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  1. I´d like to carry a nice Glock and I think a Mossberg would be a nice addition to my car kit, but no chance over here in Germany.
  2. Topic can be closed, I found the place. Thanks for reading!
  3. As the "owner" of a Waymark (WM3XR) I´d like to add some photos. But where? How can I do this? TIA!
  4. I bought a used Garmin II+ from a friend when I got my first jeep back in 2000. The same year I started looking for Degree Confluence Points. The II+ worked good for me. When the Display of my II+ begins to show errors in September 2004 I bought a used Garm etrex @ ebay for about 6 weeks. I sold it for more then I paid for it and got me a GPSMAP 276c, which I use for caching, confluencing and street navigation. I plan on getting a 60cs or 76cs just for caching and as backup
  5. I´ve an idea for a geocoin. To who do I have to talk so I can get a unique symbol for this coins? How much have to be made?
  6. Are there already any white jeeps or woodstock geocoins over here in europe? If so, how can I search for them?
  7. Congratulations! Nice to hear, that you´ve used a Jeep for this record.
  8. I don´t use it often, but better safe, than sorry!
  9. My cache mobile while visiting the virtual cache Top of the Alps
  10. Travelling, beer, offroading, working on my Jeep, Degree Confluence Project, cooking, more beer, keeping gerbils, did I mention beer already?
  11. I´d like to see some photos of prrof from the visitor... perhaps it just me, but I´m a bit sceptical!
  12. Micro? No, a big one. Buried deeply...
  13. Could someone explain that "finger thing" to me? I mean, that particular one...
  14. Top of the Alps (rated 3/5)
  15. Sorry for asking, but what does this "stuck"-word mean ? I´ll drive a Jeep, so I don´t know the exact meaning. j/k, my Cherokee has already been stuck more than once, but never while caching. This picture was taken while visiting "Top of the Alps".
  16. There seem to be a lot of caches in France, anyway: Map
  17. We found the cache and placed a TB inside it. Nice location,indeed! Could someone please help the TB on his journey?
  18. Great idea! 50 cachers aren´t that much, indeed. I was wondering why there are so few caches in France. We´ll try "Near the Stanislas fountain" this weekend.
  19. I do NOT have a problem with persons using firefox. Please don´t me wrong. Just wanted to answer the previous posting.
  20. IE (since version 3 or 4) Works great for me. No problems with popups (Google) or viruses (Firewall and Norton AntiVirus). - Why ? I just start another IE. RAM is so cheap nowadays. - You care about privacy and publish your coordinates ? - My firewall and my AV-software works. Period. - My PC is fast enough and Firefox wouldn´t bring me a faster DSL-line, would it ?
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