this version is probably based on the latest updates. Besides being able to route by address, I can also route along the trails. Basically the trails are treated like streets and can by added to a street route or used as trails only. One thing I quickly noticed is the active route line and the topo lines share the same color (purple) which can be confusing. It would be nice if the active route line color could be changed, but I don't see a setting for this. Comparing the overlapping areas of 24K Topo National Parks West with the 24K Topo West the detail appears to match which is as expected. I do notice that the map setup menu is slow to access. All other functions appear to access without any additional lag time. The microSD is labeled SanDisk and looks like a generic 2GB microSD with an adapter. It woud be nice if Garmin would make a label for it. My first impression is this is a good product to get if you only need the mapping for your home state. Having both street navigation and 24K topo information combined on the same screen without having to hide mapsets is a real plus. You won't be able to use this with MapSource, but then again you also don't have to worry about entering a lock code or not being able to transfer your maps when you upgrade to a new GPS receiver.
  11. GPS City just emailed me that my Topo 24K West (Calif/Nev) shipped today, and I should have it by Friday. I also checked the Garmin website and they now say, as of today, that the West microSD is available. I guess today is the day that 24k West is being released nationwide.
  12. Are you saying the microSD cards are locked and can only be used in the first GPSr you put it in?
  13. Ok, I placed a pre-order with GPS City for the California-Nevada (West) microSD. When it arrives I'll try it out and post my findings.
  14. That would help answer many questions. Maybe when the California/Nevada region goes on sale in July I'll pick one up and test it.
  15. Since we "probably" can't read (I'm only guessing) the microSD card in MapSource, it would imply the routable feature is available in the GPSr unit, unlike Topo 24K National Parks that only allowed you to route trails in MapSource. I wonder how routable it is; such as being able to navigate on the road with turn-by-turn guidance. Somehow I doubt it would have that ability or we wouldn't have the need for a City Navigator DVD anymore. If you look at the upper right in the link under "product compatibility" you'll see every GPSr mentioned has an asterisk after it (which indicates a limitation) except for the Colorado series. I don't have a Colorado unit, so would anyone care to guess what part of Topo 24K U.S. won't function on a none Colorado unit?
  16. Has anyone else noticed Garmin is finally releasing the U.S. 24K topos? http://www8.garmin.com/cartography/topo/topous24kcard.jsp The link says they are only on microSD cards, and only one region is available at the moment. I've been wanting this for awhile, but I was hoping for a DVD version so I can load other maps as well.
  17. I sent them another suggestion recently: Subject: Suggestion Message Body: Just passing along a suggestion. On the GPSMAP 60CSx, or any other applicable model, the backlight cannot be turned off in the "USB Mass Storage" mode. Downloads can typically take over an hour and there isn't a need to keep the screen backlit all this time. My suggestion; make the backlight timeout. Here is the reply: Thank you for contacting Garmin International. I will pass this information along to our suggestions group. Maybe this one will go through.
  18. ljsan2006, Thank you for making all your hard work available to the rest of us. I got your maps to work, now I'm trying to figure a way to also use MapSource maps on the same microSD card. It seems I can only use one img file on the card at a time, and to use another img file I need to take the card out and rename the files.
  19. I made the exact same suggestion to Garmin a few years ago when I had an eTrex Vista. The reply I got said I had a good idea and it would be passed along to the software development department. I have yet to see it happen and I still manually rename my track logs in my 60CSx.
  20. I like this holster: https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=9623 It's actually designed for the original eTrex series which is slighly narrower and a tad bit longer. With a little stretching this holster will fit the current eTrex series without being overly snug. There is another problem to consider; the rubber battery cover on the eTrex series tends to get worn down on the material used to line the inside of this holster. Other than that, this holster has a good quality velcro flap and a strong steel spring belt clip.
  21. That would be a great product. Anyone else heard about this coming out?
  22. The 60 series quadhelix antenna should be superior to the Vista's patch antenna. What I don't know is how the SIRF star III in the 60CSx compares to whatever is in the Vista HCx. Anybody have any info on this?
  23. Low Bat

    TOPO 2008

    You should be able to download the DVD into your hard drive and run it that way.
  24. Low Bat

    TOPO 2008

    I've been waiting years for Garmin to upgrade their Topo USA. Now that they have I probably won't bother with it because I have now have CN v8 loaded to show streets, and I've also been spoiled by the National Parks 1:24 scale maps. Now I guess I'm waiting for 1:24 Topo USA, if that ever happens.
  25. There is an issue not mentioned by Garmin that I encountered. If that new unopened software for sale came as part of a package with a GPSr, that software will initially need to be registered with the specific GPSr that came with the package. This means you have to register the serial number of the packaged GPSr on the Garmin website in order to get a second unlock code that will work with the GPSr you actually have. You now have no more unlock codes and the Garmin website shows you own a GPSr that actually belongs to someone else. Garmin CS at first tried to say the eBay seller scammed me, which wasn't the case as neither of us was aware of this built-in software restriction. You won't find this software restriction mentioned anywhere by Garmin unless they took my advice and started printing it on their packaging.
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