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  1. I'd like one of the Antique metal sets. Thanks!
  2. CLAMM

    nutlady coin

    I can't how many metals your offering - looks like 5??? 2 reg and 1 gold no longer makes sense. I'd like 2 of each metal just to be sure I cover all the metals. Thanks!
  3. I would like to order two of each metal. Thanks!
  4. After seeing this forum thread at the top of the list for weeks, I finally decided to read a bit about it this morning and see what it was all about. After reading through some of the entries I saw the last entry said the Geocoin Fairy had been in Minnesota. I checked out which caches she's been to and picked the one closest to me. Got there and found "a little something" in Jumpin' Jack Flash cache. I'm lucky to add coin #196 to my collection. Thanks Geocoin Fairy!
  5. I would be interested in two coins - one of each metal!
  6. I recently purchased an 'unactivated' coin on that 'auction' site. When I went to activate it, I found out it was owned by someone else. First I contacted the seller and got my money back. Then I contacted the real owner to tell her I have her coin - it appears she no longer wants anything to do with caching. We plan on releasing the coin within the next few days in a cache where it belongs. We started obsessively collecting coins in August - has anyone else purchased cons that were already activated by someone else?
  7. CLAMM

    nutlady coin

    Please put me down for 1 of each metal you decide on. Thanks!
  8. Looking for a Alaska Gold Leaf 2005. Willing to trade a Alaska Gold Relief 2006 coin or see my trading lists: Trading list Trading list2
  9. CLAMM

    nutlady coin

    Looks like a nice coin! Put me in for 2 reg and 1 gold. Thanks! Lisa
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