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  1. Alright, which one of yous have been searching for a new GPS over at yahoo?! I was just logging into my email over at yahoo and any of you who ever have browsed around yahoo may have noticed the "trending now" list they have over there. Number 10 on the list this evening is "GPS systems". (Hulk Hogan took spot 2, while "tight pants ban" rules spot 8) I, of course, couldn't help but think of geocaching. Not sure if there are a bunch of people simply searching for GPSes or searching for GPSes for searching caches. Geocaching itself did not show on the "trending now" list. I have no idea if this list is compiled from searches only using yahoo search engine or of several different engines. I suppose if it was just a list made from yahoo search engine then that might be like, uh I dunno, maybe 4 people entered "GPS" in the search bar. (unless of course yahoo's search engine is powered by google or bing, hell if I know) Anyhow, found it only slightly interesting and thought I would share. much respect~ 5$
  2. I am pretty new to all this, and I haven't made many yet, but you can see mine on my profile gallery. I just received an email recently from someone who found one of mine and traded for a geocoin. They just wanted to let me know that they really liked it and planned to keep it in their collection. I thought it was nice of them to take the time to say as much. much respect~ 5$
  3. I traded a Bob Marley tee shirt several years ago to a guy I met going by the name of Biscuit (pretty certain that wasn't the name on his birth certificate) for a guitar that he purchased for 5$ at a yard sale. The tee shirt was pretty awesome, but I have to guess, the guitar surely has lasted longer than that ole shirt! I also use this name for my music. ~ 5$
  4. In Florida its "Sabal Palm" trees, a pill bottle or film can stuck in one of the dead branch notches that go all the way around, top to bottom on the trunk. yet another thread tonight that has me chuckling. (perhaps I just have the giggles) anyhow moparots, I was about to post the same response. palms, palms, palms. I was at a cache last week and guess where the friggin film canister was hidden?! I mean I assume it was a film canister.....that is what I have seen and I assume it's because they fit in the branch notches so well (least the handful I have gone after)..... I don't actually know because I refused to go in after it. Hiders need to remember that as palms in the wild lose leaves/branches they just die and hang there. They do not fall to the ground usually for some time. This is what happens without a nice tree trimming guy to come and pretty it all up..... and then eventually there is a many month layer of dead, dry, stacked palm leaves waiting until they finally fall off. But the real hazard is that wasps LOVE to nest in those babies when they get like that. this isn't a Sabal Palm, but its gives you an idea of what palms look like in the wild as the leaves pile up. I thought I should post a picture for anyone who isn't familiar with what I am talking about. Sabals are a bit shorter and stalkier. and here is a huge yellow jacket nest under the branches of a palm. This nest is pretty exposed but you can understand what I am getting at..... once the leaves pile up the nest becomes hidden and you wouldn't even know they were there...... well, until you started rustling around for a cache that is. Other types of wasps like to just build multiple cone nests all within and under the dead leaves. and this has nothing to do with anything except that when you google for images of wasps on sabal palms he comes up as a result. Don't ask me, ask google. So anyhow, the cache in that particular palm I was talking about that I didn't bother going after..... I was looking at the tree and I bent down and looked up into the dead leaf folds and sure enough, HUGE wasps nests. Take it as a public service warning: when hunting caches in the south hidden in palm trees with many dead branches PLEASE BE CAREFUL> edited to add.
  5. I have (mostly) been logging the trade details on the online logs. I worry about taking up too much space in the physical log. I like to find logs with entries going back as many years as possible, or at least to the beginning of the cache's birth. For that reason I wouldn't want to fill up the log book so that it has to be replaced sooner than it needs to be. I wasn't sure if you are expected to write it into the physical logs though.
  6. That is what I have been doing, but I didn't know if I was being too wordy, or if most people were hoping that others would let them know what they took, what they left, and if they collected a sig item. I knew for certain you are supposed to log any collected tags. thanks!
  7. Personally, my comments were not intended to suggest that a .22 shell is good swag. Clearly it goes against the guidelines, and (like I said earlier) is not a safe item to leave around. My comments were intended to suggest that, although not good swag, they are not "not family friendly", but that the condom that was mentioned, but not addressed not family friendly was the item of the two that was actually family unfriendly. (did that make any sense?) yes indeed it does, but somehow my mind read it to imply that you were saying "condoms are not family friendly" because condoms prevent families. procreation. anyhow, I am starting to think now it is maybe more my brain and the way I look at things that had me laughing earlier. though, there still are some awfully funny replies on this post. That is not, however to take away from the fact that neither condoms nor bullets are responsible swag. well, the condom might be responsible I guess, depending on how you look at it...... but maybe not appropriate. Someone else mentioned the crazy thought of someone actually using said condom, seriously, too funny. maybe the bullet was just in case you used the condom to find it had been tampered with and now you might wanna shoot yourself in the foot for being such a moron. anyhow, I digress. Bullets and condoms do not make good swag. (period)
  8. Kinda curious, I am sure there is no one rule and therefore different answers. If you find a signature item in a cache (nontrackable) would you mention if you took it in your log on find? Do you always write in the online log what you took or what you left? thank you for sharing! much respect ~5$
  9. I am a little confused as to whether this post is supposed to be funny or not. I mean the original post was a little disheartening, yes, I would think bullets are not good swag..... BUT everything that came after that post is freakin' hysterical!!
  10. I seriously LOVE the people here!! So far I have met 99.9% genuine, kind, friendly, and otherwise, kick-butt folks! I received an email message from a fellow cacher who has offered to send me an old GPS that they no longer need. That's right, I can now geocache the way it was meant to be done! I offered to pay for any mailing costs and they replied, "if you like you can send 5$, doesn't matter much. If you do, you will have a 5$ GPS and a 5$ guitar!" I really do own a 5$ guitar, btw. Made me smile even more. I would have never been able to afford these items (membership, or GPS) anytime soon. The kindness of others absolutely makes me I am overflowing with warm and fuzzies!! I really want to dive into this game/sport/hobby with all I got, and now, there is nothing holding me back!! THANK YOU, all of YOU. There are honestly no words large enough to say how BIG my gratitude is. I am beside myself with how truly awesome this community is. tons of love, much respect~ 5$ (I can hardly wait to pay all this kindness and generosity forward!!!)
  11. The thing that I am noticing about micros in Florida, is that most of them (not that I have found a ton or anything) seemed to be hidden in the down folds of palm trees. Not very creative once you have found 3-6 there. You tend to know just where to look. The other aspect of hiding in the palm "bark" is that wasps LOVE to make nests in the dead and hanging layers of palm leaves. I personally will not go digging them out for this reason. ~ 5$
  12. It isn't finding caches sans GPS that is the problem. It is hiding them. Most of us would rather you used a GPS to get the coordinates for a new hide. I say give it to someone that is in need of one. If you place it in a cache that needy person will need a GPS to find the GPS. I would never attempt to hide without a GPS. I could just imagine how far off that might send some poor cacher! ~ 5$
  13. This might be wrong for me to suggest such a thing, but just to put it out there.... if you have a GPS (anyone, not just OP) that is not worth much for a resell, (like on ebay or something) and it is user friendly for someone who has NEVER even held a GPS before...... I cannot offer money at this time, but I would be more than happy to make you one of my signature pieces (mail it direct to you) with any theme or insignia you would like, as a barter. yes, I totally realize this is probably not a fair trade, and I hope I don't sound like an a** for making the offer. Just saying as much since at least 2 people here are talking about old GPS they have, don't use, and are not worth much. I only need one to geocache. (I could offer money for one at a later date. my intention now is to save to by a used one. I am hearing that I can get one for 50-60 dollars. found one on craigslist for 25$, but then a fellow cacher told me that this particular model probably wasn't even worth that! : )
  14. ..... I recently caught wind that some cachers frown on the act of cache hunting without a GPS, I will admit it (ducks and covers) yes..... no GPS here. I plan to get one when I can spend the money on a used one though.... please don't hate!! btw, I am no where near Idaho, sadly. Besides if he hid it in a good quality cache, I would never find it anyhow, because for now I can only attempt the more urban caches. I think it is an awesome thing though gifting it as swag. Even if the person who finds it has a GPS maybe they might have a kid who could use it or know someone who could use it. Hopefully cachers will be kind enough to just leave it behind if they have no use for it at all. edited because I type stoopid sometimes.
  15. That would be pretty good swag, as swag goes. I'm keeping my other working GPSr as a backup. Besides, it does street maps nicer than my Oregon 450, so I'm using it for finding my way around, while using the Oregon for finding the actual caches. I just got an Oregon 450, really like it for caching, especially the paperless function. I also have a Rino 530hcx that I use for hunting (like the radio), but the map display isn't nearly as nice as the Oregons. Hence the Etrex has been sitting in a drawer for years. My though is to load a bunch of caches up on it, put it in a cache with the request that the FTF (or whoever takes it) passes it on to a new person that wants to give the sport a try. AWESOME!! I say go for it!
  16. Only if you can place it in a cache somewhere near me!!!
  17. This morning I got my coffee and checked my email. There in my inbox was a message from Groundspeak.... "You've Received a Groundspeak Gift Membership!" that's right, to my wonder and surprise Christmas has come early this year!! I hardly have the words to express what a gift like this means to me. Money is not my friend at the moment (not unlike a lot of families these days) and I really need to get a GPS. The two costs together were feeling a little out of reach. BUT NOW!!!! now that a very kind cacher (I know who they are, I just don't know if they want me to say who they are) decided I was worthy of their time, their charity, their gift, I can be that much closer to the purchase of a GPS! (and tracking tags) I can't believe the incredible kindness and open welcomes I have received here in such a short time. I want to thank all of you for that. With a special thanks to my geocaching fairy! this community rocks!! much love and respect to all ~ 5$ edited to add..... I give my word to pay it forward as soon as I can!!
  18. The 12 is discontinued? Amazing. It's an antique, but it will work. Won't be any bells and whistles, mind you. I am sure you have noticed, but I know pretty much nada about GPSes. I know basically what they are used for, though I have no guesses at what the "bells and whistles" might be. They make toast and my bed? I also do not know how to use them for what I do know that they are used for. So, as a beginner cacher and a beginner GPSer do you think this antique would be a fair match? Is it fairly easy to operate and navigate? (pun was an after thought) and I am guessing, provided it is in working order, 25$ is worth the investment? Also, geocaching is just about the only thing I would be likely using it for. thank you again!! much respect~ 5$ I had two 12XL Garmins so I have a good idea of what you might go through if you buy it. The 12 is very basic. As a beginning cacher, you'd be far better off getting something like an eTrex Legend, if you're really strapped for cash. The Legend can be found used for as little as $50. I recently bought an eTrex Legend C for $60, for instance. The 12 would not be worth $25, in my opinion. thank you so much for your advice!! ~5$
  19. The 12 is discontinued? Amazing. It's an antique, but it will work. Won't be any bells and whistles, mind you. I am sure you have noticed, but I know pretty much nada about GPSes. I know basically what they are used for, though I have no guesses at what the "bells and whistles" might be. They make toast and my bed? I also do not know how to use them for what I do know that they are used for. So, as a beginner cacher and a beginner GPSer do you think this antique would be a fair match? Is it fairly easy to operate and navigate? (pun was an after thought) and I am guessing, provided it is in working order, 25$ is worth the investment? Also, geocaching is just about the only thing I would be likely using it for. thank you again!! much respect~ 5$
  20. I am totally hooked on caching, but saddened that I do not have the equipment to do the long hike finds. I am on a ridiculously tight budget, probably shouldn't even discovered this sport, and have been eying around for a cheap used hand-held. I found this model, (discontinued) Garmin GPS 12 for 25$ ...... anyone know? good deal, will it work for what I need? thanks in advance!! ~5$
  21. quick question.... can I attach a found tag to them or must I buy my own tag to attach to one? also, is there anything particular I need to know about trackable items? (I need to save enough money to get a paid membership first, oh geez and I need a GPS, this game is crazy hard without one, then I guess I can buy a tag)
  22. That is a HUGE compliment, thank you. I posted these images to my social network page to share with my friends. (my page is only friends, no unknown creepers) the thing is this..... I just told people "look at my new craft making these little trinkets" and I did not bother saying anything about geocaching. I just didn't feel like explaining it yet and I am not ready to share. Even though there are tons of us who play, I do not know but one person personally. Though, if I starting asking I might be surprised who I do know that caches. Anyhow, long story short, I got comments on them saying things like, "you could sell these" LOL All I could think when reading that was, "sell them!?! I AM GIVING THEM AWAY!" I might have to make a whole lot more of them now, at least 5 of my friends have requested one, and I just posted the pics today! good grief. I might have to spill the beans about geocaching yet. (but not just yet) shhhhhhhh ~ 5$
  23. I am very new to this. I have not hidden any caches yet, no. I need to spend a little more time finding them first before I do that I think. I have just been adding the images 1 by 1 to the caches where I have left them. thank you all for your replies!! ~5$
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