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  1. A 'slave to a radius' can become a frustrating addiction. Mine is 10 miles and it was great fun achieving it in the first place but it becomes white a chore when new ones keep popping up 9.9 miles North, South, West and East! I'm a lot more relaxed about it now as I always promised myself that caching must never become a chore. I'll tend to look for them when I want/need to be going to that area rather than the other way round.
  2. I think you are being a little hard on yourself suggesting that turning to google (or other sources of reference) is actually admitting defeat as so many puzzles rely on the ability of solvers to access that sort of info. Based on the last few puzzles I have solved I certainly wouldn't be here on the forum if my brain could store the 'hardness' scale of various types of rock, the dates of birth of 6 celebrities and the chart positions of 6 spurious songs! However scouring the web for specific sites that published answers to puzzles would be admitting defeat and I would prefer to admit that to the owner and ask for help. As has been said before, caches are for finding and if the CO doesn't want them to be found then over to the ignore list.
  3. Well done and I agree (some won't) that FTFs can be an exhilarating part of the game but can also be one of the most addictive. Congratulations. However one point of constructive criticism which I hope you will take in the spirit it's meant. As someone who enjoys the odd FTF hunt myself I do feel that a more detailed log of the first experience of that cache is an important part of FTF (in my opinion). Obviously not giving anything away that spoils the hide/experience but at least a log that sets the scene as yours is the first record of that particular experience for the CO and subsequent finders.
  4. As The_Incredibles said above, it's area specific. I think I should keep in mind what example I may give to newbies. We have not many geocachers over here. Any decision may matter. Or not. I cannot be sure about that. DNF seems to be the most neutral choice with a frozen container. I wouldn't use DNF because this misrepresents the situation as you definitely did find it.
  5. According to the Urban Dictionary it can mean several things that may fit in with a caching log: Puh: General disinterest in the topic/subject. Puh: Unpleasant place or smell. Puh: A replacement for a swear word in written text. Puh: Female genitals (although I'm sure it's not this one!)
  6. Its always good to hear other peoples side of the story. Team Seek seem to have given their side (which seemed to worsen their position considerably) so your other 98c could be interesting to hear.
  7. Not sure if this is the best example as their log seems to suggest that they were at this park at sunrise. They comment specifically about this so the archive of the cache may have been through other cachers breaking the rules.
  8. What everyone here doesn't realize is, this stuff has been going on for almost 6 years. I don't see why we should change the way we've cached from day 1 because people who are bad sports, don't like it that we beat them to caches or find the hard ones they can't or because we decided to personally challenge ourselves and go out caching in the middle of the night. The 27 FTFs we got on that trail at 4 in the morning, in the rain, WERE NOT EASY! Trust me, we earned every one of them and we're proud of our accomplishment. Again, 61 caches were published 2 DAYS BEFORE the event and every single cacher in our area knew the caches were going to be published 2 days before the event when the event cache was published. It stated this fact right there on the cache page. We all had the same opportunity. We weren't given the coords in secret. Everyone got them at the same time but because we took the initiative and set our alarm for 3am to go out and do something epic, we need to 'back down' and take a break and give others a chance because if we do this they might steal more of our caches? We all had the same opportunity. We took it! No one else did. I'm sorry but I don't get how that's bad or negative? Life is ALL ABOUT CHALLENGING YOURSELF and becoming the best you can be wether it's in your job or as a member of your family or in your hobby. WHAT is wrong with wanting to be the best? So what you're all saying is we should become less competetive to make other cachers like us and not steal our caches and rip our sig off loghsheets? All of this stuff is our fault? Really? Don't you think the best advice should be given to the ones who steal our stuff and tell them that if they hate us because we're competetive then how about becoming competetive yourself and when you feel that great feeling of doing somthing awesome, totally out of the ordinary, then maybe you'll understand why we do it! Raise the bar for yourself. Get out of the same ol' stagnant caching rut and DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT! The moring we scored those 40 FTFs was one of THE BEST TIMES we ever had in 6 years of caching and we are still talking about it. We aren't still talking about it because we got 40 FTFs. We're still talking about it because the challenge was a rush and at the end, when we were soaked and covered with mud but had hiked 5.5 miles in the dark with 6" of mud on our shoes and found 27 caches with flashlights, we were really excited and really happy. It was unlike anything we'd ever done before and if I'm gonna be perfectly honest, I will say that both of us hope we get to do the same thing again sometime. When you do something awesome like that and feel that sense of accomplishment and excitement, there's nothing like it! We've been competetive from day 1 and that's not going to change and as long as being competetive isn't breaking any rules or violating any guidelines. We aren't the bad guys here. We might not go to events or cache in groups but that DOES NOT make us bad and that does not give others the right to steal our caches or tear our signature off loghsheets. For me to comprehend other cachers stealing our caches is very difficult and when 1 of them also tears our FTF sig off his logsheets, that's even more unbelievable. We don't play that way and we will NEVER stoop to those levels. We will keep playing the game the way we always have, fair and with integrity. For someone to say we should change our user name or take a break from the game because we have haters that steal our caches and tear our name off logsheets is ridiculous. Maybe it's those cachers who are stealing our caches that need to 'take a break.' KEEP IN MIND who's doing what here! It seems like we're actually taking the blame for the thieves. It's our fault they steal? It's our fault they hate? TeamSeek aren't stealing other people's caches and TeamSeek isn't tearing other cacher's signatures off logsheets! TeamSeek doesn't pout when we realize we've been beat to a cache and then just log that we were FTF anyway because we're so mad. There are a few in our area who get SO MAD, they log that they're FTF even though they weren't and do you know what we do? Nothing. We log our FTF and ignore it all. Another thing that happens a lot is we often find the hard ones that no one else can find. Many times our signature will be the only signature on a log for weeks or even months. Again, we love the challenge of the 5 star hide. It's one of our favorite things. We'll drive 100 miles for a crack at a FTF on an elusive hide no one else can find and we'll spend an entire day looking for it until we find it. So what! What's wrong with that? A new cache will accumulate a long string of DNFs and then we find it and no matter how nice our log is or complimentary to the CO, it induces incredible hostility amongst the cachers who couldn't find. One of the last times this happened, a group of 4 cachers posted in their logs (when they eventually found the cache), that we destroyed the terrain!! We have NEVER destroyed any terrain or anything in nature, EVER, but the logs were posted pointing the finger at us saying we did this and we did that and NONE of it was true! The logs were downright mean and very hostile and you just know that these folks are mad because we found the cache and they couldn't. My question is, how could anybody possibly know who does what at a cache site? Who broke a branch or who stomped a plant or moved some rocks? Blaming us for doing things we didn't do is wrong. I guess what I'm trying to say is, we just want these cachers to stop stealing our caches and tearing our name off loghsheets and maybe stop saying mean things about us in their logs. That's all. If somebody doesn't wanna like us, that's ok. Alotta people don't like alotta people, that's the way the world is and that's the way geocaching is. Not liking someone doesn't give you the right to steal from them or tell lies about them or spread ugly rumors about them. Just go on your way and ignore them. That's what we have learned to do. Ignore it all. We used to fight back but that only got us in trouble so we had to learn how to ignore it all and just do our own thing...enjoy the game the way we like to enjoy it same as everyone else gets the freedom to enjoy it their way. Having 71 our caches stolen however is impoossible to ignore and that's why we came here. I hope the onese stealing our caches read this and just stop. PLEASE!! edit - i forgot to add this thought....the coordinates to 20 other new caches were given out at the 3rd event that night. ONLY THE EVENT ATTENDEES got the coords to these 20 caches. The caches weren't published for the rest of the GC community to see until the next day. Were we mad about it? Not all all. Who cares! We thought it was great that they got 20 to hunt that night. Good for them. My point is, if we don't care about that, why should they care about what we did the day before? Does that make sense? It's the same thing. Who cares. Also, if someone has to go back all the way to 2008 to see something we may have done or said that wasn't right, then that just proves that we have come a long way. THAT was 2008. THIS is 2013. We made mistakes, most while defending ourselves or our cache site. No one knows the 'back story' to anything. Everyone only knows what the hateful people want you to know and 'him/them' taking you back to show you a log we posted 4 years ago, makes me laugh. I could post GC codes to a few hundred cache pages where you would find nasty, hostile logs posted with mean comments about us but that's not what we came here for. We have grown by leaps and bounds since our GC beginnings in 2007. Did we make mistakes? You bet. Do we still make the same mistakes. Nope. We've learned, grown and moved on. Believe me, we paid for our mistakes. That's all in the past. People who hate often live in the past. Sure wish they would learn how to move on too. We are moving forward from here. I hope our post will put a stop to the cache stealing. Have fun and be the best you can be! that's all. Please could Groundspeak pin this post under the "WHEN GEOCACHING GOES BAD" section as a lesson to us all. I had to smile when I studied your logs on your victorious triumph of ftfs at 4am because other than one guy who stopped on his way to work I don' t think anybody else went for them the day you logged them so you could have set your alarm clock for the crack of noon and still got the FTF. You are obviously champion cachers and I bow to your skill and resilience against such incredible challenges as ' muddy' and ' raining'. The great pioneers and explorers of this world will be quaking in their boots at the hardship you must have overcome. I'm afraid I would probably have been in the happy breakfast brigade that seemed to enjoy the caches just as much a few days later. I will never condone the stealing of caches but you have to see the affect you are having on other cachers in your community. Please, please communicate with them and try and find a resolution before something more sinister occurs.
  9. You make some strong accusations in your posts which in my opinion go somewhat further than a local rivalry or dispute. There is some inference that this has been reviewed by Groundspeak previously so I would be interested to hear what contact was made and what judgement was arrived at regarding your claims. Maybe you could elaborate. My original post (24) remains relevant where your accusations could easily be construed as a case of harassment against you and should be taken away from the forums which could actually escalate the problem. I understand your upset and frustration so am very surprised that Groundspeak have not been involved previously or after reading this thread.
  10. One of the first caches I placed required me to just push the end of a home made long stick cache into the ground, just for stability, at the base of a rambling hedge which had large bushes and Hawthorne surrounding it. I had read the guidelines and felt so guilty that I went back just prior to publication to correct my breach just in case somebody reported this misdemeanour. I eventually had to move this cache to another area when the landowner completely destroyed about 2 miles of ancient hedgerows around these meadows(bulldozed and burnt) and dug about 2000 large holes about 3ft deep and 1ft in diameter for a new fencing network right across the fields. It made my adherence to the guidelines somewhat moot.
  11. It would have been nice to meet up but by the time we got to Vegas we were tired and the kids were grumpy and I had to take them out shopping and make it up them. Thanks for the emails though. I drove just over 5,500 km in 6 days. Gas cost about $400. I figure total caching time (not including breaks) was 12 hours. I did a trial run of 100 caches the night before with my son and it took 1 1/2 hours, we started at 6am and quit at 2:00 pm. We could have easily done them in one day but the kids got hot, bored and grumpy. Mastifflover's premium membership has been paid for and extended congrats, sorry BAMBOOZLE, so close. Congratulations on your challenge however I have a couple of queries: Isn't saying 'we could have done more but the kids got hot, bored and grumpy' a bit like saying 'I could have run a hundred miles more but my legs got tired' I would think that heat, exhaustion and mental fatigue are just the sort of challenges that have to be overcome to gain a numbers achievement. However you do have my understanding and sympathies where kids are concerned. I'm also interested in your views regarding enjoyment? Did you find yourselves saying 'why are we doing this?' Did you get a buzz out of the challenge? Would you do it again? By the way, I'm not a critic of power trails and would like to give it a go one day. I'm just interested in your honest views in the forums.
  12. Looks like a cool container so a shame if it can' t be utilised in some way. Maybe it could be incorporated where there is already a hole,gap in a rock etc which wouldn't contravene the guidelines. It may that you have to hunt around a bit more but I'm sure you will find somewhere suitable.
  13. Our caching name was very much set up for my two boys although it is me that is well and truly hooked and they just come along for the ride at weekends. They are mad on Lego so that was automatically incorporated into the name. When we started we were going to insert a small lego piece into each cache as a sort of signature item but when we started doing greater numbers and series this got to be a bit of a pain (literally , as i was carrying them round in my pocket) so we dropped this idea. The Chugglers was a bit of a newbie mistake as the boys were calling muggles, mugglers so as we were very new to the game and they were children they called themselves chugglers. Anyway, how I wish now that I had come up with something a little more manly like THE GEOMARAUDERS or THE PHANTOMGEO etc etc.
  14. You wait, you will be even more 'bummed' (careful with this phrase on an international forum) when you finally are first to get to GZ and:...... insert as required: - The co-ordinates are miles out, you dont have a cat in hells chance of finding it! - The new CO didnt realise it would be published that quickly. Its not placed yet. - The hint says in hedge by tree and you're stood in front of some metal railings with not a hedge or tree in sight. - The GPS points to the back gate of a school with children playing a few feet from where you've decided to push your way into the bushes. All the above have happened to me recently. Its no 'cakewalk' out there for FTFers. For every row of smilies there's embarrassment, disappointment and disillusionment!
  15. An improved computer literacy (although still some way to go) I' m now disappointed if I haven' t walked circa 5 miles per week (still room for improvement) Hot water with Mrs LC... torn coats,muddy children,peculiar diversions, General lateness. A peculiar Tupperware fetish.
  16. Wanted to do some caching today. Read the local weather warning where the specific advice was to ensure you only travel with ...Spare blankets, shovel, drinking water, emergency food supplies, large torch with spare batteries, sleeping bag, car repair/tool kit, first aid kit. I felt a right pillock on the bus!
  17. Well, my account was originally set up for my kids and Im afraid I sort of took over. I think seperate accounts at the outset is a great idea as it would have meant I would have been known as something a lot more manly than Legochugglers. I know I could change it but I'm just not sure it would feel right now.
  18. All your cache are belong to us. Are you really Yoda or is this some sort of puzzle?
  19. Hi look forward to seeing you around as we are nearby in Nuneaton. Looks like we will need to be getting our extreme 5/5 caching equipment ready. Emcache is the local caching group and I am aware they have an event coming up - see GC446DQ for details.
  20. Totally agree, it's the travelling with the kids in the car that I probably won't risk so I have saved one local cache till the weekend which hopefully will double up as a couple of hours snowman building,sledging. Not sure what the kids will be doing mind you!lol.
  21. Course, as has been said before, folks can get coordinates of caches without even going to the cache page, so how would that help if someone is smart enough to know better. Would hate to be someone falsely assumed was the culprit. This^ As someone who doesn't do PMO hides due to the audit feature, cellphones are a Godsend. Unless it's been changed very recently, I've never shown up on a PMO's audit. Someone would have told me by now if I did, if no other reason than to bust my chops. When we first started, we were accused of stealing hides, mostly ammo cans. Everyone was sure it was us, as hides became missing before or directly after we found or DNF, sometimes minutes before/after another. We were getting hate mail regularly. CJ wanted to quit caching. She'd start crying if a hide wasn't there, imagining the outcome - but I said fuel-to-the-fire, I'm fighting it out. Luckily, we caught the cache maggot (a wanna be eco terrorist) and there were a few red faces after the truth came out. We still put the time we find all hides because of it. If you think you know, you may end up with egg... If you're positive you know, catch him (we eventually bumped into ours on the trail) then notify Groundspeak. Five years is way too long to be dealing with that. Yes it's been 5 years but here's the thing....after 5 years we have ZERO interest in dealing with them. When we did, we were suspended. We learned. We don't care anymore.If you're different and you don't fit in you will be a target. What we want to share is what we've learned and that is, DON'T LET YOUR HATERS turn you into the same ugly that they are........don't EVER let them discourage you from placing caches or expressing your love for the game and NEVER LET THEM SEE YOU SWEAT! They are bullies and bullies thrive on getting a reaction from their victims....you. Show no reaction. Ignore them. If they steal your cache, disable it but say nothing. They long for your to notice them. Don't. Focus on everything positive. You have my sympathies as any dispute causing caches to be destroyed/removed must be very upsetting. However my instincts tell me that there is far more to this chain of events than are posted on the forum. It would appear that (whilst totally inexcusable) this action is the result of a long running feud between you and other cachers that has come to Groundspeaks attention before. Your comment that you did deal with them and you were 'suspended' is a little concerning. My advice is that you take this away from the forum and contact Groundspeak again giving them an accurate account of everything that you feel that has occurred over the years so some arbitration/resolution can be found for the upset/problems you suggest are happening. I don't think any good can come of thrashing it out here and if this feud is still happening after 5 years I think it definately needs some attempt at a resolution. Good luck.
  22. My favourite cache remains ' All tooled up' GCM 80G (in Croft) which isn't too far from Leicester. However a good start to finding some cool caches is to go into the hide and seek a cache page, key in your location and say a 30 mile radius. When the results come up click on the blue favourites rosette at the top of the page and this will give you a list of the most favourited caches in your area. Something cool should catch your eye in that list.
  23. Wait till she's chucked up the meat course then we'll dive in!
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