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  1. Mine arrived a few weeks ago too. I took one out - the thin one - and was very disappointed. It reminded me of the GPS coins. I didn't realize there was one 'solid' coin and one thin coin. I was happier days later when I took out the second coin but then the satellite fell off.



  2. Geopelli coins

    Ellandel China Coins

    Balla & Silly

    1701eh Memorial

    Bad Mojo

    Free the Cache AS

    Georeynozos Chili Pepper coins

    Hawaii Volcanoes National Park coins

    Magic Ball - green & blue


    All Season Caching - summer nickel



    Great day after the postman had two days off!!

  3. So what's wrong with this forum? Would you only allow access to those who have produced coins?


    I think being able to read discussions from others about what they do to produce a coin inspires others to take the plunge.

  4. A good geocoin day -

    3 South Carolina coins

    3 South Carolina micro coins

    2 gold Arrowhead coins

    Lizardtoad Decypher coin v1



    Green Jeep!!

    DarrylW4 & Frefly03

    Wyoming pewter

    LadyBee4T AB

    LadyBee4t & Lord Yatchman AS

    All Season Caching Summer BN

    All Season Caching Spring BN

    Anthus Firefighter

    3 Canoeman Winter coins


    Fun day opening envelopes!!

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