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  1. Go to REI or a store that sells the models you're considering. Reading about them is good, but no substitute for handling them. Before this I ruled out the PN-40 because of the small screen. When I tried it in the store I found the small screen wasn't a problem after all. I have a 60CSx at the moment which I've used for two years. Great unit, but the desire to go paperless is almost a necessity if you do a fair amount of geocaching. My replacement choices came down to: 1. Garmin Colorado - much better software since it was introduced and the price has really dropped. Really considered it when there was a $50 rebate last month. I let it pass as this unit doesn't get as much attention from Garmin anymore since the Oregon was released. 2. DeLorme PN-40 - a strong contender in the race to dominate the GPS market. This also had a $50 rebate (just recently expired) which made me take a closer look. The unlimited maps for $30 a year is another attractive selling point of Delorme. DeLorme is also a regular on this forum and they really listen to us. I didn't buy their GPS for a couple of reasons: - The constant on requires the batteries to be removed after use or they'll be drained in a month. - The battery door requires two screws, and although it's a really water tight solution, I much prefer the Garmin battery doors, especially if you have to do a lot of battery changes. - The buttons aren't back lite like on my 60CSx. I like to know where the buttons are at night. - Cosmetically the PN series are just ugly and look like child's toys! Sorry DeLorme, I know you're probably trying to appeal to the boaters, but safety yellow and international orange top the charts when it comes to loud. I bought an RC submarine which looks a lot like the PN-20. I have no doubt your next model, say the PN-60, will probably be a nice subdued color scheme and maybe have a better case size to screen ratio. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on DeLorme. 3. Garmin Oregon - A recent and still current $50 rebate combined with a slight price drop at Amazon.com made me pull the trigger on the 300 model. I already have a Garmin 24K Topo (includes routable roads) microSD so this was a good choice for me. The screen has daylight readable issues, but since I don't intent to mount the GPS I can easily make hand adjustments. Maybe I'll feel differently when I actually hike with it. In the end it really comes down to personal preference. I highly recommend going to a store that allows a hands on inspection.
  2. Wow that was a fast answer! So when you transfer using Garmin Communicator each geocache is loaded one-at-a-time and each geocaches counts as one GPX file? Another question if I may. Can you load say 10 PQs of 500 geocaches each (5000 total or 3000 over the limit) and somehow store the extra 3000 geocahes for later display?
  3. I have a related question I couldn't find the answer too on the wiki. The maximum amount of GPX files you can download onto the Oregon is 200 according to what I read. The maximum number of geocaches you get from pocket quiries is 500. My question is how does the Oregon load all 500 PQ cache descriptions when its limit is 200 GPX files?
  4. Thanks WHO-DEY for posting the rebate. That combined with a little price drop the other day at Amazon.com made me pull the trigger on a Garmin Oregon 300. I've passed on similar recent rebates for the Colorado and Delorme PN-40, both of which I almost went for. It seems there is currently no one dominent GPS on the market. All seem to have something lacking in one form or another, so it's really a personal prefence as to which unit works best for each person.
  5. I saw it too and was tempted as I'd really like to go paperless. It got me to read up on the Colorado wiki again. Then I read more on the PN-40 update which looks impressive. I'll probably just sit it out and wait.
  6. These might help. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=199936 http://www.cachedroid.com/ I think your G1 is the first andriod phone to hit the market. Others should follow soon. Supposedly one of the Nuvifones will be android based (not the M20 or G60) and maybe released the end of this year. I'm waiting to see what comes out. My dream GPS phone would not only be running android applications, but have the street and topo maps contained within for using the GPS in remote areas. That's where Garmin/ASUS might be headed.
  7. Somewhere on this forum I read a few members say they made an android application for geocaching. You could search for it.
  8. That would solve viewing the screen in daylight problem, solve the track log instability problem, give us a good fix on a WAAS satellite, give us automatic day and night mode colors, and all without smuging up the screen with fingerprints. Hell I'd even pay Garmin to put out such a software update.
  9. Looks like we got some more info. http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-13557_7-10162552-31.html
  10. My problem was more the other way around. When I used GE 4.3 the hang time for loading geocaches was about a minute. After I upgraded to GE 5 beta everything loaded in seconds. I'm using Windows Vista.
  11. This is why I prefer the 24K Topo microSD card. Routeable roads and topo share the same screen so you don't have to switch them on or off to see one or the other.
  12. Interesting. From what I read NuMaps is only for 1 GPSr. I wonder if you can transfer your NuMaps subscription when you upgrade to a newer GPSr? It is doesn't, I don't feel NuMaps is of much value to me. It would be if NuMaps could upgrade my 24k Topo microSD card.
  13. Where do I find tide info on the 60CSx? You have to have a topo installed, at least mine didn't show up until I had installed TOPO US. If you do have one installed, you go to the coast, and you'll see these little two-toned blue circles. Those are tide stations, it you click one, and hit Enter, it will show you the tides. In San Diego, it shows all the "official" tide stations. Thanks Marc! I never knew it was there. It shows on my 24K Topo MicroSD card.
  14. Where do I find tide info on the 60CSx?
  15. Low Bat


    From what I've been able to find the Nuvifone will be made by ASUS. http://www.intomobile.com/2008/06/18/asus-...n-nuvifone.html It supposedly just been approved by the FCC this month and will be released the first half of 2009. If Garmin would incorporate geocache features similar to their Oregon on the Nuvifone then we'd really have something interesting.
  16. Thanks all for the info. Scott, I think Garmin needs to put you on their payroll.
  17. I couldn't find any info on this so I'm asking any Garmin Oregon owner: Can the pictures on the background screen be turned off (black or some other solid color) or are you forced to choose some pebble or basketweave image? Another question: I have read the Oregon doesn't have the automatic day to night color changes like on the 60CSx. Can a night mode be "manually" selected? Thanks
  18. Low Bat

    garmin map rant

    We used to get two unlock codes for the City Nav DVD. Somewhere it changed to just one. It's just one more reason I purchased the microSD version rather then not being able to use the DVD maps on the next model I buy. So it's only two states and I can't display it on MapSource, but I get the same autorouting City Nav maps and the added feature of 1/24th scale topo maps all integrated together. I can upgrade to a new Garmin GPS whenever and as many times as I want and all I have to do is transfer the microSD card and I'm in business.
  19. I'm wondering if the 60CSx accepts GPX files and simply limits the text field(s) thereby cutting off most of the geocaching.com page info. Assuming the geocaching template could be updated to something similar to that of the Oregon/Colorado series, would it be of interest to Garmin to incorporate this in a software update to keep the sales of this popular and reliable unit going strong, or would this have too much of an impact on the sales of their newer models?
  20. I have the Garmin 24K Topo CA/NV microSD in my 60CSx. It has replaced my City Navigator NT v8 and Topo 2008 that I used to download from MapSource. I can tell you the roads are the same as City Navigator (a little better for me as the micsoSD card is updated from my version 8) and they are routable. The topo info is displayed simultaneously with the streets so there is no need to hide/show one or the other which I think is an improvement. I don't have an Oregon or a Colorado so I can't answer your question as how it compares with those units and their basemaps, but I can say I haven't noticed anything off about the roads on the microSD so far. Yes this is a nice substitute for both Topo and City Nav if all you need are just the state(s) the microSD covers. I have noticed a few flaws in my CA/NV micsoSD. The arrived at tone usually doesn't sound when you reach your destination when completing a route, and sometimes the route calculation hangs a bit long which once resulted in my GPSr shutting down by itself. These maybe compatability issues with the 60CSx or maybe these two issues appear in all Garmin mapping units. I don't have anything other than a 60CSx to try the microSD card in.
  21. The trails display as a brown color on my 60CSx.
  22. I'm using the microSD 24K in my 60CSx. At the 5 mile scale, the redrawing of an area densely packed with topo lines takes about five seconds. That's the slowest redraw scenario I can find. Anything over 5 miles and the unit reverts to the basemap. Under 5 miles the redraw rate is faster. You are correct that I can't take advantage of the 3D and shadowing features of the microSD 24K with the 60CSx. To date I think only the Colorado and Oregon series can do this. The routing feature is cool as you can route along the trails in addition to the streets. Basically the trails are treated just like a street, and a route from start to finish can include both streets and trails in the calculation. In US Topo 2008 the trail routing is only available using Mapsouce while on your computer. In microSD 24K Topo you can route along a trail right on your GPSr, and I think this works with any Garmin GPSr that supports street routing. I hope I answered all your questions.
  23. Low Bat

    Delorme PN-40

    Well if Delorme sends me one I'll be happy to drive to Badwater (-282) in Death Valley and give everyone a full report.
  24. Low Bat


    Like most everyone nowadays I carry a cell phone that incorporates a camera, an mp3 player, and a schedular/calendar. This makes an easy all-in-one tool that's always with me. The next stage for me will be adding a paperless geocaching gps to the cell phone multi-tool concept. I was reading about the upcoming, but delayed, Garmin Nuviphone. From what I gather this is a street nav type gps. I can't find any specs on it so I don't know if topo maps can be loaded. I also wonder if Garmin will be incorporation any geocache features like in their Colorado/Oregon series. Anyone have any information?
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