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  1. Is this rare? Because I've not been able to find a single thing out there on this issue. Apologies if I've just overlooked it, but even the official FAQ seems to be lacking in what to do when this happens. I purchased 3 trackables quite some months back. 1 "Tiffany The Zombie" keychain, 1 "Zoltan The Zombie" keychain, and 1 FTF coin. I activated the FTF coin awhile back, and it is activated under my account, but I was just trying to activate both of the zombie keychains, and it's telling me that both of them have already been activated by someone else. I sent a ticket in to the guys up stairs, but I figured I might get a quicker response here. Thanks for any help you can give! EDIT: Max and 99 replied to a comment I made under another post right before making this thread, and asked if they were supposed to be unactivated. I'm such a sporadic geocacher, and should be considered a newbie still, so I don't know tbh. I purchashed them from the geocaching.com USA shop. I don't remember the trackables page stating anything about them being unactivated. I don't see them on the shop anymore, but on my invoice they are listed together as a pack: Zombies Travel Tag Set- Last Chance!!! SKU: 609556003516 so I am guessing they were clearance.
  2. EDIT - STARTED MY OWN THREAD. SEE HERE: What to do if your trackables have already been activated by other people? - Travel Bugs - Geocaching Forums
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