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  1. :/ Please don't hide them in the woods either. I'm scared of bugs and snakes
  2. I imagine many would leave the "right" ball on the top of the heap. Seems sort of backwards to "get off" on wasting other cachers time, but its your cache.
  3. Large urban you say? What sort of container?
  4. It wen't really well.Dusk (about 8p-9p) was plenty fine for both caches we went to
  5. +1 If your cache container really is waterproof then you don't need ziplocks. Ziplocks soon wear out or don't get sealed properly by cachers and if water can get into the cache container it will also get inside the ziplock and the bag will trap moisture next to the logbook. Save your money by not buying ziplocks and put it towards some truly waterproof containers. Believe it or not I can afford both. I'll spend my money how I please.
  6. WOW how could I have known the OP was an iPhone user?? He didn't mention that in his original note,, and it certainly couldn't have been deduced from his attitude.. do people still play this boring game? Its 2010 People start throwing mud a little too quick 'round here over something as minor as geocaching and consumer electronics
  7. Gonna go try tonight. We'll see!
  8. I've considered using my music as a travel bug.
  9. how dark does it need to be? Its been getting dark really late lately, but the parks close @10. Do fire tacks require complete blackness or just "mostly blackness"? I ask because my friend who introduced me to caching is visiting from out of town and for our reunion (lol) we wan't to do something uniques, but also beat the heat.
  10. Unfortunately, in your frustration you said some harsh stuff about your local volunteer reviewers. People here seem to immediately hate anyone who does this. At the core of your argument, I see a lot of truth. It sounds like maybe your mistake was handled rather callously. still, reviewers can have a pretty hefty workload from what I understand and they may not have had the time to hold your hand and treat your individual case within it's context. Looks like everybody made some mistakes. Perhaps you should show them more patience than they showed you? I'm not sure. I'm new too, but it seems like you are digging a hole for yourself whenever you vent about reviewers here. I can sort of see why, but it makes for some pretty boring and intellectually dishonest discussions :/ everyone loses
  11. I'm excited to see these responses. One day, I would like to do something of the sort (when I'm ready) and I'm happy seeing some great examples.. although I wish there were more spoilers but how many paint stores, store 5gal buckets of paint outside? inside caches aren't allowed. I wasn't suggesting it wouldn't look out of place if someone stopped and thought about it. I just figure it wouldn't catch the eyes of the average passerby. I also wasn't suggesting hiding it inside. Heck I wasn't even suggesting it was a good idea!
  12. I know that you should choose the cache size to suit the setting, but I'm curious if anyone has seen a well done large cache in a public setting? The best I can think is a 5 gallon bucket in plain sight at a paint store... Just curious. The thing I enjoy most about geocaching is the, "and this has been here for HOW long!?" aspect
  13. when all else fails, remember that the coordinates are often a bit off. don't focus on your GPS too much. If you see a good spot near GZ check it out. both your GPS AND their GPS are probably a bit off and this makes most coordinates less than perfect in my experience. especially when trees and power lines are involoved
  14. Good thing i didn't read this before i did it or i would have been scared! Ha. Yes, it's hollowed out already, nothing happened. Thank goodness! Another question. This will be my first hidden cache. i'm going to test it in my yard for 2 weeks first though. Anyway, how can i give a FTF prize? It's only big enough to hold a log sheet... i also emailed the YMCA to ask permission to place a cache. If permission granted i'm going to leave a 6 class card for FTF. i'd like to do something for my golf cache. the store on the site has a really small geocoin labeled "first to find" I think it could easily fit in a micro http://shop.Groundspeak.com/productDetail....;ProductID=287# these are tiny too http://shop.Groundspeak.com/productDetail....;ProductID=266# example picture: http://shop.Groundspeak.com/photoPopUp.cfm?ProductID=266 might work
  15. I replaced the cache today. I feel better. I am considering going back and leaving a sort of failsafe, but I figure I should keep my involvment to a minimum.
  16. I'm not sure "terrible" is the word I'd use. Maybe "challenging" I've been to several Trail Clean up type Events, and yes, they do go back to being dirty/trashy pretty quick it seems. The section of Bike Trail that my son and I maintain is a classic example. Once or twice a month we walk the trail and pick stuff up, and it doesn't even make a dent. I placed a cache at one end of the trail, much like your idea, and it really had very little impact if any. On the other hand, gatherings like the Annual Yosemite Facelift have tons of people spread out over several hundred miles of National Park. Does it make a difference? To be honest, not really, but the climbing community gets some great leverage and goodwill from the Park Service for the 3,000+ people that it attracts each year. So much so, that the organizer was honored with a special commendation from the Park for his efforts. While the cache idea is a great, I'd be surprised if it really had much in the way of results. At least with a CITO Event, you could get some recognition from the Land Manager for your efforts. Thats a fair point and I think you get it. That said, I had intended to pitch the concept to the land manager. I'm now sort of leaning towards no cache at all now. I don't have the time for a CITO event and it seems like my multi idea sucks.
  17. There is a local cache that has been driving my wife and I nutty. Today we found it. It was hanging in a long metal pipe with a short paper clip. When we went to replace it, I accidently dropped it into said pipe. Now I don't know what to do really. I logged a NM and a find it reads like this: Found NM does this all seem right? I also sent a more detailed e-mail to the CO. I originally was going to just replace the cache before even hearing from the CO, but my wife talked me out of it because they may have a plan or method for retrieving the cache. I'm so bummed.
  18. Just curious, is there a reason you say this? It seems like a terrible place for a CITO event IMO, unless one part of the group just wants to watch or something... Its long and thin. about 2 people can clean it at a time and it just gets dirty the next time it rains. Small bits of occaisional maintenence seems more useful than one big push. thats how the volunteers do it at least.
  19. i am still not clear what you mean with the "extra find", is it an additional cache? Really I guess "bonus smiley" is more accurate. Like you had said, its two smilies and one cache. Its just not something specific to mulit-caches that I'm talking about, which is why I was putting emphasis on the word "find"... We are getting tangled in knots... Sorry. Here are some examples of what I mean: GC13b59 GC1186f GCjg9b I'm not sure if this helps.
  20. To answer the question: Yes, logging a cache online without finding it is clearly cheating. You probably should have just asked the question point blank without all of the background if thats the only answer you wanted. Side discussion: Would it bother me if I were in your shoes? Maybe. When I hide a cache I hope the first find isn't phony. Would I delete the log? Yes. Would I police the logs for a cahe's life? probably not. I've logged a DNF do to forgeting my pen and I am far from a puritan. The LOG is almost the "prize" for the cache hider from my viewpoint.
  21. Thats sort of my question, but I think you misunderstand me. I've seen caches in my area that ask you to do something special for an extra "find" Examples include posting a picture of yourself wearng a hat in the cache, kissing someone or standing beneath a certain funny sign near GZ. I'm not sure if they have them everywhere or if its regional, but I was curious if people frowned on these sort of things? I've never done one myself... I was just considering the same but with CITO Ehh... I've considered doing an event, but it doesn't seem to be optimal for a few reasons: 1. The area simply will never "stay clean" due to the fact that a lot of trash washes into it every time it rains. so a single event would mostly be for fun/show. 2. My schedule is insane and I can't ever make plans more than a few days in advance. There ARE people who seem to clean the area up a little occasionally working with certain groups, but I can't help but feel that the infrequent cacher doing a quick sweep might be something nice in addition to the current cleanup efforts. I could forsee doing an event IN ADDITION to the cache placement itself if things worked out right for me personally with work, but that seems like a long shot.
  22. I will admit we've done this once. There is a trail here with a trashcan in the parking lot and nowhere else. The dog pooped early on in the journey. Instead of doubling back or carrying a turd for the rest of the journey we hid the little "poo cache" to be recovered on the way back to the car. Only happened to me once, but I'm assuming it happens often to others. as for leashes, I always have my dog leashed except at dog parks. More caches should be hidden in dog parks btw...
  23. You know, if someone did an event of this kind it could REALLY give geocaching some good PR in that area. I don't know much on the legalities, but it could b pretty sweet.
  24. There is a trail behind a place I work quite often. Its a really neat spot, but a lot of trash washes down into it. I was considering putting a mulit-cache on this trail. The first stage would be a small container with trash bags and a note explaining the cache's concept. You would follow the redirects down the trail picking up trash and reach the final stage. If you took a picture of yourself at the final stage holding a bag of trash (it doesn't have to be full) you could log it as a bonus smilie. Is something like this okay? You wouldn't need to cito to get the cache, but you get a "bonus find" if you do... I'm not sure how fair this would be if it worked, since if the trail happened to be clean cachers may feel deprived. Just wondering. EDIT: The "trail" itself is a stone walkway along a creek in the city. Trash and stuff washes down into this creek everytime it rains, but the walkway itself is really nice and goes past some really nice areas.
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