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  1. huh? Now THIS would scare me to DEATH Lights going off (we're talking a light bulb not a strobe light), or those innards from talking cards etc. probably wouldn't be so bad. Trip wires, air horns, fire alarms etc. are kind of a different story. Or things that scream or fly at you would probably be more problematic for me and my friends. If given warning we would likely avoid any/all boobytrapped caches as you never know in those cases how far the cache owner really was going to push it or what they find as funny. Oh yeah, definitely.
  2. "Needs Maintenance" means "Needs Maintenance" no need to read between the lines. I keep a spare log on me now after reading these forums, but its really silly (IMO) and defensive to consider a NM log a smack in the face. I'm preparing and researching my first hide and I hope people will let me know when it needs maitenance. Furthermore, I hope they'll post it as a log so that other people who are going to look for it know what they need to know before going out there to find it.
  3. I'd hate to see some folks here get one of those talking gift cads I think I'd enjoy it if it was clever and wouldn't hurt my ears as I'm a sound engineer and try to treat them well. I don't really see the harm if its just one or two caches in a given area and you give a blanket warning to cachers. People can ignore it. I'm not sure how a light turning on or a voice saying something when you open a cache would really be that scary(and I'm a total chicken), but people here seem to be pretty spooked by it... maybe I need to experience something like this to know why some would be so frightened? I would cassume I'd find it less spooky than a cache disguised as a snake or spider. Tell us if you go through with it OP. huh? Now THIS would scare me to DEATH
  4. You're right! There really is lots of misinformation here. And you did a nice job keeping it that way... 1. You're eventually right with what you've explained about the "like" feature. But too bad that you missed to tell the other half of the story :-) Facebook will know about every cache you've visited within geocaching.com at least as you're logged in into Facebook at the same time. Additionally to "like" a cache creates a link to that cache on your Facebook page, too. So exactly here we are back at what I want to get from Groundspeak: An option to disable this link from MY cache pages... 2. At least I don't care if the intention was to have a quick 'n dirty rating system or to eventually attract more people to geocaching or whatever. 3. Yes, I really believe that many (if not most) of the Facebook users are kind of idiotic! And they prove that to me in every single second! Making friends all the time just to have a huge number on your personal page IS idiotic. Telling people lots of crap regarding your daily life IS idiotic. Putting quite private pictures on such a page IS idiotic. As a Facebook user you don't have a chance to really distinguish between real world friends and Facebook friends but per default you show them about every personal info you have stored on that site. Isn't that idiotic? Do I need to continue with that list? So PLEASE don't believe that you've found the only truth in the world regarding Facebook. Having JUST 500 millions of users also does mean that another ~5.5 BILLION people in the world still refused to use that site. So you are part of a minority in the end... ;-) Bye, Christian Meh, they are doing it wrong. I keep my facebook page limited to people I know and am interested in. I have maybe 28 friends on facebook and I'm super interested to see the photos they post and what they are up to when I'm too busy/ far away to see them. Certainly, people should be careful what sorts of information they post on a site like facebook, but any useful tool has its downside. I'm not sure why people are automatically idiots for having a different hobby than chasing tupperware in the woods and inciting bomb scares You sound like you perhaps lack self control, but most of us can use the service and not do most of the "idiotic" things that keep you awake "every second" of the night. At the end of the day your generalizations, name calling and paranoia don't help you make the more finite argument I think you are going for. Either way, you aren't living your life very privately from what I can see Welcome to the internet!
  5. Guess I'll repost this here for posterity. Its a large container and pretty funny IMO. My favorite cache we've found I'd posted it in another thread as a joking suggestion for someone to do the same with their large container but really... This seems like a one in a million hide. Crazy thing is, once you know its there you realize its visable from the trail. Crazier thing, we walked right under it saying, "weird sign." the day before... the GPS told us we were REALLY far away, lol
  6. stupid question: WHY can't you bury most of a cache and have it listed? I mean, on your own property. Its not something I could even do if I wanted to but I'm really curious
  7. +2 sure! Still, watching people go down in flames is half the sport too. Testing the limits is the third half of the sport OT Gaf aint't dry
  8. Yep. Last night I was searching low in a public place by sitting down with my wife and dog to give hime water while I dug around with the other hand.
  9. d+n.s

    bonus caches

    Thanks for the info folks! Ah, this may be why I had the impression some were considered "bad" Couldn't remember what thread I saw someone complain about them in.
  10. pn 20 for $109 seems pretty good if its comperable with its younger brothers. What are the cons of that unit? What features does it lack? I'm not clear on what makes it more primitive than the newer units... Is it not high sensitivity?
  11. I need to check out that link thanks! I definitely think I'm covered on the road GPS front with my nuvi.
  12. What are they? Are they considered "bad form"? Are some better than others? Whats up with bonus caches? Do you post them a certain way or is it more of a personal cache? Do you get a smilie?
  13. I'm a long time member of another forum and the general rule there is, "if its more than a couple months old start a new thread. When in doubt, start a new thread." But things run a little faster over there with a larger member count and really heavy moderation (banning people who don't read the OP before hitting reply for example changes the dynamic a lot and tends to make the subtle differences between several similar threads mor interesting)
  14. Honestly, most regular sized caches I've found have been underwhelming thus far... smalls seem a little easier to hide somewhere tricky without being obnoxious and holding a TB. That said, my recent large is the greatest cache of all time...
  15. My wife and I have been caching fairly successfully with out Nuvi 255w. The only problem we run into is going into thick forests and such... it gets pretty silly. The way I see it, I can upgrade to premium, get GSAK and use our Nuvi and ipod to do most of the paperless stuff some of the fancy units do. Mainly we need something that works well on trails. Problem is, my wife is really cheap and part of what we enjoy about the hobby is that it can be done cheaply. I know we should spend more, but its just not that high up on our priority list right now. So, lets say I have access to paperless caching and a good road unit and only $200 (but hopefully less!!!) on a trail GPS... whats the best way to go? Accuracy in the woods and maybe somewhat detailedmaps are most important to us. My wife definitely would like a compas overlay (not a digital compass per se) The Delorme pn-20 or PN-30 seem promising. Can I get away with the 20? What are the differences? Any other budget GPS that I should be aware of? Thanks in advance and I'm sorry if this gets asked a lot. EDIT: Bonus points if I can buy it on BestBuy.com or its under $150
  16. Might be worth a look! thanks BTW- I'm very suprised no one has made some "official log protectors" or something. I mean, they do it with everything else right? If the price was right I could see someone having some success with resealable bags made of a thick material that have a stash not printed on the outside or something...
  17. If you look closely in the video you can see as the log book is being inserted that there is a zip lock track inside, and when the log is inside the person then finger seals the ziplock. I'm pretty sure that this is a black ziplock bag. You can find them on the web and they're used for things that are light sensitive. I used to have some that were just slightly larger than the one show, used for photography and storing rolls of exposed film to ensure no light damage to the roll. Oh wow! Really? thats kind of cool... How do they rate durability wise? To be completely honest, in the area of Austin I live in it would probably be easier for me to check some of the local "head shops"
  18. To address your question (and to answer the OP's question) vacation caches are not allowed UNLESS you have a viable maintenance plan. It could be that you travel to the area frequently and would have no difficulty maintaining it. It could be that you have enlisted a local geocacher to maintain it for you, or have a friend or relative who can watch it for you. If you have someone local who can maintain it it's best that he is a geocacher. If not it would be a good idea for the person to at least register on this site so he could put the cache on his watchlist and receive e-mails. It is also a good idea to mention who the maintainer is on the cache page so the locals know you didn't just dump a cache in their laps and leave. If you have a workable plan to maintain the cache it is likely to be published. But generally speaking it's best to leave the cache hiding to the locals. They are more likely to know the local rules and regulations. Too often caches are left behind by vacationers who have no maintenance plan. These are not published and become geolitter. Yeah. thats actually totally logical. We probably won't do it. I doubt my mom would register and check it with her 56k modem I was just planning on calling her. Oh well. Thanks for the advice.
  19. I don't think anyone here is suggesting people NOT get permission. Only that there are various signs many people aren't and a general curiosity how many people really are. I know for a fact that I've found at least one cache by a VERY prolific local cacher that was placed without permission. Why? Because I was approached by the property owner who spoiled the cache location for me and was very curious what it was! After I explained it, he seemed happy to finally know what it was. I don't think he minded the hide, but just wanted to know what it was after seeing people find it for months. Dumb question: Whats a plat map and where can I get one? Sounds useful. "I don't think anyone here is suggesting people NOT get permission." While that might be true, you'd be hard pressed to say that they aren't providing cover and a comfort zone for those seeking to do so. Really? I took it the other way... I feel like the thread was shining a spotlight on widespread lazy behaviour and hopefully making some folks uncomfortable I'm not THAT hard pressed to say this in the least... Guess it depends on your outlook on humanity, the universe and such
  20. Pill bottle - ick!! I've rarely seen one of those in the wild for a few months that had dry contents. They do not make good Geocache containers for the most part. ---- and yes - I use the freezer bags but only to separate the logbook from the rest of the cache - I want the container to keep things dry. I don't plan on using a ziplock OR a pill bottle as a geocache CONTAINER. Just a place to put the log IN the container as a last line of defense... Sorry if I wasn't clear in the OP. It was late I think it is one of these: http://www.myeyeglasscase.com/index.cfm/a/...20758/catid/209 and it doesn't seal tight... That looks right. Thanks for the info! Yeah, probably not a good choice.
  21. I don't think anyone here is suggesting people NOT get permission. Only that there are various signs many people aren't and a general curiosity how many people really are. I know for a fact that I've found at least one cache by a VERY prolific local cacher that was placed without permission. Why? Because I was approached by the property owner who spoiled the cache location for me and was very curious what it was! After I explained it, he seemed happy to finally know what it was. I don't think he minded the hide, but just wanted to know what it was after seeing people find it for months. Dumb question: Whats a plat map and where can I get one? Sounds useful.
  22. I imagine he did it online and informed the CO of the problem via NM log. If the CO decides that he didn't "find" the cache because he didn't sign a physical log they can address it themselves, but I can't think of a reason for the rest of us to have an opinion about this. Its not our propert afterall and this is just a listing site right? Unless, I don't understand the question...
  23. ahhhhh... I see... This is good to know, thanks! I'm assuming they look just like the regular ones but thicker? I may have to snag some. I still wonder what that bag in the video is... Looks kind of like this bag http://www.aquapac.net/usstore/belt-case-br-824-1653-0.html but those are too pricey to be it I would assume
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