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  1. Hello there,


    I just noticed, that the prices of the premium membership do vary depending on the region you live in. I will move to the amercias soon and so I tried two different countries.


    Germany would be 29.99 Euros per year and in America it would only be 29.99 Dollars. That´s almost an additional 10 Dollars for Europeans.


    Does anyone know why this would be appropriate? I have to say that I do feel a bit discriminated and disappointed. I really doubt, that the income levels do differ that much...


    I couldn't care less.


    I'm buying goods for thousands of dollars from the US every year for another hobby and I'm used to the price differences. So what? Had to fuel up up my 4x4 yesterday, after filling both tanks it was close to 300$ - so I refuse to cry about paying 30€ per year.

  2. ich weis ja nicht ob das nicht Hirnverbrannt ist eine Cache zu loggen

    der deaktiviert ist das hat doch meistens eine grund warum der deaktiviert ist


    Dein Unwissen (auch im Bezug auf die Schriftsprache) in allen Ehren - aber das pauschal als hirnverbrannt abzutun (schön verpackt als Frage) zeigt doch deutlich, das sich der Durchschnitt der Cacher mit zunehmender Anzahl der gausschen Normalverteilung nähert. Ich konnte glücklicherweise den FTF einheimsen bei einer Dose an einer sehr spektakuären Location - leider war er archiviert worden, da er lt. Verfassung des Landes nicht legal ist. Damit ist Groundspeak "aus der Pflicht" - aber er ist trotzdem vor Ort und kann gefunden werden. Und nein, das Suchen und Loggen des Caches ist nicht verboten. Es wäre nur verboten, was aus ihm herauszunehmen und etwas hineinzutun - und auch nicht wirklich ratsam :)


    Falls Du am rätseln bist, wovon ich rede: GC2TCHE


  3. Well I think it's a cool idea.


    Can we get a drama souvenir for people who get their knickers in a twist over every little thing?


    Very good point! I think like 90% of this drama souvenirs will end in Germany, where the community of a certain geocaching forum (now slowly turning into an opencaching forum because all grass seems to be greener over there) is discussing this topic over and over. In german weblogs related to geocaching the Souvenirs-feature is widely been disliked as well.

  4. But in a regular, non-ignore list bookmark list, I'll ask again: Has anyone ever maxed out a single bookmark list to over 500? Has anyone ever come close?


    I like to use a single bookmark list for longer trips. I plan them over months and feed the bookmark list, when new caches come up. I´d like to filter the caches manually to see if they seem like I would try them - so I don´t use "caches along a route" or some fancy GSAK stuff.

  5. Try to make a Pocket Querie over Denmark where you under "Attributes to Include" select the attribute for Off-Road Vehicles. By doin this you get around 84 caches. With only 84 caches to look through it should be possible to find some that you could have some fun finding.


    Sorry I can't help you further, I only have a normal car... but I'am from Denmark.


    Thanks! I´ll try that!

  6. I´m just preparing a bookmark list for our visit to Denmark in August 09 - we´ll be travelling with our 4x4 and I´d like to know if there are any caches "specially" for offroaders, where a 4x4 is allowed or even recommanded to reach the cache. I´ve found some of this caches in the french and italian alps, so I hope they do exist in a similar form in Denmark.


    Thanks in advance,


  7. We plan to visit Russia in summer 2010 and we´ll travel to Murmansk and from there to Norway.


    I´m looking for topographic maps for northern Norway (North Cape, Nordkyn, Kirkenes), northern Finland and the area from St.Petersburg to Murmansk and over to the norwegian border.


    What commercial and what free products are available for Garmin GPS units? I´ve got an Oregon 300 and a GPSMAP 620 if that matters.


    Thanks a lot!

  8. Thanks for the update - I like specially the new sorting order of activities on the profile page!


    Two wishes in this area:


    - Allow more than one "home" location

    - Allow more than one GPS device to be selected.



  9. With some effort I could make the OSM work on my Garmin, so I should be "good to go" - I hope I´ll go to London on friday, 6th and that there won´t be too much trouble due to the recent snow falls. I´ve collected some caches to a bookmark list near the hotel (Cumberland), near Greenwich (which I want to visit) and near some tube stations. That should be enough for some caching between some meetings and a soccer game we "have" to watch (even if I´m not interested in soccer) on saturday.

  10. Hi folks,

    I´m on a business trip to London in February and would like to find some caches there. I haven´t a City Navigator on my Oregon, just on my GPSMAP278. Because I do not want to buy another license for the Oregon and do not want to take the 278 I was looking for a free map of the London area.


    I´ve tried the OpenStreetMap map, it installs in MapSource on my PC, but when I try to transfer it to my Oregon it crashes.


    So: Can you point me to another map of said area - it hasn´t to be a autorouting map, but it has to be free.


    Thanks a lot!

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