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  1. A few coins that have been on my list since the start of my obsession are: Lehigh Mafia Kootenay Pirates Kitkatt1960 Kealia/Hula Bum Psychochicken (egg) SWAGS Margarita The Federation - gold Someday....
  2. Pirate Treasure coins - liked them so much I bought another set Team CoyChev Earth Turtle Moun10Like TravelingViking Proto Picnic Skully & Mulder Bikedog Memorial Original Stash - 7th Anniv A good coin day!
  3. Here's a photo of CLAMMs Raspberry Dream!!
  4. 1.-Do you trade? YES 2.-Do you trade more than you buy? Unfortunately NO but I'm working on that. I keep telling myself don't buy you can trade for it later. Most of the time that doesn't work but more often than three months ago.. 3.-Will you trade trackable for non-trackable or are you trading for the icon? YES - I trade for the coin that appeals to me. I'm not concerned about trackable/not trackable/icon.
  5. I definitely prefer reservations. I've been involved with too many presales that dragged out to 4-8 weeks.
  6. Bought one of each. I have two Jack Russells - Frodo and Sam!!!
  7. Great! I tried on of the sites and got it to work. Thanks!!
  8. Some folks have in their profile and map of the US with the states they've cached in filled in red. How is that done? Would love to add that into our profile..
  9. I have the following coins available for trade: Dragon Spinner Antique Copper Dragon Spinner Antique Gold MWGB 2007 Event coin Chat Geocoin Seeking SWAGS Margarita ..and many others..
  10. I've been collecting geocoins for about 11 months. I have about 1500 coins.... ...As of July 1st, I've been put on a budget..
  11. We have some as well to trade and will bring a handful to MWGB.. Ours are engraved CLAMM01-CLAMM15.
  12. I am seeking: SWAGS Margarita Some geocoins I have available: all versions of the MN Lady Slipper gold/antique gold MN Loon ..many others - see trade links below
  13. Searching/Downloading caches in the Kendallville IN area...
  14. Norwood Young America, MN
  15. Town of Chapel Hill's at UNC's Kenan Memorial Stadium.
  16. Castle Playground in Dormont?
  17. I would like to buy 2 of the mint green two-tone - 1 if you're limiting them. Beautiful coins!
  18. I'll try again. Do you have an idea when you'll have the coins in hand?
  19. Looks like PREORDERS start 6/26. When do you expect to have coins in hand?
  20. Looking for: SWAGS Margarita Belken Geocaching around Australia 2006 gold Fire Elemental Silver HFGcC #1 - Film Canister HFGcC #1 - Breath Mint Tin Kittkatt1960 PI Math Red Psychochicken LE Black Nickel PurplePaws Shop99er The Shirt Some of the HTF coins I have to trade: 2007 Age of Steam Gold XLE - 2 coin set Blue Cub Scout Knife - silver & copper LE Castle Man Star Black Nickel XLE Colombia gold Crop Circle v1 GME Geocaching Multi Event Great Basin Rally Winter King Boreas 1000th Hide Gold LE Minnesota Loon - gold and antique gold Minnesota Walleye Quigley 2007 Tallship Antique copper XLE Quigley 2007 Tallship Satin Gold LE Pi Math Blue I have many other coins I'm looking for and other for trade. Trading link below..
  21. Nice coins but no presales for me. I'll take a chance there will still be one available when you have them in hand.
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