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  1. That's an interesting information for this other bug... I wouldn't want to be the guy who messed up the instant notifications before going on holiday once he returns... Sorry for the interruption
  2. In the meantime, maybe there's a way to manually re-send the notifications at least for recently published events ?
  3. Please keep us posted on the progress and let us know when there is a solution. Thx Hallo Frau Potter, It looks like there is no viable solution since last week. That's a pity but still, could you at least provide us with some feedback ? That would much appreciated. Thx
  4. Same here : GC625AV. No notification => no "will attend". That's an issue that needs to be solved. Quickly !
  5. Please NO ! It already exists for those who want it (GSAK / phone application) an there are (at least) 2 bad consequences : - logs with "TFTC" signatures (or ".", "found it !", or even worse) and nothing else as content. - endless signatures (probably to have a good score at the number of words per logs challenges) which are endlessly unintersting and where the real cache-related content, when it exists, is hard to even find. People tend to be lazy. If logs are pre-filled, they for sure will be
  6. You are likely seeing the issue on the map where search does not work if you are using http:// protocol (as opposed to https://). This has been fixed and the fix will go live at out next site update. That solution works like a charm, thanks Moun10Bike. However, people don't stumble upon the http page. You should fix the broken links, e.g. : - in a cache description, the links to the maps in the "For online maps..." section are all http - the little map icon in the profile page (my/default.aspx) in the "Search Options > Search for geocaches" section redircts to the http map (wheras the two links next to it are correct) - there may be more, I don't know. I had the old map in my favorites, and probably am not the only one in that case. For those who won't dig into the forum to find this answer, a simple rewrite rule would do the math, no ?
  7. Ellsworth6250 Nava8931 Donovan347
  8. Next ones : Marshall6055 Merrill2350 Oh, and I hadn't been on the forum for ages, FWIW
  9. Hi all, When I go to that page : The 7 Souvenirs of August Then clic, on the first souvenir circle (for example, the same goes for all others), then in the link in the popup bubble Find a Nearby Traditional Cache, I am proposed a list of nearby caches to find. Great ! The problem is : I either already found all of them, or I am their proud owner. Please filter out the caches I own/have found from these listings
  10. I noticed that, when an owner is banned, his archived caches are disabled as well as his active ones. For example : WWFM VII - Itterswiller (France 67) As a result, the cache appears on the map as disabled instead of not showing at all.
  11. Thanks ! It did the trick
  12. See this log for example : http://coord.info/GLA2Y7HX It looks just awful. All the line feeds seem to be ignored by the page generator since the latest site update. Please fix ASAP !
  13. Das Event findet in 2 Wochen statt...
  14. Salut, am 14 April organisiere ich mein 1. Event. Es handelt sich um ein MTB Event im Haslacher Wald (Start in Oberhsalach, ca. 30 km Westlich von Strasburg). Am Programm : - 30 km - ca. 1000 Höhenunterschied - Burgen, Ruinen - Wasserfälle - 15 Cachen - ein 2. Event gleich danach mit leckeren Flammkuchen - zum Schluss noch eine Nachtcache - hoffentlich viel Spass ! Wenn der eine oder der andere mal Interesse haben sollte, hier die Links : MTB Event Restaurant Event Nacht Cache Grüsse aus Frankreich, Gillala
  15. No you can't ! It is only possible to edit the coordinates in the listings of multi and mistery caches, not for others ! By the way, it would be great to have this possiblity not only for Wherigo, but for all cache types. Letterboxes are not always at there given coords, tradis may be badly placed...
  16. We have different icons for tradis, multis because we want to be able to distinguish between them... And we want to be able to filter which type(s) of cache to display. Why ? Because we somehow find it useful. Why then would it be different with enabled/disabled caches ? If disabled caches are displayed differently, that's because we already want to distinguish them from enabled. It would then be logical if, like with cache types, we could also filter disabled caches. Moreover, as someone said, the difference enabled/disabled is only visible for strong zoom levels. When zooming out, we can no longer see which caches are active and which ones are not. A toggle button would make up for that problem...
  17. Hi, I live in a France near the German boarder and a lot of tourists may come and visit my/neighbour caches. That is of course the case for a lot of people. I therefore try to make a specific description of my caches in different French/German/English. The problem is that the listing can quickly become very long and thus no longer very user friendly. I think it would be a great feature if there was the possiblity to define in which languages the cache is described when we create / edit it. If several languages are selected, there would be a tabcontainer and in each tab, the cache description in its respective language. Of course, the idea can be bettered, but the general principle of separating several languages is IMHO worth th eimplementation. Isn't it ? Thx
  18. It depends on what view you're in. If you look at the list of caches some user has found, then the "last found" column reflects the date when this user has found the cache, and sorting is applied on that also. If you look at any other (?) list of caches, say from a certain location, then "last found" is last found by anyone, and sorting works accordingly too. Serisouly, it's always been like that. Well at least the display, I don't know about the sorting. I'm also not sure if it also worked that way if you looked at your own list of finds, but I would think it did. I'm talking about the My Public Profile > Geocaches > All Geocache Finds page (which is basicly just a a find caches by username search result using my username. yes, that has always been the list of your finds chronologically based on the date you found it, and i wouldn't want it any other way...would be quite useless, after all its my own profile why do i care when someone else found it? Again, the list of your finds comes up in chronological order by default, so if you don't care about when other cachers find the same cache you did, just don't click on the Last Found to sort the finds. Some of us really enjoyed being able to sort that column and see what caches had been found recently by other cachers. I don't see the reasoning that that needed to be changed back. How about appeasing both parties and adding a second sorting option to the column? One sort would be for when YOU found the cache, the other would sort it by when the cache was last found by anyone. +1 I like to know which of my founds have been found recently, which ones have not been found for a long time... It used to be easy with the filter "by last found", it is now close to impossible... Please bring the filter back !
  19. The new design is OK, but there are way too much features that I can't find/use in this new release: - WHY THIS FIXED SIZE !!! I understand that IE users somehow are still a good amount of the total users. Fair enough, make an If statement for them, let them use the narrow design. If it's OK for them, they'll stay with IE, if not they'll change. But let others, who also represent a lot of users, profit from using a good internet browser respecting standards and offer us a site that uses the whole width! I personaly use FF/Chrome and 17"/23" monitors. And I don't want to spend my whole time on GC.com scrolling down because of a browser I don't even use! - The old map is working again. Great! However, it's way to narrow (see above...). Moreover, when I zoom out too much, the error message with the 500 caches now appears as a simple question mark. - The new map is cool, I really like it. Would be better if PMO caches were only visible for PM. I also don't care, as a PM, which caches are PMO. So I don't see the point having an extra icon for those caches. It's only confusing as when I zoom out to a certain range, all PMO caches are just the same regardless of whether they're tradis, multis or mysteries. And that is bad! What's more of a problem is that I can't find a way to differenciate between active and inactives caches like in the old map. Also, it would be great, and probably not that difficult, to save the state of the "use personalization" checkbox, so that I don't have to check it again everytime I open the new map. A collapsable side panel listing the caches wouldn't hurt too. At least for certain zoom levels. If it's possible to do it with the personalization, it shouldn't be that hard to make the same with a caches list. - When viewing my profile, I usually used to filter my founds by "last found". That appears to no longer work! Of course, another annoying point is that the tables are spread onto so many rows, see above...
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