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  1. Seeking: Red Remembrance Poppy & pin - both versionsAerohound Geoboo 2006 Red Attended Idaho 2007 Antique Silver Idaho 2007 Black Nickel Templar - any metal Lord of the Cache -polished gold, antique silver, black nickel Cache counter - BN See my trading lists for available coins!!
  2. Seeking: Red Remembrance Poppy & pin - both versions Aerohound Geoboo 2006 Red Attended Idaho 2007 Antique Silver Idaho 2007 Black Nickel Templar - any metal See my trading lists for available coins!!
  3. I haven't a clue but what a cutie!! Congrats!
  4. I collect pins too. I put them on a small bulletin board but now it's full so I'll have to buy another one. I also would like to trade them - I have them list - seeking and traders - at cointracking.com.
  5. Email sent for one nickel and one gold. Great design!
  6. I'm willing to try this and like the google spreadsheet idea..
  7. Four coins arrived today. I can't decide which is my favorite.. Great job ernie!!
  8. Monday is always a good geocoin package day - it seems my postman doesn't like to deliver packages on Saturday. I was opening my packages today and much to my surprise and delight a CreepyCrawlyCachers coin was in one of the packages. Thank you soooo much for the wonderful surprise!!! It's beaoootiful! Lisa
  9. Congrats MustangJoni & Frivlas! Now that's a GREAT pumpkin!
  10. My 20/20 vision two days after Lasik Surgery!
  11. I do at cointracking.com..
  12. I just recently noticed one of my coins had the tracking number adhere to the coin flip and came off when Itook the coin out. Quite a surprise - I thought the tracking numbers were usually engraved into the coin but I guess not.
  13. World Caching Volcano coins Green Selective Availability A Big Red Pepper A set of the new Landsharkz pins
  14. I'd love at least one of these!!!
  15. Trade made for the Atlantagal & Cymbaline Mini. Thanks AtlantaGal!
  16. Seeking the following coins: 1markymark1 2005 - any metal 2bugs Snowflake Age of Discovery 2006 - gold Atlantagal & Cymbaline Mini - any metal Federation gold GeoBoo 2006 - Red Geo Credit Card - any color Geoluau II HFGcC #1 - Film Canister HFGcC #3 - Breath Mint Tin SWAGS - Margarita Quest for the Grail - Yellow or Green Ring I have lots of coins available for trade..
  17. Today in the mail I got: 3 Landsharkz Gecko's 2007 Best of British coin & pin
  18. CLAMM

    Coins for sale

    I sent two emails - one the first day he posted and one yesterday. No response..
  19. CLAMM

    Cachebug Blog?

    I've noticed that too. I check it daily for updates! Come back Cachebug!!!
  20. CLAMM

    My New One

    Oooo - love the detail! We'll want one to keep our two fluke's company..
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