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  1. It just so happens that we are hosting a family reunion in Brown County SP this coming weekend. I will spend some time evaluating the campground to see which area and which campsites will work best for our group. I will have a list of recommended camp sites and I will keep everyone informed of when we should reserve them. We should begin the reservation process approximately six months before the picnic. The good thing about the time of year that we are having the picnic is that Labor day is over and the kids are in school. A lot of the camping crowd will be done by then for the year. Also it is too early for the fall color crowd. I believe we can get a large group in there pretty easily. I will keep you all posted as to what "the plan" is. :laughing:

  2. I don't know anything about your gps, however I own three Garmin's that I really like. What I do know about gps in general though is that NONE of them are going to put you within inches of a cache.


    When I am seeking a cache I get as close as I can, usually within a few feet of the coordinates, then I stick the gps in my pocket and start searching. I assume that with the margin of error for my unit, combined with the margin of error for the hiders unit will probably have me searching a fifty foot circle for the cache.


    There are so many variables that accuracy to inches is impossible.


    So you might just be expecting too much from your gps.

  3. We do this a lot and what we usually do is run a PQ for the destination area. I usually go wide enough to get the park and the surrounding area. I probably run a 10 or 15 mile radius. We seldom cache along the way unless we are stopping to spend a night somewhere. Dragging a thirty three foot trailer along makes parking a challenge sometimes.


    Have fun!

  4. I have owned both and use the Legend now. There is so little difference between the two from a price standpoint that it really doesnt make a lot of sense to get the basic etrex. The basic model may meet your needs today but as soon as you are ready to download waypoints directly to the unit and or use maps you will appreciate the Legend. The Legend does come with a basic highway map preloaded. So it is useful from that standpoint right out of the box. Aslo after you spend a couple of hours searching the wrong location because you manually entered a coordinate wrong, you will really appreciate having a cable to load the waypoints via the computer. I'll bet I am the only one that has ever made a mistake manually entering a waypoint! :anitongue:

  5. Thank you Southdeltan. I knew it must have been discussed by now. I copied the question and the response from Jeremy below.


    QUOTE (TerryDad2 @ Aug 18 2005, 12:00 PM)

    In reading through the posts, I didn't see what would actually happen to events and CITOs. I only saw restless fuming.


    QUOTE (Jeremy) Probably because the answer is "nothing".

  6. I think this is going to be great stuff. My family likes to travel in our RV as much as we can. We have used Geocaching while traveling to help us find interesting places to visit while enroute and at our destination.


    To me Waymarking is going to a great tool for anyone traveling to a location and needing to find detailed information about that area.


    I think that Waymarking is going to bring a lot of people to the table to use this information. I know that you are going to see many members of the RV community come across to use this information as well as share their knowledge.


    I am looking forward to using and contributing to Waymarking as it grows.


    Camping Hoosiers

    Memphis, Indiana USA

  7. Clyde,


    As I sit here this morning... working with GSAK to manage my gpx files and export to a half a dozen different kinds of applications. I remember back a couple of years when I used many different applications to do the same things and it took a tremendous amount of time and tweaking to get it all to work.


    Thank you for GSAK!!



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