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  1. Oh THAT's what those are for? I thought they were made just for geocaching... When I was in the Army, they kept bullets in geocaches. I'm wondering if that's what Toz was talking about? Back when my dad was serving he kept all his ammo in individual film canisters
  2. Interesting stuff. I imagine it would feel pretty awesome, but I can't imagine ever actually doing it. Hope you find what your looking for!
  3. They never migrate logs, but I also wanted to point out that my understanding is that the new virtual is NOT at the old location of the APE Cache, it's at the Tunnel. Interesting. How do people know so much about this?
  4. On a purely selfish aesthetic level, I hope it stays the little ghost guy. Why? Beacuse: 1) It's my favorite icon. It's pretty cute. 2) I feel like the # of icons is already a bit long and sloppy
  5. As an audio engineer who sometimes needs to gather the sounds of nature for films I can confirm the world is a noisy place. We ALL tend to suffer from hearing damage just from the sounds of traffic and day to day urban noise pollution. Most people hear worse in their ear that faces traffic while driving even! It's even harder to find a silent spot when you bring a mic and headphones with you. I think an EC like this would be awesome.
  6. Perhaps you misunderstand what they are sometimes for. If you use attributes that make it clear your cache IS in the back country or perhaps has difficult climbing or hiking, people who cannot do these things (or just don't want to for certain queries or reasons) can filter them out of pocket queries. For example, if people use the "night cache" attribute, it makes it easier to find night caches. If people use the "long hike" attribute it can help people who don't belong out there, have small children or just don't have a lot of time avoid having a bad time at your cache. If you think people should stay in the parking lot for your hardcore caches, attributes can help make that happen.
  7. Jon deleted all the notes to clean up the page, since they are not Find logs but more of a commentary belonging in the forums (i.e., this thread). Mine got deleted too. Logs for the archived cache will not be migrated anywhere, since any new cache, real or virtual, will be a new find experience. Ah I see. thanks for setting me straight.
  8. My note I left after it went bye-bye was deleted. I wonder if they are going to delete the notes and migrate the old logs to the new virtual? It looks like all those old notes have been deleted... First time having a log deleted! Doubt it was the nature of the notes, considering mine was pretty benign and just mentioned giving it a favorite point and that I'm glad I had a chance to find it.
  9. In 1980 42% of the California desert was avialable for public use. Today only 12-1/2% is. So even if the power trail to the east is not in the current plan, which has not been finalized, today tomorrow it may very well be. The Marines proposed use of this area is to accommodate large scale maneuvers by three brigades at once and the need to do an exercise of this scale is not a proven need and is up for debate. Just to think I'm anti military, I was with the Marines for over 14 years, my father was in the Navy and my son works for the Marine Corp. I just hate to see the loss of so much more of the desert for racing, touring and yes geocaching. It stinks that people can ask logical and interesting questions like this and immediately feel the need to defend themselves as pro military. Whenever the topic of military spending comes up, I've learned to keep my mouth shut like a politician. I just hope COs are classy enough to get out there and rescue bugs... Actually going out there, finding the caches one last time, freeing the bugs, cleaning up the caches and getting them back to their owners might be a really cool (CITO?) event idea.
  10. I have only recently figured out how I think people should go about choosing them. If I think of it in terms of pocket queries it helps me choose attributes. For example, I know some people narrow out results that are not wheelchair friendly, so I try to make that status clear. I know some people only do caches with parking, so I try to make that status clear. Some people can't/won't climb so I make that part clear. I just try to help people either find or avoid my caches depending on their special needs. Minor stuff like campfires and other stuff is a last priority. Really, if attributes work and are used correctly, t's probably healthier for your cache and cachers. Also, you can save a little space in your descriptions for people who hate reading or just have GPSrs with tight character limits. I've actually used an attribute as a hint on one of my caches, but I don't think anyone has ever noticed.
  11. Further adding to the mystery is a post in the "Bring Back Virtuals" feedback topic from about a month ago in which Jeremy states "We'll likely launch the activity for Premium Members first in order to get feedback and adjust the concept as necessary. As it stands now, the new concept will not require a review process." Intriguing! What kind of a virtual cache requires no review process? Perhaps locations from a previously established list? Or maybe everybody (well, only Premium Members at first) get to choose 1 or 5 locations that they can list as Virtual Caches without any questions asked. Who knows? Fun to speculate, though. Wait! This is all coming together now... I imagine a "superguy or supergal" is probably allowed to place said caches. If so, I wonder what will decide who these cachers are? Maybe you can only place 1 for every 10 favorite points one of you caches accumulate? Some sort of merit based virtual cache...
  12. Ship in a Bottle Cache. Eventually, the log will unroll and the only way to get out would be with tweezers or needle nose pliers, which will shred the log sheet. When I hid a similair cache, I used a small notebook, that doesn't unroll, it just falls out. Good suggestion. Like Coldgears says, take a small notepad and maybe cut it in half for a log. Another possible solution is putting a log min a cheap and readily available "micro" sized container smaller than the hole. I imagine a used/empty pill bottle labaled "LOG" would work. I've done that in a few of my caches because I hate plastic bags.
  13. Despite the editing, the story still makes no sense.
  14. Groundspeak came to an agreement. Carnero did not. It seems that Carnero, for whatever reason, refuses to use the forthcoming API and apparently he is getting tired of fixing his non-compliant application every time Groundspeak updates the website. What I get from his post and the feedback topic is Groundspeak has offered a lesser version of the api to developers while reserving a newer, better version for themselves. Sounds kind of like Groundspeak invited Carnero to the table; the children's table. Sucks, but it's their house
  15. I encourage you to go look. From your first placed cache the closest waymark is indeed a fast food place... but alas that is the only fast food place waymark for 44 miles My first placed cache is not really in my neighborhood at all, but the closest one to me is indeed fast food. All of the ones I saw were places I'm already aware of, so I didn't feel compelled to visit them, BUT I do think I'll use it as a handy tool when out of town.
  16. I really hope its something like a history cache, but the superguy thing makes me think it's something we haven't even fathomed yet... which is cool!
  17. I'm friends with a few gay men and have worked with many more... can't think of any with a lisp. Only thing that comes to mind are characters on TV?
  18. The only time I looked for a benchmark was when I was looking for The Necropolis at Britannia Manor III There is a stage that leads you to a benchmark. My friends and I could never find it on the site to log it. For a cache that is as hugely poplar as the Necropolis... you'd think there would be more info on why but there weren't. So, that experience soured us on it.
  19. I'm such a nerd... adding carefully selected atributes is one of my favorite parts of hiding caches That said, the only one I use int Chirp attribute which I have set to avoid since I can't do them with my 60csx or Nuvi
  20. Your effort is still very appreciated. Sorry I wasted a bit of your time
  21. I talked the wife into swinging by the REI with me and they had some bison tubes in the "keychain" display. It's the perfect size. The size of a AA but a bit more stubby. Thanks for all the help guys.
  22. I never noticed any in the one I go to (that's where I by my TBs sometimes) but I wasn't looking for one either. their selection has shrunk in the geocaching section with each visit... but I should go look if it comes down to it. It's a bit out of my way even for the closest one. Thanks for the idea. Forgot about them. Interesting, thanks.
  23. Same reason: they want a smiley, just without the hassle of having to find a cache. Same goes for creating them: They wanna own a listing without the hassle of having to find a hiding spot and place a container. This is 100% false in my case. For me, I like virtuals because they tend to be a little more informational and they let you put a cache in an area that is special but has too many muggles or a special concern. You can put a virtual at the state capitol, sensitive natural areas or a statue in our local dog park. A traditional in such a place would be problematic. The alterative is a QtoA Multi, and honestly I'm fine with those... but they feel like a band-aid, because I don't NEED the container all the time and they usually take you AWAY from the special location which on it's own feels a little against the philosophy... As for waymarks, I tend to not mess with them because it seems messy to have to go to some other site and deal with other stuff. I knew about virtuals before I knew about waymarks so they'll probably always feel like this other vague concept similar to caching. This thread has inspired me though, maybe I'll go over there and see what they have to offer again. Last time I checked the closest one to me was indeed a fast food place :/ We have caches at dumb places in Austin, but often our LPCs and stuff actually are in the lots of cool places.
  24. I'm pretty sure he was shooting for "being a pain in the butt", making Moun10Bike haul himself up there a few times a year to replace the container or parts of it. But he unexpectedly got "get Groundspeak to archive the cache and make countless cachers really upset." It's like found money. He's probably giggling himself to sleep at his good fortune. I think he probably expected it to get archived. Thats what happens to APE caches when they are stolen. If it had been a traditional, he might have been surprised, but what actually happened was to be expected.
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