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  1. I'm pretty new and have heard the "100 finds" rule before. I've been trying to observe it, but its a little frustrating. Simply put, I'm far more excited by the idea of hiding caches than finding them. I feel like I have to do a bunch of homework on lame caches just to start having fun. Its even more confusing because many of the caches I find seem to break one rule or another. I feel like I've read the guidlines a million times and will read them a million more before I place a cache. I've watched youtube videos, read forums and listened to podcasts. Judging from some of the threads on this forum many people don't seem to read any of the rules. This is probably a major part of the problem. Maybe what people are really looking for is a harsher enforcemnt of the rules? Exactly what I mean. There are some fairly long standing and prolific cachers in my area who are just as lazy and thoughtless as the "noobs" are. 100 caches will take me a long time and thats not the part of the game that got me interested. :/
  2. Podcacher was one I was not yet subscribed to. Thanks for the tip guys, I'll give it a shot!
  3. I listen to a lot of podcasts, but I haven't found a geocaching one I enjoy yet. Anyone here have a favorite? I figured I would trust you guys before iTunes' review system.
  4. What is a good container for something like this? When I finally do hide a cache, there is a spot I am considering and I was thinking it would be neat to have the cache underwater needing to be pulled out of the water with an attached rope. I know caches should be water tight, but is ther any advice on caches who live submerged and getting them to stay sunk?
  5. We were actually wondering about the etiquitte of this. The other day wen't to find a cache that hadn't been found in some time, but there was a van parked next to it with a dude watching us so we hung for a while and never searched. We never logged this as a DNF because we didn't actually search for it and didn't want to discourage people from searching for a difficult cache. I guess we were wrong on this. Another time we looked for the same cache 3 times in one day but marked it as a single DNF. Our general rule of thumb thus far has been, "if you actually looked and didn't find it, log it" On the other hand we have had a few early ones that we didn't log because we went again the following day to look and didn't want to spam the listing with a bunch of DNFs. With a cache near our house or on the route we walk our dog we might look casually several times instead of "looking hard" a single time. We're still new enough that we kind of feel that our DNFs shouldn't be weighed as heavily as other people's. If I don't see something, its probably still there... I'm just awful
  6. Just wanted to say that my wife and I have been using nymphnsatyr's tip with great success! Thanks. Add a compass to the mix and it should get even smoother. It works at least well enough to get us in the area.
  7. Typically, you find the cache's coordinates on the website Go find the cache Put it back where you found it. Go back to the website and "log" wether it was found or not found. Rinse and repeat ???? Profit I'm not sure if this helps.
  8. Thanks for all the tips. I was indeed under power lines, but I am assuming it wasthe GPS' shortcoming though instead of user error or interference. I only had problems in the parks and I was nowhere near where the cache was actually supossed to be in several instances. (ex: its by the soccer feild, but the GPS wants me to walk far away from said feild) We will definitely try to practice nymphnsatyr's technique until we get a proper off road GPS. That said, I have one more question if you folks wouldn't mind. Under Navigation>route preferneces I have a choice for "off road" anyone know what this is actually for? The website support says it draws a straight line between you and the destination, but that seems pretty worthless if it freaks out as soon as you leave the road.
  9. Yep, I've just started and the business cards bum me out. I don't even trade! It just seems cheezy and gross. I'm okay with a coupon or whatever, but a business card is useless to almost anything and is basically garbage. That said, I did think about snagging one once for a mechanic. You always need a good mechanic and I thought maybe if I said where I found it they would treat me well... but I left it.
  10. I have very recently gotten into Geocaching with my wife. A buddy of mine talked us into trying it with him a week or so ago (it was his first time too) using his iPhone. Today we drove down to a different city to move a coin we found and show our other mutual friend the fun. Well, things didn't go great. There were two city parks in her area full of caches. We wrote down the coords and any essential info we thought we might need and headed out. However, in both parks our GPS was acting crazy. The point we were traveling to kept moving and never got closer. our direction kept shifting and I'm pretty sure (based on the clues in the cache description) the initial coordinates weren't correct. Since we are new at this, young and low on money we have been using our Garmin Nuvi 255w in pedestrian mode. So far its worked well for us with urban caches and I ouldn't necessarily try to take it out to a big state park but surely it shouldn't go insane in a city parks, right? (Maybe) Helpful details: It was cloudy (I've read it shouldn't matter) One of the parks just did a bunch of construction and added new paved trails. We used it later to find a cache in the city, but the sun had come up a bit :/ Sorry if this question is awful. Its my first one, be gentle. EDIT: If it matters I was looking for this guy the longest to give you an idea of geography
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