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  1. Aaah - so its not a case of shameless self-promotion then.
  2. But the little chap behind you looks a bit miffed that you have whipped the cache box from him and stolen his moment of glory - "Awww DaaaD!"
  3. I would love to take our dog out caching with us, but the poor old girl simply isnt up to it these days. Her name is Pip, she is a lovely border collie, and she is just about to turn 15. She is getting very arthritic, despite various medications, and is really starting to slow down. All she wants, or needs, these days is a very short walk, where she can sniff to her hearts content and do her stuff. Bless her.
  4. I'm not saying that I don't believe that there are big cats on the prowl out there, because I really dont know the truth. But, over the years there have been numerous sightings of such creatures, but I cannot recall any stories of any actually being caught/found, dead or alive. So are they mythical? Meeeooooowwwww.
  5. Caching has taught me many things, but the two main things are: 1) We live in a really beautiful country. The diversity in even your own small area of it is truly incredible. I have discovered so much about my local area that I simply did not have a clue about. 2) Kids actually prefer to be outside doing things like geocaching. Its just a modern cliche that all kids want to do is play on computers and watch television. Given the chance they want to go treasure hunting and spend some quality, fun time with Mum and Dad. I could go on and on. Long live Geocaching.
  6. Our only current target is to reach 100 caches whilst we are on a camping holiday in Guernsey in the middle of August. We are now on 86, so need to get a few more in before we go (there are 4 caches on Guernsey). We have been pretty slow getting to this number (joined Jan 05) but have enjoyed every one of them.
  7. The heat has been too much for me. It makes me tired, grumpy and lethargic - I just cant be bothered to do anything. So, when a colleague at work went off sick, I actually volunteered to come in on my day off. The main reason? Not to help my company out of a scrape, and not out of the goodness of my heart, to help a colleague in distress. My motives were entirely selfish, to come in and enjoy the benfits of air conditioning. Its not all bad at work, as I am still able to look through the forums.
  8. From ALdershot in Hampshire my nearest 200 are within 13.3 miles, with 48 TBs (24%) but only 6 Geocoins (3%). So its good for bugs, but pretty poor for coins.
  9. One particular incident sticks in my mind. Once, I was out on my mountain bike, running to a particularly tight schedule, having decided that I just about had time to find a particular cache. Having pedalled my little heart out, I found myself about 50ft from the cache. However, between me and the cache was a fairly deep and wide river, with no crossing points for a few miles either side. Needless to say, I wimped out, not fancying a bit of sub-aqua cycling. I still havent done that cache yet.
  10. My, what busy people you have been! Lakeuk - very clever - I like that Skate and Jane - wooooohhhhhh (wow, but it did take a long time to load the page)
  11. I havent tried logging a find in the past few days, but cannot currently get into the cache database to find a cache to do today. This is a real pain as I am back in to work tomorrow
  12. I got a FTF today and the bonus goddie was unactivated Travel Bug tags. Pretty generous I thought - a new TB will be activated and on its mission soon.
  13. The chat room is certainly fun, with some lively conversations going on. Please be aware that there may be at times some younger Geocachers joining in the conversation - for example, my 9 year old loves joining in, so if it sometimes feels like you are talking to a kiddie, you probably are!! Thanks for setting this up Hokes.
  14. We have just placed our 1st cache - Wellington's Booty. The cache is based around the Wellington Statue in Aldershot, and as for the 'Booty', it has two meanings - treasure and wellington boots!
  15. Wow - what a lot of responses. There seems to be 2 themes going on here. One regarding sneaky caching, and the other seems to be going along an 80s cartoon sort of theme. Well, for all you old cartoon lovers out there, wallow in nostalgia by checking out the following link. http://www.80scartoons.co.uk/index.php But be careful, you might lose yourself for hours once you start looking. And there are quite a few theme tunes on there as well, so be careful, because you know very well that once you have heard it again that will be in your head all day. Enjoy.
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