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  1. icon_mad.gif


    -- Copy of email sent to CO Admin --

    You: I am archiving this vacation cache untill I am notified of how you plan to maintain it.


    Me: (1) Traveling Bear lives in New Orleans and has agreed to maintain the cache. (2) Do not archive my caches without first attempting to contact me. (3) Reactivate the cache immediately .. an apology would be nice.


    GC.com needs to monitor the caches that are registered on its website. That said, the data that it manages is provided by volunteers for free despite massive amounts of time, money, and creativity required to create each cache. Ce n'est qu'une Micro-Cache should not have been archived without at least an email to me.

  2. quote:
    Originally posted by ChiefPig:

    What's that gunk on the cover/lid????? icon_eek.gif


    The lid has a very strong magnet epoxied to it. Without giving away too much information, I can say that it's part of the secret of how it remains hidden! Shhh! Anyway, the magnet has some rust on it because when I epoxied the the magnet on, I accidentally let some ruin the threads of the container so it is perpetually wet. We learn.

  3. Travelling Bear sent me this photo of my micro-cache. He said he identified it as enough marijuana for two cigarettes.


    [There is no need to speculate on who but it there. line removed by CO Admin]


    What intrigues me is that one one has taken the initiative to throw it away.




    [This message was edited by CO Admin on October 09, 2003 at 11:42 AM.]

  4. quote:
    Originally posted by GLM:


    Since Bish didn't find the cache, this may or may not be pointed towards the cache??



    His coordinates were ~80 feet from the actual cache. He said the camera was 30-50 meters from his coordinates. So the camera may be right next to the cache or 200 feet from the cache. You're right, Gary, I need to check it out for myself.

  5. Today I received the following email:

    Subject: Geocaching.com Weekly Cache Notification

    Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2003 18:05:43 -0400

    From: Geocaching Notify Bot <notify@worldnet.att.net>


    Greetings from Geocaching.com -


    Recent caches in your area...


    2/5/2003 (Oklahoma)

    Bling Bling by Darkmoon

    (Traditional Cache) (GCD047) (1.71 miles NW)



    2/8/2003 (Oklahoma)

    Oklahoma Geocachers Morning Meeting by BootsWalker

    (Event Cache) (GC1B89) (2.36 miles N)



    5/3/2003 (Oklahoma)

    Oklahoma Spring Fling by OkDoke &


    It was followed by the following message that was tagged on by my corporate email account:


    The file attached to this email was removed because it was infected with the W32.Bugbear.B@mm virus.

  6. Posting such an "announcement" in a world-wide forum is about getting a reaction. Brian's reaction is what I'd expect in this thread.


    My guess is that Klause (whether he realizes it or not) would like others to hear the whole story but doesn't want to be seen as making a bad exit.


    Can someone just supply a brief synopsis of what happened so we can get this over with?

  7. "Bark-ouflage" is the term I've come up with to describe what is a funny geocaching phenomenon. This is when someone uses strips of park to cover a hollow or other hiding spot. It actually is a great way to find caches since nothing looks more out of place than barkouflage. You can spot it a mile away.

  8. Knowing the history of geocaches in Great Falls, MD, I'm fairly confident that this was taken from one of the few geocaches that were there prior to the "Great Shake-Up of 2002" in the Geocache/NPS community. Most likely, the sticker (it may have been a liminated card) came from one of Gammaboo's caches.


    I think it would be very funny to post the coordinates of the ranger station and require that geocachers request to use the bathroom to earn the find. Alas, my livlihood is somewhat connected to my reason for having founs this funniness and even I admit that this would be less than professional.

  9. quote:
    The next question is, why all the measuring equipment in the bathroom?

    The measuring equipment was in my backpack ... my backpack was on my back which is positioned roughly above my bladder ... my bladder was positioned more or less above and adjacent to the bowl.

  10. quote:
    Originally posted by flask:

    what i want to know is why do you have a camera in the bathroom?

    Very good question ... one that I must answer lest the rumors begin. I was actually armed with a backpack full of fun tools (measuring wheel, GPS, sonic measurer, 100-ft measuring tape, digital camera, and flashlight ... all neccesary tools for the work I'm performing for the NPS).

  11. Nice catch ... I'm made the map using Microsoft Streets & Trips and manually overlaid the two views. I flipped the eastern hemispere horizontally and vertically (effectively rotated it 180 degrees). This time I simply flipped it vertically ... much better. Alas ... still not very many oportunistic places to show land-land anti-locations (I mean "antipodes") ... by the way, I'd love to read the Isaac Asimov essay if you have it, RogBarn.


    Anyone planning a trip to Hawaii and Botswana this summer?


    ... or a trip to the Kerguelen Islands in the the Indian Oceas, then heading over to Alberta Canada?




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  12. I was considering proposing a locationless cache that would require photos (of your GPSr) in anti-locations ... two locations on opposite sides of the planet. However, I have come to realize that there are not many anti-locations that are both on land.


    For example, below is my anti-house ... very wet. Does anyone "anti-live" in a cool location? It'd be fun to be able to say you live in "Anti-Mecca" or in "Anti-Red Square" ... or even in the middle of the Anti-Saharan Desert!



  13. While balancing my checkbook today, I was finally confronted with the decision ... keep my membership or request a refund. I decided that I didn't feel right that the fee was taken without a reminder or confirmation request. I emailed Groundspeak requesting that the payment fe refunded.


    Within hours, the refund was made. Cheers to Groundspeak!


    For the past sevral months I have focused on family and work, leaving most of my enjoyment of geocaching to placing and maintaining my caches for others to find. If more opportunity presents itself, and I start hunting more geocaches, I will not hesitate to re-subscribe to the service (or if some really cool functionality is added).




  14. Yes. Thank you. So last March, we all signed up for automatic withdrawl from our bank accounts. This information was not clearly made at the time. I have been unable to find a setting here or at PayPal to deactivate automatic renewal. I'm guessing that automatic renewal was part of the enhanced functionality that comes with membership?

  15. 1. When I made my original $30 payment, I had no intention of making it a lifetime subscription. I was anxious to support Geocaching.com which had a stated mission to greatly expand the functionality of the site. I paid with a "let's see" outlook.


    Are the three clearly described methods ("Monthly Charter Membership (Renews Monthly), Annual Charter Membership (Does not renew), Annual Charter Membership (Renews Annually)" the same options I had a year ago? ... or has this information been added or clarified? I know I would never have purposefully selected the third option ... never.


    2. Thanks for the link to the PayPal Warning thread. Isn't that crazy? However, I don't think that this has anything to do with that.


    3. I am unable to find any account setting here or at PayPal that indicates that I have a recurring automatic checking account withdrawl set up.


    4. I'd like to think that should I decide not to renew, Groundspeak will refund this payment?

  16. I just received an email from PayPal saying that I "sent $30.00 to

    Groundspeak as a subscription payment."


    When I signed up a year ago, I never selected an automatic renewal option. I did not authorize this payment. I've searched the forum for this topic and have found some references to automatic renewal but could not resolve my concern.


    Please point out to me the account setting or option that I overlooked for this to happen. While I may be willing to renew, I am still undecided. I would have preferred an email requesting confirmation before such a transaction straight from my checking account.

  17. Can someone expain or refer me to an explanation of why my membership was just automatically renewed? I recieved an email from PayPal confirming that I "sent $30.00 to Groundspeak as a subscription payment."


    I don't ever remember setting up a recurring payment option.

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