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  1. Serial or USB Hook up to the computer?
  2. E mail send - I will buy it. If you have any t rouble I can be reached at dlnorris@pacbell.net
  3. E mail me at dlnorris@pacbell.net if this is still available pz. Cache on - SLOIGO
  4. I am interested in the topo software and the truck mount. Separate prices pleae
  5. The trip to REI was more inlightening than my trip to Wallymart in Gilroy where they had a new Gold unit that was SO shop worn that it would have to be sold as poor condition used, and Big 5 in Salinas where the sun don't shine and the clerks have to wear kevlar. "Wanta buy a gun little boy?" I bought a "Essential Geocaching" book, a pouch for my unit, and a dc car adaptor. It was either that or get some stock in Rayovac. Next is a memory card. but it is about time to get serious at finding my first cach or two. I am hoping the two groups I signed up will have some meetings, or coffee's or something. We will see.
  6. Well, I went to REI tonight and bought some mo things. The link to the SF Bay Area Cachers mentioned above did not come thru. I looked at the Western regional cachers site and read most of the 78 pages of the forum thread and never did see any reference to a meeting in Alamo on Friday. Alamo is about 100 mi each way from me so I don't know if I could go anyway. I saw a silicon Valley CC mentioned and I signed up for them this morning, but have not heard back from them. I appreciate the help with the memory cards etc.. This forum is a great place for us newbie tadpoles, although I am an awfully big tadpole. Go Figure. BEAR
  7. Thanks for the information. I had two different stores tell me that the "SD Disk" meant "San Disk" rather than "secure digital" as you pointed out. All of the people I met in the stores are sales people with no knowledge of what they are selling. Unfortunately I still have no concept of memory requirement needs. I love this forum - there are so many peopl out there willing to help. I am about 80 mi south of San Francisco in Hollister California and would like to find other Geocachers or clubs in my area. I will look into the SF Bay area club.
  8. I just got my Magellan Meridian Platinum tonight. I did not buy anything extra with it. The mapping software software they advertise is Mapsend topo and streets. The flash card they advertise were magillian stickered, 8,64 or 128 mb versions of the sandisk cards. Looking at the slot, I believe it is the mini disk rather that the larger one I use in my HP camera. The instruction book doesnot have ONE word about memory requirements. Some help here please!!! I have the National Geographics California (10)cd topo maps and Topo! Streets and 3-D views that gives you a fly by view of the topos. This says that it supportd the Magellan products. I also have the Microsort Streets and Trips 2005 that has a pocket version of the software in it. 1. I currently use them on my PC Laptop. Are any of these usable in my Magillan? 2. Costco, has a 512mb flash mini for $65. How much memory do I really need? Right now I am going to use the unit for Geocaching, but eventually I plan a 30 mi backpacking trip this spring.
  9. Apparantly not for UPS. The package was sitting on my back step when I got home from work. Unit in hand, Watch out Northern California, your caches are in danger of being found. If I can ONLY figure out how to turn it on. Not the best instructions I have ever seen. Absolutely no data given on the memory cards etc. I am glad I did not buy one from Costco, it looks like it takes a mini sandisk card.I am going to start another thread regarding maps, and memory cards and see if I can find additional information from the rest of you ole timers
  10. Villian or hero, he provided a service at a time when it was needed. I remember the taste of the crabapples at my grandpa's were sweet enough for a a child's taste. This thread has given me numerous ideas. My unit is suppose to arrive on Monday. I hope I can figure out all of the ins and outs soon. Peace and Harmony everyone BEAR
  11. I got my information about Johnny appleseed from the Bathroom Reader I am reading and remembered seeing his name and the article. I am a trivia buff and have an eye for such things. My Grandfather owned a farm outside on Louisville Ky. in a small community named Shivley "Lively Shively" I am told since it was named for all the Honkie Tonks and its red light district. Until 1960 when he died my momma and I use to go back each summer for a month. He had two Giant crabapple trees in the horse pasture. The first branch was probably 20 feet up. we fought the horses for the fallen apples, or threw them to knock out others that had not fallen, but each had a worm so you had to share. I often wondered if these too were Johnny's fruit. Peace and Harmony BEAR
  12. All very good points. I called today and I found that my unit had not been shipped "due to a glitch" in their system. I told them "Thank God the glitch did not extend to you taking the money out of my account on the fifth", but I received word late this evening that it had been shipped. Until then I am reading the forums and determining some geo etiquite. I am very impressed with the website and forum pages. I am glad I will be able to be a part of this hobby. Peace and Harmony sloigo
  13. Your point is well taken and not at all rectal. Strange that you mentioned Johnny Appleseed, he was a real person who wandered around the Ohio Territory at the start of the 19th century not only scattering apple seeds but also Dog Fennel which is a import used back then to reduce fever. It spread wildly thru pasture and field and is very foul smelling plant, growing as high as 15 feet. Todays farmers are still fighting to get rid of it. It is now referred to as "Johnnyweed" Point well taken. Flower and Veggie seeds for home only it will be. Thanx
  14. While waiting for my GPS unit to arrive I am reading the forums and gathering my thoughts. I agree food in a cach would be a bad item, but I had thought of placing flower seeds in a ziplock, inside of some metal baseball card boxes I have, with instructions to scatter half of them out on the way to your next cach as a signature item. I understand that this could be considered "Mouse food" but I think the ziplocks and metal can would eliminate that concern. I am very impressed with the website and forum, and I joined s a premium member as soon as I bought a unit. Now if they will only ship it I can get into my new hobby. Peace and Harmony
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