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  1. Beautiful coin but the cost including shipping for two coins to the US is $34.48. Way too expensive for me. Hopefully, I can trade for one.
  2. I'm starting to get confused... So if you had a deal with a coin site where they paid for the minting and sold 250 coins on their site and then gave 60 (different metal) coins to the person who came up with the idea. Are those 60 coins then AE's? Or is the person who was given the 60 coins not the artist?
  3. As of last night, they're up for sale at coinsandpins.
  4. You don't mention when you estimate delivery.
  5. What is the status of this coin?
  6. CLAMM

    Dragonfly 2007

    What's the status of the Cache Frog and the THX4TC Jeep coins?
  7. SEEKING: SWAG Margarita Fazanten Boots - nickel Go Mad Cow - antique gold HFGcC #1 Film Canister HFGcC #2 Breath Mint tin Scooby South Pole Gold LE TMOCM Wildlife Muggles Cache Bandit - copper Geowoodstock 5 Tye Die coins GW5 Sunburst GW5 Poker chip Pepper Geowoodstock Micro Trade list links below...
  8. Hi Allie - I've emailed a couple of times hoping to trade for one but I haven't heard back. Did you get my emails or were they blocked?
  9. SEEKING: Royal Hearts - Queen AVAILABLE: Royal Hearts - Jack TRADE MADE! Thanks Halegang!!
  10. SEEKING - A LOT....but today Royal Flush - Queen AVAILABLE: Royal Flush - Jack or check my available coins.
  11. I would love to buy or trade for one of these when you're back....PLEASE!
  12. There's been a few for sale here: http://geocoinauction.com/categories.php?c...amp;parent=1839
  13. Wonderful idea! Email sent from Minnesota!!
  14. We'd also be interested in the next run...
  15. Are these different than the ones just listed on cointracking? I would love to trade for one of the Light Purple, Raspberry, or Red Glitter coins.
  16. Just bought three of my favorites. Thanks!!
  17. CLAMM


    I had one shut down like this too..
  18. Hmmm - I'll guess 342.. Thanks for the cointest Marky!
  19. When do you expect to ship the coins?
  20. Very nice coin but approx 14.50 not including shipping is too expensive for me. Would love to trade for one..
  21. A BIG day! 2006 Georgia Peach Team Deserteagle Team Airik Geochums Oleomi Allinfun - BN and bronze LIGO Night Hawk Team Badger Quebec Beer GeoPirat Grandpakim Dallas Fort Worth Red Handed South Carolina Marlin01 Psychochicken Serial Finder Dragonfly Dreams 2007
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