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  1. You can set up the "lock screen" this way. I've linked it to the double tap of the power key.
  2. So yesterday I took my 650 out for a second test-cache. I have about 20000 caches on it now and maps for belgium, the netherlands, luxemburg and three US states :-)) At the first wp the compass did have some difficulties. Pointing in the right direction for a second and than changing to the oposite direction, and agai, and again... But by the second wp this was gone and the precesion was as good as with my 60csx ( so perhaps it does need a bit more time to "warm up"). I used the lock-screen features every time I put it in my pocket and this works just fine. The overview on the maps is a lot better than on my 60, but the map has the tendency to turn around, so I'll have look if there is an option to lock that. So I'm pretty satisfied. It's a big step forward from the 60csx with regards to nmb of caches, maps, paperless caching and map reading and the accuracy seems to be fine, we'll see how that holds up when we hit the Smokey's. (Just thought I add some positve comments) (By the way, we do have a perfectly fitting screen protector, but I'm sorry I don't know the brand, bought it in thr waypoint shop (belgium), but it's not on their site) Regards Anann
  3. You can change that is GSAK. Import the GPX files into GSAK and then export them from GSAK to the GPS unit; one of the export options is to either show names or codes.
  4. Well, I don't think you can lock the screen, but you can turn it off. I've added that functionality to the master key: double-push and it turns of, one push and it's back on. Works for me. Regards Anann
  5. Aha, great! Thank you very much (and why didn't I think of that?) Regards Anann
  6. Yeah, but I don't want any routing, just a straight line from where I am to where I wanna go. On my "old" GPSMap 60 I would select a waypoint to go to and then choose "not via roads". I would expect that the settings I used on the Oregon 650 would have the same effect.
  7. I took my Oregon 650 out in the field yesterday and discovered that it will always route me via roads. Even with these routing settings: - activity = hiking - lock on road = no - Avoidance setup = empty As I haven't heard anything about this issue I'm guessing it's an issue with the map (openstreetmaps via http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/), has anybody have expierience with this issue? Regards Anann
  8. Dear cachers, dear Groundspeak, I used to have a blackberry and I worked with CacheSense (which is buy te way a great app). For six months now I have an iPhone so I use the Groundspeak app. The Groundspeak app is quite good and it fullfills the basic needs. One area of improvement would be the way saved caches are treated. I would much prefer that all features available with "on-line" caches are available for saved caches. F.e. when you want to find the caches near you, it would be nice to be able to do that for the saved caches. The way it works in CacheSense is that when searching a cache, you get the option to search online or offline, for the rest there is really now difference between the features on-line or off-line. I guess this might be more relavant to small countries where dataroaming is often an issue and so we prefer to load caches in the app before we go caching to avoid the expensive dataroaming costs. Regards Anann
  9. I think the suggestion to add the % of favorite points in the search list is an excellent one, and relativly easy to accomplish. I would suggest to leave this measure blank for a chache that has less then f.e. 5 founds, to eliminate the issue of having a cache with 1 found and 1 favorite getting 100%; but even if you don't do that it would be a nice feature. Many cachers now use the sorting-by-favorites as a way to discover the best caches in an area, this would be a much better way to do it. If you don't like favorites, or don't like precentages of favorites, no problem, don't use it. For us that do like and use it, a % would simply work a lot better,
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