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  1. D@mnitt sombody owes me a keyboard and a cup of coffee!
  2. So where are all these kids, and all these bombs? I'm sorry, I'm just not buying it. "I read it on the internet" isn't a source. I'm going to do my best to not open this thread. Somebody Message me when an actual bomb turns up under a lamp skirt or attached to a street sign. As an exit strategy this sounds a lot like you running away with your fingers in your ears screaming. Laa..Laaa..Laaaa I can't hear you so it isn't true. I don't know about a lamp post, or a street sign, because I'm not willing to do your research for you. But would A fence do? A quick google search on the very first page reveals that for the last several months, the Hemet police have been subjected to boobytraps by a (suspected) biker gang. Including a "small nondescript device mounted on a fence". HMMM... That doesn't sound at all familiar. Now does it? (sarcasm)
  3. OK, I'll give you that one. But if kids made a bomb out of a film can and put it on a signpost, either (1) it would blow up the sign post, or (2) it's a dud and doesn't blow up the sign post. If situation (1) happens, no one is going to find the bomb and call it in; they are going to find a broken sign post. Ergo if someone is calling in that they found the bomb, the bomb has already failed. I'm gonna need a cite for "bombs are in fact quite common." I think there's a difference between fireworks and bombs. Anyway, we're talking about a FILM CAN here. If you stuffed it full of black powder and put a fuse in it, I suppose you could call it a bomb. The lid would blow off before you got enough pressure for a real explosion; it would be more flash than bang. But again, if they found the film can with the lid on it, it failed to detonate. Even if it's filled with black powder, it's not going to explode if someone takes the lid off and looks inside. "But what if there's an electronic thingy with a motion detector that makes it explode when you move it?" Well, now we're way beyond kids making things go boom, aren't we? If it has an electronic trigger it's much more sophisticated than that, we're back to terrorists and the original question of what kind of rational terrorist would blow up a rural road sign? Sorry, I can appreciate the logic of your thought process, But your argument is built on a faulty premice. Several of them infact. And a lack of real world experience with the subject. First of, you seem to belive that blackpowder pored into a pipe, with a fuse stuffed into it is all that a "kid" is capable of producing. Speaking candidly, by the time I was 15 I had deployed dozens of what would now be termed IED'd using considerably more powerfull explosives that blackpowder, and an array of ignition devices ranging from both chemical, electric, and mechanical timers. To antitamper devices. Ofcourse, this was back when that sort of thing was considered good clean redneck fun. Don't belive me? that's fine. Google roguescience, or thehive, or AP (acetone peroxide). Second you seem to believe that a fuse is either on or off. this is not true, a fuse can appear to go out, while infact it is really smouldering. Only to reignite at a really inopportune moment hours or minutes later. Third, While a film can full of blackpowder would probably only produce singed eyebrows,mild burns.and ruptured eardrums at close range, most any higher order explosive is capable of killing you with only the blast wave at those ranges. If you bothered to google AP, you now know that not only is it super easy to make, by say your average 12yr old. But it's EXTEMELY unstable! As in even if the ignitor fails, it can still explode from shock,age,temperature change, or even just giving it a dirty look. Fourth, Common sense Is very rarely the guiding principle of LEO's in a situation like that. (I'm not trying to be sarcastic either). Consider, that with the exception of an Andy Griffith style small town sheriff, most police officers would be risking suspension, a reprimand, or job loss by not following SOP for something like that. Are all those things something you would be willing to risk for the sake of a game where you don't know the people involved, and may or maynot approve of what they are doing in the first place?
  4. Good grief. Just remember that the next time someone waxes poetic about being tried by a jury of their peers. They could be talking about this guy.
  5. Or better yet staying on the much more interesting subject of how someone who is "morally" opposed to bullets justifies the hypocrasy of using an active military weapons system for a toy.
  6. Fixed it for ya. I'm pretty sure the original is correct. Although we're are allowed to use their system for civilian use, I'm pretty sure the GPS is still used to guide weapons. Therefore, it remains a military weapon system.
  7. Fixed it for ya. Thanks for playing. I appreciate that you think you know what your talking about, but the statement was correct originally.
  8. Fixed it for ya. Thanks for playing. I appreciate that you think you know what your talking about, but the statement was correct originally.
  9. HI, long time lurker, first time poster etc... Nice to meet you all. I thought I'd crawl out of the woodwork to post a true story that might provide some food for thought on this subject. The very first cache I ever found with a GPS, long ago, and far away. Contained 4000 rnds of ammo, 12 lbs. of C-4, and various support equipment. I can tell you that I was quite happy to find it at the time. As it allowed me to continue doing my job. I.E. Killing People! Ofcourse that was back when only the COOL KIDS had GPS, and we all caried weapons! The moral of the story for those who Who need an extra clue, is that The GPS that we all use for fun and games is infact a military weapons system in and of itself. So. If you're opposed to ammunition for "moral reasons" How do you justify playing games with A military weapon? Edited for spelling; Now with 14% less snark.
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