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  1. We thought about letting it archive, and putting a new one on the spot, but wanted to keep one of the old ones alive. The spirit of the original cache was maintained, and it wasn't moved far from the original position. If we ever do find the original container, we'll probably try to salvage it, and return the cache to as original as possible. Either way, since it's legal to both adopt caches and change coordinates, we don't see that we changed it in a way that made it a "new" cache. If you feel differently, please feel free to let any caches you find in a similar situation archive, and create a new page. I was merely suggesting this as a reason it wouldn't be inappropriate for the original CO to "find" his old cache.
  2. We have one adopted cache, that we picked up after a NA was posted on it. The original CO had moved, and the second CO didn't have time to fix it. The original cache was a great idea, and we really wanted to find it, but found out it was probably somewhere under a pile of tornado-twisted trees, and completely lost. Since it was about to be archive, we arranged to adopt it to keep at least the idea alive. We rebuilt it as best we could from what 2+ year old information we had, and reactivated it in a slightly different location. I would love to have the original or second CO come by, and let us know what they think of our update, and would have no trouble with them logging the find.
  3. Maybe Frank Broughton's a farmer, and a big fan of Agriculture Commisioners. Which Bronson were you thinking of?
  4. Maybe I shouldn't mention the new Challenges here...
  5. We picked up a bunch of 8 for $10 packs of LED flashlights at a local sporting goods store.
  6. True, but they'd make a great turkey baster cover. I'm guessing you just lost a lot of dinner guests.
  7. Stainless steel would probably be cheaper. Since the take out container is basically folded paper, you could use it as a pattern, and make it out of waterproof paper too.
  8. Permethrin does miracles, but remember, it's toxic to cats. We keep our treated caching clothes put away when not being worn. DEET is good, but can ruin some clothing. It dissolved my wife's belt. I've had limited success with tucking pants in socks. They still manage to sneak in. White/light colored clothing works well, as long as someone is "watching your back". For removal, grab them between finger and thumb, and pull till they come loose. Someone mentioned guinea hens. Another idea I've heard of is spray permethrin on cotton wadding, let dry, stuff it into toilet paper tubes, and spread them around infested areas. Mice take the treated wadding back to their nests, become "treated" themselves living in it, and act as mobile tick baits. I'm thinking of dropping a few next time I hit Mallows Bay.
  9. We always keep pens or pencils in the swag bag, specifically to leave when the one in the box is missing or dead.
  10. I had recently bought my wife a Garmin for her car. We'd heard of Geocaching, and since we now had something GPSr-like, we decided to give it a try. At Life's a Beach, we left: The "forgot our swag" was our son, DavidTrainBoy, who decided the bag of stuff we gave him to carry was too much trouble, so he hid it back in the car just before we left. We still haven't made it back to leave anything. We now have three other GPSr's and over 100 finds. We log everything on my wife's account, since that's the one we started with. We are CO on one cache, and help the CO of another keep an eye on his. If life would quit interfering, maybe we can get a few more placed.
  11. They sell them here as test tubes for school projects. Baby Soda Bottles - Giant Test Tubes What I'd really like to find is the larger 3 liter size preforms.
  12. 128 within 10 miles. That's misleading, since it's 10 air miles. There's a bunch that are about 100 driving miles away, on the far side of the bay. We've found about half.
  13. Personally, I'm almost completely immune, and if I find it in our yard, I pull it out by hand, like weeding a garden. My wife is somewhat sensitive to it. She swears by oatmeal dog shampoo. Wash with it, then put it on as a lotion.
  14. Centralia, a real "hot" spot. I need to get up that way. Have you done the Abandoned Turnpike, near Breezewood?
  15. Especially of the LEO variety. I barely got away from one at Cup of Joe.
  16. Not to worry. I have a thick enough skin to ignore these attacks, and have learned not to expect apologies in situations like this. By the way Spraginator, I log most of my finds in our family's team account. That one was a mistake.
  17. Ziploc bag. Protects it from the elements, and provides a bit of bouyancy, as long as you don't try to get all the air out.
  18. Try jumping in the car and speeding off to the next county to grab a few caches, getting there and realizing I left my GPSr at home.
  19. GC2RTF8 was just placed near Fukushima. The end of the cache description reads "Please come to Fukushima ,and cheer the people in Fukushima up." If you hurry, you can be FTF. Even the multiple disasters as bad as these will not stop life from going on.
  20. Unless your scouting days were 200+ years ago, I suspect it was a matter of luck that you didn't get sick. Actually I still do dip my cup into a stream and drink untreated water in certain areas. As long as I pick my spots carefully I don't worry about getting sick. In the Catskills and Adirondacks I drink from springs at higher elevations where they emerge from the ground and small, swiftly moving high elevation streams with no uphill human presence along it. Slow moving streams, any water at lower elevations, or if there is a human presence upstream I always filter. For me, it feels like 200 years ago, but it was only 40. We drank out of streams and springs that ran right out of a hill. Sometimes the water was a bit murky, or tasted a bit funny, but so did water treated with halazone tablets. If the Scoutmaster was worried, we might boil it, usually over a real wood campfire, and ended up drinking a bit of ash too. I sometimes wonder if it was purer water back then, or is it our ultra-clean lifestyles now. Hand sanitizers, filtered/irradiated/chemically treated water, medical experts warning us what to avoid, etc, may have changed what we are today. Now we need filters and steripens. Back in my day, we used something called an immune system. Yeah, we got sick, but then we developed some immunity to it.
  21. That would be my choice. If you're going for literally ANYWHERE, why stop there. There's got to be some good hides on the moon, Mars, etc. Go for broke, FTF on Gliese581g! If we're sticking to the possible, I STILL haven't made it to Anrarctica.
  22. As others have said above. M 5, you win the award here. Rckhnd, at least you remembered the GPSr. A hoped-for FTF turned into a definite DNF for us one dark, rainy night when we got in the area and realized all three of our GPSr's were at home.
  23. I do a lot of conversions in Excel, and use CHAR(176).
  24. I actually found myself in this situation. Spotted the likely hide, contacted the CO to verify it, sent photographic proof that they'd been muggled again, got permission to log it as a find, and told them, "No thanks. I'll log it after you replace it, I've found it, and the log is signed.", and did so, two and a half months later. There's another nearby that we'll "find" once the logbook is dry enough to sign. I'm not after the find, I'm after excuses to go look.
  25. Grandma's Stash was just set up in my neighborhood.
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