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  1. The reviewer did say As I said Groundspeak will always side with the landowner. Yes I know it is illegal for the landowner to put the restriction on the RoW, but is it illegal for Groundspeak? It is after all listed on Groundpeaks site and Groundspeak does get a say on what can/should be in the listings they host. In just about all cases the landowner issue is that the cache exits and the way to resolve the is issue is to archive the cache. The landowner certainly could have asked for the cache to be archived in this case to resolve the "issue" of folks using the RoW to access the cache. But they did not, but instead asked for the restriction on the RoW, which they knew was illegal and which they knew the reviewer would not do but probably were confident that Groundspeak would require the restriction. Now that the reviewer is gone I wonder if the cache is still there and did a lackey edit in the restriction or did the cache get archived? As for Groundspeak not listening to the reviewer, I'm sure they did, but the policy of always doing what it takes to resolve issues with the landowner took precedence over any arguments. Groundspeak simply will not argue points of law with a landowner. Your first answer regarding the issue being deliberately escalate refers to a completely separate incident and not the ROW issue. Regarding your second response, you confirm that you understand that it is illegal for the landowner to put a restriction on a RoW so if Groundspeak insist on a listing on a public domain including a restriction on a RoW then this must be illegal as well. End of story!
  2. You are absolutely right regarding your statement that Groundspeak always take the side of the landowner but you are wrong when you assume there is some third party intent in this situation. You hit the nail on the head when you state that Groundspeak wish to deal with the situation by putting a restriction on the Right of Way and this is the crux of the problem. In the UK you can't just put a restriction on a Right of Way in that manner. The Reviewer pointed out that this was illegal but Groundspeak would not listen to well informed reason and experience.
  3. Unfortunately I think that what this thread (and some others on FB groups) actually means is that about 100 UK cachers feel very strongly about the circumstances (some enough to cancel premium membership or stop caching all together) and feel like challenging Grounspeaks position. Probably about 500 are aware of what has happened, probably agree that it doesn't seem very nice but don't consider it affects them a great deal so just carry on regardless. ..and hundreds of thousands don't know about it and wouldn't care even if they did.
  4. I am devising a theory regarding cache listings: If you set a cache and can't think of anything to put on the listing then you probably need to think about your hide again. If you want to look for a cache and you look at a listing and there's nothing of interest on it then you probably need to have another think where you want to visit. Never judge a book by its cover but in geocaching it's normally a good indication!
  5. Well, I've had a good look but I just can't seem to find it. Can anyone direct me to the Groundspeak announcement confirming the OPs resignation. It's the one where they thank him for all his hard work and dedication over the years. It must be on the site somewhere?
  6. Fianccetto you are correct. The actual footpath law does allow you to stop on any footpath as long as you do not block other users. The law states "Your legal right is to “pass and repass along the way”. You may stop to rest or admire the view, or to consume refreshments, providing you stay on the path and do not cause an obstruction." So if i happen to stop and admire the view at the point where a cache is placed, that is my right. I can legally walk around in a small circle all day if i so desired. As long as i am on the footpath and do not block the path for other users. But don't lose sight of the facts in this case. The cache was not on the complainants part of the RoW, it was on land owned by someone else (we're assuming with permission) and the complainant was asking for the cache to be archived because cachers were simply using the RoW as a route to the cache. If the landowner had put a sign up on their land saying please do not use this RoW to get to the cache on the next property (or for any other reason for that matter) then their actions would be considered illegal. The reviewer having to insist the notice is placed on the cache listing is no different. I would be very interested, as a member and customer, to see the multi page document setting out the Reviewers rules and regulations but I guess that this will always be 'for their eyes only'. The other matter mentioned in the OPs post was an even more ridiculous case of not allowing an experienced and highly regarded local reviewer from taking steps to prevent a local disagreement into escalating. From what I have read the other parties appreciated the intervention and differences were sorted out. A good result except of course in Groundspeaks eyes. A real shame that such a dedicated individual who worked tirelessly for such a great hobby was not listened to or allowed to use their discretion for the good of the game.
  7. Are you on Facebook. Try Geocaching Midlands GeM Facebook group or EMcache. Lots of events, people that meet up and do series together. I am sure there are a few from the Northants area.
  8. I'm not really sure how a reviewer could possibly "police" this sort of dual agenda. For some clarity on the real reason for your post see GC3JGMM (sorry can't do a link on my iPad). I would be honoured if an event was organised with one of the reasons being to try and find my cache. I would be somewhat embarrassed if it then turned out that the main reason it was so elusive was because the cords were considered soft!
  9. Different ways in the suburbs of Birmingham at GC4NM7F. I really didn't know which way to follow.
  10. In that case I think the OP needs to set up his instant notifications option specifically including events. I am on iPad this morning so can somebody else post a link to the instructions.
  11. What system are you using to generate your notifications? You mention a 'weekly' notification but the Premium Member notification system is instant so it makes me wonder if you have this set up correctly.
  12. Pits ford looks great Didz, that's definitely booked in for us on the first dry Saturday. Thanks.
  13. Hi You could try the Greenway between Kenilworth and Balsall Common which is probably only about 40 mins from South Leicester. At first you might not think there are many caches on it but you need to look at the various puzzle icons scattered about nearby (they are all quick quiz type questions so pretty easy) which will give you about 20 caches in total along the route. Alternatively try Conkers, near Moira where the trail around the centre is a ready made bike trail.
  14. But you have awarded favourite points before and the simple process of awarding them has been explained on a previous forum post. I also don't believe that as one of the most prolific finders in the country you had never noticed the 'favourites' button a matter of millimetres from the logging button. I therefore assume that your initial post must have some other motive.
  15. If you use Facebook try and join West Mids Geocaching group who regularly arrange events/walks etc
  16. Our Lego stormtrooper travelled round Germany for about a year but then was placed in a designated TB hotel. Nobody seemed to pick it up but then it was reported as missing. As the cache was'nt muggled we are still clinging to the fact fact that it may turn up. Missing for a year now so starting to lose hope. I'm afraid you are better to set your expectations low and expect them to go missing. It's then a nice surprise when they survive. I see it almost like throwing a message in a bottle out to sea and seeing what might crop up.
  17. What a shame that you feel 'the rules or guidelines to cache placement are ALL that count'. Thank goodness New cachers like the OP are coming into the game and not following that philosophy! I think you have a little thing for me. You sit there all meek and quiet and then find a post of mine and have a dig. While its flattering I have to say I'm spoken for. Sorry no means no ok buddy. Oh but to your point - the rules count first and foremost. I'm sorry to be a rule follower. Making my life and the reviewers job easier. Preventing the possibility that I personally might put geocache placement in a bad light and open for criticism to all and sundry and potentially effect everybody. But actually it was a poorly aimed slur at implied lack of imagination or some such because "only" using the rules as a guide was apparently all that was important to me and aiming high in location snd design is really the only proper way to go etc. Sigh. Well lets just enjoy geocaching as indeviduals. As a previous poster said - Geocaching is for everyone and not just you. What a shame you didn't take that comment on board and quote that instead of my pointless opinion. At this stage I will ignore the accusation you seem to be aiming at me as I am absolutely at a loss to understand where you have got that opinion. I have checked back on all my previous forum posts and can only find one previous interaction with you where I made what I consider to be a harmless comment defending Scouts going on geocaching walks as a group. I would never attempt to try and affect your desire to detail your views and issues within forum posts but please don't deny me the right of disagreeing with you by accusing me of anything more malicious which is totally unfounded. On topic, I do not think the OPs posts are poorly aimed slurs at unimaginative/or unpleasant cache placements but a very eloquent attempt to try and understand why CO's choose some places to put caches which is a question I also regularly ask. I think the OP should be commended for his insight and outlook rather than being chastised for his lack of experience. As others have said I wish all CO's approached cache placement with this amount of thought. I reiterate my opinion that placing a cache is not JUST about meeting the guidelines and I will always champion the cause of any CO that sets out to make his cache/series as positive an experience as they possibly can.
  18. What a shame that you feel 'the rules or guidelines to cache placement are ALL that count'. Thank goodness New cachers like the OP are coming into the game and not following that philosophy!
  19. I like to do puzzles that give you the complete workout. Brain first, then the hike to the cache. An all round positive experience.
  20. Doesn't matter if it's published or not you have still achieved some 'air play' by posting on here anyway. In posting as a sock puppet then you know full well that we can't check if you have, or will submit it anyway. I have no problem with the agenda, all I want to know is will it take me somewhere interesting or is it a micro in a car park?
  21. Seen two deer in suburban Warwickshire this week and a Fox on the field near our house tonight. Loads of rabbits but an alarming amount of badgers killed by the side of the road. A good variety of birds nesting in the area including robins, goldfinch, sparrows and great tits all nesting in our urban garden. I do feel that butterflies seem to be in shorter supply and I haven't seen any hedgehogs yet this summer.
  22. Two cachers walking along together to a new cache. As they approach the large tree they both simultaneously see the pile of sticks covering the clip lock box. They clear the sticks together to reveal the cache. FTF achieved jointly. Certainly doesn't defy my logic!
  23. I think they ought to set camp now and hunt for the cache tomorrow when nice and fresh. Don't want to risk a DNF due to being too tired.
  24. You were first to find - That is a fact. However the way you record it is purely down to yourself and your own feelings. If the other cachers were really excited about FTF and maybe hadn't recorded one before I would have offered them this opportunity if they wanted to record it as such. If they were seasoned cachers but were still desperate to record the FTF then I would have offered them a suggestion that you both record it as a joint FTF. If they were well known FTF hounds that should know the ethics then I would have claimed my sole FTF exactly as you did. If I was the cacher at GZ when you made the find in the way you describe I would never even have considered claiming any sort of FTF recognition.
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