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  1. I have some coin left from my event here in Sweden and want to trade with any of these coins that I don't have. 12-12-12 Multi Event - Colorado 12-12-12 Multi Event - Artist Edition 12-12-12- Multi Event- Iowa 12-12-12 Multi Event - Rances 12-12-12 Multi Event - Auckland, New Zealand 12-12-12 Multi Event - the Netherlands 12-12-12 Multi Event - Fresno/Fredericksburg 12-12-12 Multi Event - Honolulu, HI 12-12-12 Multi Event - UK (Manchester) 12-12-12 Multi Event - Nova Scotia V1 12-12-12 Multi Event - Labrador 12-12-12 Multi Event - Central Ontario 12-12-12 Multi Event - Long Island, NY 12-12-12 Multi Event - SWPA/Pittsburgh 12-12-12 Multi Event - Czech Republic - Praha 12-12-12 Multi Event - Praha 12-12-12 Multi Event - Dunedin, Wellington, Invercargill 12-12-12 Multi Event - Perth, Western Australia 12-12-12 Multi Event - Burlington 12-12-12 Multi Event - Emerald Coast, Florida 12-12-12 Multi Event - Bakersfield 12-12-12 Multi Event - Guarda, Portugal 12-12-12 Multi Event - Scottland 12-12-12 Multi Event - Brookfield, CT 12-12-12 Multi Event - New Jersey 12-12-12 Multi Event - Las Vegas, NV 12-12-12 Multi Event - Koeln, Cologne, Germany 1 12-12-12 Multi Event - Koeln, Cologne, Germany 2 12-12-12 Multi Event - Koeln, Cologne, Germany 3 12-12-12 Multi Event - New York 12-12-12 Multi Event - Sacramento, CA 12-12-12 Multi Event - Spacecoast 12-12-12 Multi Event - GS Multi 12-12-12 Multi Event - Columbus, Georgia 12-12-12 Multi Event - Pink 12-12-12 Multi Event - Santa Cruz 12-12-12 Multi Event - Madeira Island, Portugal 12-12-12 Multi Event - ME 12-12-12 Multi-Event - Braga, Portugal 12-12-12 Multi Event - Madison MS 12-12-12 Multi Event - North Texas Thanks Oaklakers
  2. Any chance to get one of this versions? Thanks a lot Have send you a mail.
  3. Have now asked Groundspeak about the guidelines for events and multievents with trackable coins and this is what they say. Roger, First let me apologize for the delay. We have several people out and are running slightly behind. Groundspeak sometimes allows off page sale of items related to an event cache. What you can do is leave the coin pictures on the cache page. Remove the information about the sale of the coin. Create a new web page that contains the sale information about the coin. On the cache page place a sentence that states, "For information about this coin please go here. Then link to the other page. Since we are telling you this is ok it is not a problem with the guidelines. We use this method to keep the cache page non-commercial but still allow a way to spread the information when sales are related to an event. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you, Michael Groundspeak - The Language of Location www.geocaching.com www.Waymarking.com www.Wherigo.com http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/groundspeakcommunity
  4. Having problem to get my event publish. My reviewer say that I can´t have 1. a price for the eventcoin and 2. have a picture of the coin in my cache note. He refered to the text 2. Commercial caches are disallowed. Have someone else here had same problem and is this eventcoin to commercial for Groundspeak?
  5. My event here in Sweden went very well and we had a great time. I have extra Sweden 11-11-11 coins left if anyone is interested. I will trade the coin first of all but if anyone want to buy, the price is $11 and International shipping is $4.25. Just send me a PM thru Geocaching > User Profile. -Northwest, Washington -Koeln, Germany(Cologne) -Ontario, Canada -Western Australia -Emerald Coast,Florida -Lisbon, Portugal -GeocacherZONE,Portugal -Figueira da Foz,Portugal -O'ahu, Hawaii -Nebraska -Dunedin,New Zealand ?Savannah, Georgia -South New Jersey -Auckland,New Zealand -Napa and Sacramento,California -Denver, Colorado -Mississippi -Costa Brava, Spain -Peoria, Illinois -United Kingdom -Switzerland -Florida -Phoenix, Arizona -Pittsburgh -Bavaria,Germany -Long Island,New York -Sequim, Washington -Coeur D'Arlene,Idaho (Geoswag) Thanks! Roger aka Oaklakers
  6. 11-11-11 Multi Event: Eksjö, Sweden is published! GC3282R
  7. I have talk with Emma at Oakcoin and there vill be an option for us who wants to trade this coin directly. There will be a group email for us who wants to participating in this trading on a spreadsheet from Oakcoin.
  8. Coint me in Avroair for this 11-11-11 Multi-Event for Sweden. I also have a open question for all us who want to trade this coin if we can do this in a more safe and structured way. If we can put a list for us who want to do this direct from the the coinmaker together with our own coins. I don't know if it´s Oakcoin this time. I did that with a couple trades last time. It´s much easier and safer than send one coin to 20-30 places in the world. I lost coins from PLnauta twice of some reasons and he haven´t answered my last 4 mails after he sent the coin second time. Why I don´t know... I hope all my coins have reached the traders last time, if not, just let me know.
  9. Any chance to get the whole coin set?
  10. Will these coins only be on sale at Ebay?
  11. I´m interested in all versions Please add me to the reserve list. Thanks
  12. I want a whole set with all 4 versions of this geocoin!
  13. Sweden "10-10-10 Multi Event, Eksjö, Sverige" is up and running! Event link Sweden(Eksjö,Småland) version of the coin
  14. Saw this thread today and I´m planning to have a 10-10-10 Event here in Sweden. I know I'm late for this one with coin and all but because this is new to me I can perhaps be more prepared for next years 11-11-11 Multi Event. I have some questions What was the minimum coins for ordering the "Powers of Ten" coin and what was the costs? Is there any other demand to be part of this. I have not seen Sweden been part of geocoin for 8-8-8, 9-9-9 and 10-10-10 and thats pity. /Roger
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