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  1. I figured I'd share the log from my 1000th find at GC2MQ0X, where I dropped an appropriately themed coin. Thanks for the cointest. March 31 by kungfuhippie (1078 found) 1000 s! We did it. Arrr, that Cap'n Goldie be devious, mischievous & all-round excellent cache hider. Some may think me over-confident and insane to attempt to sail this one with the wee ones along, but I had set this as my goal for #1000. Our ship set sail from the pirate port of Madison in the early morn and headed into the sun. Before long, it was time to tackle this beastie - note to self (when the description says it's a multi and you look for the final at WP1, you run the risk of looking like an idiot!) The crew disembarked at one of our favorite ports of call and immediately set out towards WP1. There was some confusion due to the early hour rum session, but eventually that got sorted. I posted the older geo-pirate as lookout, while the little monkey and I attempted to plunder the needed info. There were visions of a watery grave for us all, but we had success. Off to WP2, were the scallywags before us had laid false trails to keep us from our rightful treasure. We fought through the deception and came away with another piece of the puzzle, which led us to WP3. Ahh a water trick you say, we've got a trick. At this point there was an attempt to convince the crew that lowering them to our prize was the best idea. Here the crew mutinied and forced me to walk the plank right into the drink. So there I be, one monkey strapped to my chest and one in my arms braving the shark filled waters to secure my map. As we prepared for the return trip, I heard a commotion and spotted a muggle who was obviously confused at the scene presented to him. A wave and a splash later and we were back aboard. Luckily due to some inside pirate info, there was a fresh change of uniform for me. Onwards to the final, were we traded some treasures and left a Legendary Cachekinz, it seemed the perfect place for a sea monster to hang out. Thanks for an awesome cache to use as my milestone, now it's off to explain to the wife what we did today! Played pirates boys, leave it at that... A little known fact: Pirates & Hippies are distantly related. Dirty dreadlocks, rum, different idea about personal possessions...hmmm. Now where's my rum! Glad to join this crew of swashbucklers that have finished the adventure.
  2. Happy Birthday! Our son Liam celebrates 3 on Tues
  3. That might be the coolest mystery coin I've seen, of course I'm a Star Wars fanboy.
  4. Can I get lucky #13! I'm guessing no one else is keen on that one.
  5. Email sent. It's my favorite time of the year!
  6. Beautiful coin! I'll have to see if I can convince the boss to let me get a set.
  7. He arrived today, thanks so much for the fun. Hopefully, I'll see everyone again next year for another go.
  8. Thanks Philly, missed the game and to be honest I didn't expect that
  9. With that Premium Membership, I'd be using Pocket Queries -- but that's another thread. You really DO want to look into that. Probably the #1 reason for paying the subscription. First - is there any chance that you already have 500 caches on your Summit? That's the limit. Second - are those caches far from your current position? If so, that could be why they don't appear for you. You'd need to search by Name, not by GC Code, if you want caches to show up that are distant. I just started having problems transferring to my Vista HCx today. Yesterday evening everything was working fine. Wonder if it's a software update bug? No Caches on the machine at all, just cleared all off. Never had 500 anyway. When I look up GC....... cache pages a button says "Send to my GPS", never failed to work before!! Where do I find Pocket Queries? http://www.geocaching.com/pocket/default.aspx I just started having the same problem loading to my 60CSx
  10. My bad, didn't realize the wife was logged in instead of my account, but it applies for both of us.
  11. This is the best quote IMHO, nice and succinct. I'd definitely be interested in this coin if and when it becomes available.
  12. Voted and shared it out on my FB page so hopefully that gets you some extra votes.
  13. I completely understand as there are a couple of caches near me that seem to continually have trackables go missing, I've got them on my watchlist and try to move any coins that people drop since it keeps happening within a day or so of them being dropped. I have no problem with proxies, found several and tried to help them along on their missions just like an original coin. If I ever do decide to send out any of my coins, it would be as a proxy since I don't want to have them stolen. Hopefully yours travel well if you send them out.
  14. I'd be willing to come represent WI since I have family in MT it would be a good excuse to come to GCF.
  15. Joined up all 3; perfect two of my favorite things geocaching/geocoins and an excuse to watch football!
  16. In the spirit of electoral fun here, voters - please feel free to vote for me as a write-in candidate! Oh and if you are a special interest group that can bring me a large block of voters PM and we will work out a price. Truly though, great photos you guys and a most excellent challenge coming out of Yimerica. I'm enjoying watching this thread even if not competing directly.
  17. Very nice coins, I'm definitely a fan!
  18. coin arrived today, thank you so much!
  19. This thread is encouraging, I might be able to convince the wife to let me get my own coin after all.
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