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  1. I always thought you were into containers? If someone redid a film can hide with a decon in the same general location, would you call it the same cache? Like, different hide, different container same location? Just genuinely curious. As a person who spends time hiking on certain trails all the time because I love them, I wouldn't mind new caches there fi they were rejiggered or improved. Less about numbers and more about location, but not int the traditional sense.
  2. Yeah, but they look cool! Seriously though, when I did it I laid the mesh fabric flat on the preform. I was going to try and lay it out so that it isn't straight and see if I could get a more natural pattern. The mesh reminds me of pine cones. Makes me think of snakes
  3. I don't cache for the numbers, but I do bother to log online for the numbers... curious how this is integrated and plays out.
  4. I did something similar recently. I had a cache get muggled. I thought a FAR superior hide to do in the same location. Instead of redoing the old semi-boring hide, I did the the new memorable one. I made a thread and got some interesting responses. Might be worth a glance since it's short and your question is related: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=277522&st=0&p=4768455&hl=new%20cache%20new%20coordinates&fromsearch=1entry4768455
  5. d+n.s

    Coin Copys

    Eh, have a lot of TBs I guess for a noob, but only one coin. The coin sits at home for friends to discover and won't ever go out. However if I ever have a trackable (of any kind) that was missing for a year I'd put out some sort of interesting trackable using it's code. Those codes are expensive. May as well use them.
  6. *gag* Did you really write that? Couldn't you have just backpedaled or moved the goalposts like a proper troll?
  7. I went to a PMO cache the other day that was a monument placed in the spot where the CO's son was hit by a car and killed. There were gifts and trinket's left by the son's friends and family that the CO was asking people to not take. To me, this is the perfect example of why some caches might be premium only. There is anecdotal evidence to prove any point, but without hard data someone would have a very hard time convincing me that non-premium members are just as likely to be experienced cachers as the free ones. I know we made some dumb mistakes when my wife and I first started caching and many people. For the most part, these mistakes are harmless and silly, but there are a few caches where it makes sense to try to avoid them and do our best to dissuade first-time or newer cachers from trying them. Not saying people should, but it makes sense to me. On a seperate not, it saddens me to live in a world where people scream "snobbery!" or "elitism!" at the drop of a hat.With a few moments of searching and research a person could learn that many of their fears or complaints are unfounded and they just needed to look at it from another perspective. (for example, in this case, there is plenty of threads about non-PM family members being able to log PMO caches)
  8. Having a dog and a wife usually helps a lot. For example, if I need lo look low, I can get down and pet our little Jack Russel Terrier or stop and water him, while also looking low to the ground. Other times, My wife or I will stand in the way of muggles view while retrieving the cache. This of course, only works if they are hanging out and ignoring you in the first place. Otherwise it just makes you look more fishy. The dog can sometimes attract unwanted attention from kids though... Luckily he's old, ugly and stinky Usually, like others have said, I'm only marginally stealthy while searching, but I try to grab the cache when there is a break in traffic.
  9. Honestly, that sounds sorta' weird if everything is being presented 100% accurately. I guess, as someone who really isn't into events, I kinda' feel like they should probably get some leeway when in doubt considering events are incredibly temporary compared to other cache types. I mean, a "stacked" event doesn't really seem to hurt much, and these events don't really sound "stacked" in the first place.
  10. Problem with HHH's evil ant hill video is that it only works in a few states. Here in washington we don't have ant hills like that, but hills three times as big. Yeah, I didn't think it looked like any ant hill I'd ever seen, but it DID look like concrete. By crossing the two techniques, we ended up with a pretty convincing bit of camo.
  11. Good question. And... no, they didn't really stay together particularly well. In one of them we dug out small indentations and glued a couple of rare earth magnets - that helped a lot. For some of the others I just used an earthy-colored rubber band to encourage the whole thing to stay closed a little better (and hoped that cachers would follow my lead). I don't have a great sense for how well either of those solutions worked medium- to long-term, however - like I said, the containers kept walking off on me. My gut reaction to this listing is that it's priced a bit too high. I don't completely disagree with knowschad about creative containers, but I think it's more than just a binary classification. Even if it's purchased online as opposed to uniquely crafted, I think something like this is still a bit more creative and fun to find than the standard decon container / lock-n-lock / pill bottle / etc. I feel the same basically. I've never found one of these, and I doubt most casual cachers have. People who don't frequent these forums and listen to podcasts and whatnot will probably garner a lot of shock and interest from a store bought "gimmick" container. There is a shade of grey between a ammo can and a custom container and I think I can appreciate them or what they are. Also, no one said it was creative. Just neat I don't have a great spot for a hollow log cache, but living in an apartment with thin walls... something like this might be a good way to do one if I found a good spot begging for a fake log.
  12. The kind of stuff you see below your post. How it holds up, how well it works... stuff another cacher could tell me that a market couldn't. Heck, I don't even really understand how it fits together and doesn't fall open... Just wanted some people with feild experience to give me some fedback on it. The alternative is having the same discussions we always have. I can offer some info beyond the page... it looks identical to the kind I used to buy from a place called Creative something-or-other in Tucson, AZ. They were about half the price as what I'm seeing in that link, but didn't come with the log book and mini decon container. They weren't advertised as geocaching containers, but rather as stump hide-a-keys. The wood is naturally porous, so it's impossible to keep water from seeping in; further waterproofing inside is a must (we also used a small plastic container). But the water also seeps *out* pretty seamlessly as well (nature is great that way), so unlike Tupperware that has a tendency to develop standing water issues, these dried out quickly and naturally. They were great for my purposes, but the location was bad; it walked off about three times before the Munchkins and I gave up ordering new ones. The workmanship / style really does look exactly the same. I wonder if they are provided by the same supplier / artisan. Interesting. Did the ones you have stay "together" the one in the picture looks like it would accidentally "open" a lot unless I misunderstand the concept
  13. http://shop.geocaching.com/default/cache-essentials/cache-containers/small-log-cache-container-kit.html Anybody got anymore info about this thing?
  14. Good point! This is a question people should ask themselves too. Maybe something along the lines of: 1. Why would I bring someone here? 2. Can I get permissions? 3. What is the best spot in this location to hide a cache? 4. What is the best container for that spot? 5. Who am I hiding it from? 6. What will this area look like in 6 months? 7. Can the cache last at least 3 months without being detected by muggles? 8. When it IS detected by muggles, do they have good reason to suspect it's a bomb? After answering these questions, go get permissions, make your cache to suit the spot (instead of using a cache you already have out of convenience) and make a good cache page. Come back and ask your self all these question again and add 2 more: 9. Can I easily do a little better? 10. Is this ready to be published? I think thats a pretty conservative guide to placing a decent cache. Nothing too crazy.
  15. I don't know... It seems like half of the adults here can't even be bothered to read the OP sometimes. Or maybe they are so set in their ways they just fight and troll instead of considering someone else's opinion. Some young blood might make people fall a bit more in line with etiquette you could expect from larger forums? Hard to say, but I wouldn't really list 15 year olds on the list of problems with these forums. I see so much other stuff that ruins interesting conversation and would get you a nice vacation in the penalty box elsewhere from people twice that age.
  16. probably around $20 fi we count spray paint and stuff, but I can re-use that stuff... Also, I get free swag through work. ( I do sound for a lot of corporate events, and I like to go through and get the "swag" they give away at the door or registration before its tossed)
  17. sounds cool! ne problem that comes to mind is the cacher replacing the cache after they have found it... unless I misunderstand... Remember, many cachers can barely be trusted to put the cache back where they found it with a regular plain jane cache
  18. Good idea, and what would you suggest for parameters for downloading w/o a lot of overlap? There are 1000 caches that I haven't found within 13.2 miles from my home location. So, how would I get caches beyond that? I read someone on my local forums suggest the following:
  19. It is in Groundspeak's best interest to not let older players do things that would upset newcomers to the game. I can understand that, but I sure would love to see Groundspeak go to greater lengths to educate those newcomers about logging etiquette. One way to do that would be to pop up a messagebox with an "Are you sure" sort of message when they attempt to submit a blank log. That way, they could always say, "yes, I don't care about giving any feedback on this cache", but at least they would be made aware that it is not the normal action. Has such a dialogue box been asked for in the feedback forum? I'd vote for it. It seems like they should do the same for attributes. You make a fair point here that I think most of us basically accept. However, the people in these forums are mostly a bit more INTO geocaching than many cachers. Thats why they post here instead of doing their jobs. They love the game. I think a positive result of this is that they tend to hide pretty cool caches. Look around these forums and compare the ones that people who've been here for ages own to the caches you typically find. I think you'll notice that the people in these forums, for all their whining, hide caches that are really fun and took a bit of work. Next, remind yourself that your logs get sent to the e-mail of the CO. In essence you are e-mailing the CO a message when you log a find online. So basically, these people put a lot of work into their cache to give back to the game they love. Most of the logs (read:e-mails) they get from cachers AT LEAST say Thank You for the Cache in acronym form So suddenly, an e-mail hits their inbox and they are pretty excited, because they are a nerd who loves to set-up fun experiences for others... and the finder literally has nothing to say. Its blank. They just found it. Does this necessarily excuse the "whining" and hand wringing over something so small? Maybe (probably?) not, but perhaps it will help you empathize and understand that the same reason they take it personal when someone doesn't log their find "politely" is the same reason some people make awesome hides. Passion and excitement for geocaching. It would be one thing if some guy out there with a really lame cache was complaining, but these dudes are probably hiding the ones that you and your friends make sure to mention in their logs. I think that sense of scope could maybe help understand where they might be upset... I'm making generalizations here, but I think they helped me understand the angst. When I started placing caches, I began to treasure those logs and I started to write better ones.
  20. The problems some people have. I'm glad there are still fun caches in my area left for me to find Generally, I actually agree with the OP. You can often AT least make a small work. That said, sometimes a micro works best and in those cases they should be used. The first cache I made was a regular. It still sits in my bedroom waiting to be place (think I finally have good spot picked out) but I didn't NOT hide it ou of laziness or convenience... Sometimes the inverse of the OP becomes true. My original spot for the regular ended up being better served by a small after I gav it a second thought and look around.
  21. This is our newest cache. Its our first try at doing a "custom" container, so go easy on us... we think it's pretty cool. Ground zero: The Hide: The container: The container is a Witz Sport Case and the hide was inspired by these two Head Hard Hat videos: & We made a mold out of styrofoam, and put Bondo in it, before adding a small container. I collected dirt from around GZ before painting the cache, and after putting some textured paint over my primer, I coated it with the dirt before it could dry. It looks better in person than these pics suggest. Its exciting to have something out there to match how lovely the location is...
  22. Some people love Micros. Some people hate them. At most drug stores you can find a "pill fob" which makes a pretty good micro. At most outdoors stores (including Wal Mart) you can find "match safes" which are great even cheaper. Personally, I think you should use the largest container that an area will allow. Micro caches are awesome because they can be hidden so well in many places, but as a travel bug lover, I'd rather find a small or larger when I'm out in nature or in a city park. Be sure to flip through here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=62421 It inspired many of us to up our games
  23. I'm going to pretend I left myself open to critique, in the name of comedy...
  24. Typically, I don't hide caches in areas where carrying large ammo cans might be considered suspicious. What about a large film can?
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