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  1. We are having a little get together on Tuesday and everyone is invited! Check it out: GCNZFV
  2. This is going to be a fantastic event! Will you be there? Official Web Site for the 2005 InGeo Fall Picnic Cache Page Come on out and make a weekend of it. Looks like lots of folks have already made camping reservations. We will be in site # 100, be sure to stop in and say hello!
  3. Well, I guess Larry has to try to do something to earn his keep. Part of his job is to attract people to the park that don't mind paying fees to use the park. By purposly running off the Geocaching community, I am sure that he took a hit from the finance side of his business. Make no mistake, it is a business. I don't think that he knows that though. I know Larry and have spoken to him on numerous occasions. Just my opinion from talking to him, but he didnt like the idea of folks playing in his park in a manner in which he could not control. His intent was to flex his muscle and show us that he is the guy in charge. Never mind the fact that it was brining additional visitors and revenue to a park that otherwise is not visited very much. This guy is a control freak plain and simple. If people or property were in danger I could buy into your argument. There simply was nothing wrong in this case. You can argue this any way you want to. I know most of the folks involved in both sides of this deal. There is no doubt in my mind about where the problem is. I consider myself a power user of Indiana properties. I spend over $1,500 each year in park user fees. Since I have the right to spend my money in any manner that I see fit, I simply choose to spend it at other properties. The thing that Larry had better worry about now is that if he can't keep the park moving forward and generating revenue he may find himself looking for another job. StangGuy96gt you really are on the wrong side of this issue, however I know that there will be nothing that I could say that would change your mind. Feel free to respond or not as you see fit. I won't be posting anything else on this thread. Hope to see you at the next InKy Geo Social Event! ( GCNZFV ) see ya, jeff'
  4. Sure, go hide one. Read the guidlines a couple of times before you do it. Also, consider the caches that you have found. Think about what you liked about some and also what didnt you care for? Hide yours in the same manner and of the same quality as you would like to find if you were seeking it. Go for it!
  5. Your spouse has to hide a new cache at your house and post it Geocaching.com to get you to come home!
  6. JPLUS14 is a friend of mine… he is the real deal. He is a caching machine! Living in the Louisville Metro area we are pretty used to seeing folks that have over 1,000 finds, with many exceeding 2,000 now and a select few that are well above 3,000. With a laptop and or a PDA and some routing software it makes it a pretty smooth operation when seeking a large number or caches in one day. see ya, jeff'
  7. This one generates lots of positive comments from the few that have made the trek. Remembering Rose Island - GCG153. This one is several miles over rough terrain and no trail. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...88-ea945ceb0b88 see ya, jeff'
  8. I notice that when I view the Terraserver page from a cache page that it loads up at 64 meter resolution. If I view coordinates (without a cache id) from EasyGPS, select "view online" then select the Terraserver view it loads up at 4 meter resolution. I find that the 64 meter resolution to be almost useless because I am so far out that I can't really recognize ground features and when I zoom in it is easy to get lost and end up a long way from where I was originally trying to look. When the page loads at 4 meter resolution the ground features are readily identifiable and easily managed from that point. Anyone know a way around this problem? thanx, jeff'
  9. I use gpx2html and Plucker. Works great on the old Palm III.
  10. No the Legend doesnt have an auto average feature. However as several folks have stated I don't believe that it is a useful feature either. I owned Garmin GPS III Plus which is a great unit and it did have waypoint averaging. I noticed the same thing that others have said... it didnt seem to make any difference. The waypoints that it was averaging didnt vary reading to reading. So unless you are averaging over different times of the day and maybe over multiple days I don't see much point. I feel making sure that you have a clear view (as possible) of the birds and a good lock are more important. see ya, jeff'
  11. Don't forget the old saying... "Lameness is in the eye of the beholder". Different folks with different abilities may see the same cache in different light. As a somewhat functional paraplegic even an easy (maybe lame) cache is a challenge. I am thankful that they are out there for me! If everything was well hidden deep in the woods I could not play the game at all. And on the flip side... if I hide a cache it doesnt have much chance at being a huge challange either. But I do like to hide them so I do. Folks that don't like them should not hunt them and I am not at all offended if they don't. see ya, jeff'
  12. halpena, I owned a GPS III Plus. This is a fine unit and works well for Geocaching. The thing about GPS accuracy is that you have to allow for the GPS error on your part and the part of the cache hider. When I search for a cache I get as close as I can according to number of feet showing to the waypoint. After I am as close as I can get to zero, I then assume that the cache could be fifty feet in any direction. At that point I am through with the GPS, I start searching all likely locations and sometimes "the force" helps me find the cache. see ya, jeff'
  13. Marky, that is a great idea. Thanx for the tip. I will try this until we get a better solution. thanx!
  14. Thats it? Only two other folks like this idea?? I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!
  15. I manage all of my cache stuff from the "My Cache Page". I would like a visual reminder that I have a cache that is temporarily disabled. Any kind of icon or other visual indicator would be helpful. Would this help anyone else?
  16. I believe that the only measurable difference between all units are the features. My experience has been limited to a handfull of differenct kinds of Garmin units however I always have felt that the accuracy was very close between the least expensive and the higher end units. So yea, in my opinion I agree that ANY late model GPS will do a good job Geocaching. see ya, jeff'
  17. Its a army surplus item. Usually dark green or black in color and about 2" x 4" x 4". These are nice little containers. see ya, jeff'
  18. If my GPS reads zero feet I then assume that the hider may have been off by 30 feet then assuming that I may be off 30 feet I search a 60 foot radius. This usally does the trick for us! Camping Hoosiers Memphis, Indiana. USA
  19. I saw that deal at Target... Our local Target in Clarksville IN is carrying a full line of Garmin products now. Camping Hoosiers Memphis, Indiana. USA
  20. This is a cool idea... I will give this a try. Camping Hoosiers Memphis, Indiana. USA
  21. I have listed this unit on eBay. You can see here if you have an interest. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3057186007 thanx, jeff' Camping Hoosiers Memphis, Indiana. USA
  22. Our family of five make up the Camping Hoosiers. We are from Memphis Indiana. We are looking forward to seeing a lot of you at the picnic in Brown County this weekend. We will be camping in the park for the weekend. see ya, jeff' Camping Hoosiers Memphis, Indiana. USA
  23. This will be a great time! We are looking forward to it! Camping Hoosiers Memphis, Indiana. USA
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