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  1. I thought about this, but I first wondered if it wasn't a question easily answered here as a matter of ettiquitte unknown to me. Afterall, my worry here is mostly annoying the reviewer
  2. First of all, I KNOW I have seen this topic before, but I couldn't find it with a search. We recently had one of our first caches muggled. They took the log book but left the swag curiously... (I have a theory as to why, but thats a another story) To be completely honest, it wasn't a GREAT cache other than location. We've decided to do a better hide we've devised about 10 feet from the original location. It's still a small and the D/T will be roughly the same (the difficulty might be a 1/2 star higher) However the camo and type of container will be completely different. Am I wrong in thinking that (if we go through with this) it would be a completely different cache with a different GC# or will we just be annoying our poor overworked reviewer?
  3. Watching now... feel like I heard a dirty word EDIT: Pretty funny though. The guy filming it sounds like a fun dude to go out in the woods with. That duck looks familiar... was that a bluedeuce sig item?
  4. I sort of feel like it's against some of the general spirit and philosophy of geocaching or leave no trace or whatever outdoor loving lifestyle you perscribe to to put a pollutant on a cache. However, I really don't know much about it. Thats just a gut reaction. For me, I rarely seek caches that look like something I wouldn't llike, but when I do find a "bad" one, I try to think of positive things to say before a gently dole out a critisism explicitly framed as an opinion. I've actually gotten e-mails from COs of caches I kinda' thought were bad telling me they enjoyed my log or thanking me. If somone takes the time to politely, thoughtfully and softly explain why an aspect of my cache might be bad or improved, I'll listen. There is a right way to do it and a wrong way. Don't say anything you wouldn't say in person is a good placve to start. Treat it like your best friend spent 4 years writing the worst novel you've ever been exposed to.
  5. With public parks: If all other research fails, you could always go down to the first log in a cache near the park. You should find a log by the person who published it. It will probably just say "published" You might have some luck sending that person (likely the area's reviewer) a quick and friendly question about who you should contact to get permission for a city/county/state park in your area. I did this and my reviewer told me that in Austin: City parks are free and clear. The city will let me know if they have decided my cache is a problem. County parks need permission from a certain person. State Parks in TX have a geocache submission process. Even with permission of course, you should still avoid placing caches that might cause a bomb scare. If you do place one IN a parking lot, I would make sure it's a clear container and clearly labeled as ageocache. In a forest NEAR a parking lot, I might still do the same, but if I did camo the cache I would probably put an official looking sticker or stencil on it (maybe on several sides) just to be safe. Your mileage may vary. All things considered, I'd aim for a tree in a park before a tree at a mall. Best of luck!
  6. You know what? You are absolutely right, and I apologize. I was (over)reacting to what someone had said about religion, rather than looking for a fight; but I was out of line and off-topic. And too ornery to want to admit it. On topic, though: I think it's silly to form a group based on what a person IS, rather then based on an activity someone can voluntarily choose to do. Hence my joke about forming a group for blonde haired people under 5'3". Eh, it happens. Being bored at work, I'm just left with nothing better to do than notice
  7. Does anyone make a waterproof mailbox? Does anyone make a waterproof mailbox that's as big as a 5-gallon bucket, or bigger? I think a mailbox will be a leaky regular size cache, not a large cache. I'm assuming these keep water out! Let's steal one! http://image.w00t.com/Squ7gV0-dFP9EfH3TsHyqoTbD6I_?Expires=1309973933&Signature=TGiVgt5aLc4oZEtl7V18Uw3OEpvBQ4zNXJX6u6S8dCzs2IeeVlnMtLEYE~LshiWgyRE4CiWmI9raN5XRdNc7hGRmQtbEXsCNt19woc~CzL5PD65RjsdyOXX~HcDbcTp7iXWOo1hvRF4PWY13uPN2KfZFoJe0IDkSh91Awa7tnHY_&Key-Pair-Id=APKAIHX2P6GWWRFXYETQ
  8. No one called you a homophobe. No one called you a bigot. No one asked what you thought of homosexuality. Please don't "rub it in our faces" and keep your world view to yourself. <snip> If you aren't a homophobe, you aren't a homophobe. You don't need to protest so much. <snip> Someone's crack about religion set off my reaction - and I can't find it now, maybe it was edited out. So everyone else is allowed to discuss this, but I shouldn't? Okay. And there's still no such thing as a homophobe, except in very rare cases. I never said you weren't allowed to discuss this. I don't get to make those sorts of decisions, and I actually encouraged you to discuss what the OP asked about. Instead you insist on arguing the finer points about the existence of homophobes? It has nothing to do with the subject of this thread. It's just a personal agenda you feel like bringing up randomly. I'm not going to debate why you think there aren't people who are afraid of homosexuality (except in rare situations where there is?) I'm assuming you've never met a teenage boy afraid he'd come across as gay. Maybe you've never heard somone rant about the "gay agenda" poisoning our youth. Whatever the case, let's say its true. Lets say we all agree that there is no such thing as a homophobe (except in rare occaisions when there is)... What does that have to do with a fellow user finding a community of gay people caching together as a group exactly? I'm not saying you meant any harm or anything. It's just curious behaviour that comes across as looking for a fight where there is none. And the inverse happens to... Example: Q: "Are there any caching groups out there for Christians?" A: "I'm tired of Christians telling me I'm going to hell. Hell isn't even clearly defined in the bible! I don't have a problem with christians generally speaking, but when they push their religion on me, boy it's unfair! Keep it to yourselves people." Either way, either example, it's confusing and counter-productive...
  9. Not where I would have posted this but thatnks for the thread
  10. Same here! I love DNF logs. They are usually better reads than the "found it" logs I guess I can imagine why someone would delete DNFs, but I don't agree with the reasoning I'm imagining.
  11. I don't think the game needs more rules and convolution and it might hurt us as much as help us in the long run, but I feel your pain. There are several parks in San Antonio like this. It makes you scratch your head sometimes. ... and don't get me wrong, I'm not one of the anti-park & grab guys either. It's more an issue of too much chocolate not enough peanut butter... or something. I don't know.
  12. So what was the leftist agenda behind the Geocaching story on May 14, 2003? There had to be one, right? People digging in Indian Burial grounds. Old bones in perfectly good caching spots I lol'd
  13. Gamma lids are pretty awesome! I've had a night cache/paddle cache/maze thingy in the works for quite a while, pending an appropriate hiding spot. Since the maze is all mangrove tunnels, in a salt water estuary, I needed a container that can stand up to high moisture conditions, high UV exposure and salt. I chose the old reliable 5 gallon bucket with a Gamma lid. My plan is to place a paving stone in the bucket, and put a 50 calibre ammo can on that. I decided to go with a horizontal placement for the bucket, after hearing some comments about Gamma lids in here. The part of the lid that screws off is a bit lower than the part of the lid that remains affixed to the bucket. The triangular depressions in the lid retain water, and that water gets displaced when the lid is unscrewed. Often, that water ends up right in the bucket. In a perfect world, finders would tip the bucket, draining off any water, before opening the lid, but I prefer to plan ahead. Edit: I see at least one correction is in order. I just went to the linked website, and I see that US Plastics has addressed the concern of the insert being lower that the base. Kudos! Side note: Woah! Those are cool! Learn something new everyday... Thanks for posting that Riffster
  14. If you want to be indigent. look at post 15 from the OP for something that sounds bigoted, discriminatory and offensive: "We really do simply have a better time in a gay white,straight male group, than not. I guess they get the jokes, or something. There are gay white straight male hiking groups, gay white straight male biking groups, white straight male travel groups, etc, and we've done these kind of groups gay white straight male and we've done them all-inclusive. And although we've had wonderful times on the all-inclusive events, we just have a lot more fun on the gay white straight male ones." If it were posted with the edits I made, the poster would be burned at the stake, GS would take action. However as it was originally posted, this that may have opposing views on either the initial subject (the group) or the underlying reasons for that subject (lifestyle) have to walk on egg shells or keep it to themselves. Unless someome is attracted to you and indicates it somehow to you while caching, you sexual preferences are of no consequence. If and when the subject is brought up in conversation, then deal with it, however I think it is safe to say that the likelihood of it ever being bought up is low. You want the group, set it up in the cicles with which you hang, bring it into this forum, expect some push back. Why did you quote me? What does that have to do with what I posted there? The percieved issue you raise has been addressed in this thread already, but it at least addresses the OP. Like I said, I totally understand why church groups would want to cache together, why regional clubs would have an interest in sharing ideas, why boy scouts would cache (a group that excludes homosexuals and athiests)together, why people with disablities would want to cache together and why gay people would maybe want to cache together... but at least I can understand why you'd not feel the same. That's a little different than using the thread as an opportunity to address some vague wrong you've been dealt by people calling you a homophobe or whatever... so I'm not sure what you're getting at. We disagree on a seperate issue, but the person I was replying to has nothing to do with that. That said, being a cultural minority is completely different than being the majority. This is simply a fact of life. The only source of disagreement is how much we aknowledge our differences. In my opiniopn, pretending they are equal and creating such analogies is intellectually disingenous. If I was the only straight person I knew who liked geocaching, I think it would make sense that I'd be interested in finding other people like myself with wives and similar cultural backgrounds. It's human nature. That's where friends usually come from. Having things in common. Should it be the sole factor in life? Not in my opinion, but when my single friends who like getting drunk go out to meet girls and get hammered, I don't get mad I wasn't invited either. I don't drink and I'm married. Sometimes it's nice to be around people with similar needs and wants. Sometimes it's nice to get outside your comfort zone and be around people who are completely different from you. If you insist on pretending white, straight americans both have trouble finding each other and are somehow being treated unfairly by being excluded from an all gay caching group... that's your right. Luckily, it's not an actual problem to get indignant about. Instead, I'll save my "indignance" for something that actually happened and not waste it on an imaginary scenario you've created. That said, my indignance is an infinitely renewable resource and I'm completely capable of disagreeing with both scenarios whould they occur. I don't need to pick and choose. Seperate issues.
  15. I respect your opinion, but considering the original cache hasn't been available for some time and this replacement looks to be headed in the direction of being a BETTER cache than the APE cache I found in WA I have to say I disagree. It makes total sense to me that this would continue on as the 3rd leg. It looks to be as close to the original experience as you could reasonably get. There is no special icon, but the rest (lid especially included) looks spot on. I have to extend my upmost caching respect to the CO. They done good EDIT: I should mention, it makes complete sense to me that some wont feel it counts. I'm not going to pretend the icon and it's old age weren't part of why I found it.
  16. No one called you a homophobe. No one called you a bigot. No one asked what you thought of homosexuality. Please don't "rub it in our faces" and keep your world view to yourself. It's extremely confusing that you found it hard not to post in this thread considering you had nothing to add to it. I might feel differently if you had even bothered addressing the OP's question, but you took it as an invitation to defend yourself against an invisible attack instead. The OP asked if you knew of any gay geocaching groups. They didn't ask if you would join one or what you thought of gay people who are all "in your face" with how gay they are. If you aren't a homophobe, you aren't a homophobe. You don't need to protest so much. EDIT: I didn't mean to sound so harsh, but I really don't see the point of letting everyone know what you think of homosexuality in the context of religion and personal values in a thread about gay people geocaching. I certainly wouldn't start telling people what I thought of religion in a thread about church groups going out and caching together, and I wouldn't air my grievences with an orginization like the boy scouts in a thread about geocaching merit badges or whatever... who cares?
  17. Hope you find one. I have two gay friends and one is casually into caching. He'll do a night cache with a group or something, but I don't think he seeks them on his own. The other could care less about tupperware Not trying to spark confrontation here but I have to ask: why should the sexual orientation of the geocaching group one goes out with have any bearing on their enjoyment of the activity, especially with an activity where sexual orientation has no involvement? I have to admit that my initial reaction was pretty much the same as yours. But consider this... say you find yourself living in an area where 90% of the people are gay. You are not. You take up geocaching, and geeze... every event you go to, every time you run into other cachers on the trail, any time you try to get a group together for caching... gay. Gay talk, and even if not, just gay attitudes toward things. You get very tired of it, so you post a thread to the forums asking, "We were wondering if there are any straight groups that organize to do geocaching?" Are you posting a question about your sexuality? Or are you just looking for a group that fits your lifestyle? This is a pretty fantastic reply. Being a white middle class straight married male, I know it can be hard to identify with minorities and understand that the "rules" (for lack of a better word) aren't the same for everyone because LIFE isn't the same for everyone. If I started a geocaching group for people who aren't deaf, it would be weird and unfair to people who can't hear. However a group for deaf geocachers makes complete sense. I don't have trouble finding people who have a basic shared social background as myself... except that I don't care about sports.... boy I wish I cared about sports and cars
  18. Sweet! I missed this. That's kinda' cool. I like All Things Considered. Most of their news is "Who, What, When, Where, How and Why" with a sprinkling of interviews and puff peices like this. It's the closest thing I've been able to find on my radio dial to pure information. I hate editorials and news "personalities" of any stripe.Not sure why people are so eager to ppolitisize this thread and stink it up... The story was cool the source is fairly innocuous.
  19. That container actually looks like a perfect alternative to a film can. Those white film cans are similar and they are pretty good. If you are getting them for free, makes sense to use them IMO. I think (READ: GUESSING) a little Krylon would help with UV. I don't have a lot of good ideas. There is always something like this... which I've never actually seen in the wild: Honestly though, if I found one, I would be kinda' interested to just find a container I'd never seen, but mostly it would just come back to where you took me. GOOD LUCK!!!
  20. Personally, I have found that the best thing to take with you when you cache at night is another cacher. That said, people on these forums seem to live in a more dangerous world than I...
  21. They LOOK like they have a gasket to me, but the pic is too far out. I also wish there was a quarter or something in one of the pics for a sense of scale... I just figured someone here could think of something clever to do with a micro with two lids. Some sort of simple puzzle cache or something.
  22. I guess you;d have to place a few and try to do something to get the word out... chances are it would be a country so poor that they wouldn't have money for GPSrs, but I suppose it would be worth a try.
  23. Anybody around here have any experience with these"Aero Space Containers"? Looks to me almost like a cross between a match safe and a bison tube, but it has two lids. Just thought I'd share. It's new to me. Looks like people usually just keep weed in them
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